5 Best Horror Anime List - Part 1

5 Best Horror Anime List – Part 1

Are you ready for some spooky stories, we have prepared the 5 Best Horror Anime List, especially for you which will not only make you feel terrified but it will bring a chill down your spine.

As there are so many horror anime out there and its difficult to just pick a handful so, we will be releasing the Horror watchlists in Parts, and the one you’re reading now is Best Horror Anime Part 1, which consists of horror anime of varying ranges, some will contain a lot of gore scenes while a few will be enthralling to watch. Now without wasting another minute let’s get right into it.

Best Horror Anime
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5. Another

You are not a true otaku if you have not already watched Another, the reason I am putting it on no.5 in the list of Best Horror Anime is that it’s been watched by the majority of the people, and keeping it on no.1 won’t feel justified because we want to save the best-underrated anime for the last.

The story follows a transfer student named Kouichi who returns after a month of sick leave and gets drawn towards Misaki, a girl with an eye patch. But others never acknowledged her existence and warn him of otherworldly things but Kouichi soon gets entangled with Misaki’s past and things get sinister after Misaki becomes her friend.


The clever plot and outstanding resolution are the main factors that contribute to its success and I would wholeheartedly recommend you watch it if you are someone new to the anime community.

4. Ghost Stories

Ghost Stories made it to the No. 4 in the list of Best Horror Anime list with its light-hearted yet spooky stories on ghosts. The story is of a haunted schoolhouse, which becomes an explorable site for Satsuki and Keiichirou the transfer students.

Ghost Stories

Each episode will have a new tale to tell and I would recommend watching the dub because the subbed episodes are way too serious and don’t feel up to the level, the anime is so bad yet so good that you will curse it yet recommend it to others. If you are in your teenage years then it’s a great one for you as I also watched these back in my teen days and it had left a long-lasting impression on me.

3. Promised Neverland

Do you like a mystery? Do you like horror? What if I told you Promised Neverland has everything that you have been looking for? Starting from psychological thrillers to spine-chilling gore scenes they have it all! Now coming to the story, is about orphaned children who are reared for their brains to be eaten up by monsters.

Promised Neverland

Now things start to turn dark when a girl named Emma and her friends find out about the truth. They decide to escape from the place but will they be able to defeat the highly trained “mama”? It is one of the most hauntingly brilliant anime series of the decade which you cannot miss.

2. Elfen Lied

If you like watching old-school anime then Elfen Lied should be on your watchlist, although it might not come out as scary as other anime the gore scenes and all the elements like characters, story, and plot does a great job to draw you in.

Elfen Lied

The story is about a special breed of human who is called “Diclonius”, one such special breed named Lucy escapes the facility and somehow makes it to the shore. She forgets everything due to her head injury but things turn dark when the white coat guys start hunting her down.

1. Summertime Rendering

No.1 place is reserved for Summertime Rendering, and this list would have been incomplete without it. Why am I keeping it on the top of the Best Horror Anime list? you will know when you will watch it. The story follows Ajiro Shinpei who lost his parents at a young age and lived with the Kofune family and their two daughters – Mio and Ushio.

Summertime Rendering

Jinpei leaves the island for his studies and revisits the village upon Ushio’s death and strange incidents start to happen, he finds clues that indicate that Ushio was murdered and to uncover the mystery he has to make certain sacrifices. This particular anime will have you on edge all the time because the story is so twisted, dark, and gore that you will fall in love with its darkness. It’s a must-watch for horror and seinen fans.


We will come up again with another list of the Best Horror Anime, and if you think we missed anything then make sure to let us know through the comments section.

You can find most of the anime on Crunchyroll or HIDIVE and some are also available on Disney+.

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