7 Best Christmas Movies On Netflix You Need to Watch In 2022

It is the most wonderful time of the year, which also means that there are also some wonderful Holiday-themed movies that you are itching to watch, but know where to begin! And that’s where we come into play. We have carefully curated a list of the top seven Christmas movies that you can add to your list and begin watching with your loved ones, or by yourself with a cup of hot chocolate and your favorite fluffy blanket.

Best Christmas Movies On Netflix

Netflix once again has been one of the top streaming platforms this year, and their holiday line-up has truly been one of a kind. If you have the time, we recommend watching all holiday movies, but we can also understand that the holiday season is a busy time for everyone. So, settle in as we walk you through the top 7 Christmas movies streaming on Netflix right now:

1. Holidate

We’re starting strong with Holidate, a 2020 Christmas movie starring Emma Roberts and Luke Bracey. The reason we’re starting with this one is that we’re certain everyone can relate to it. The pressure of having a significant other around the holiday season is always strong, especially when your family members all have someone to bring to these holidays and you don’t. That is exactly what Sloane and Jackson are struggling with, and when they find each other and share their woes, the solution seems far too clear.


The two become each other’s holidates. This means, they only accompany each other as dates on the big holidays, it sounds like a sure-shot formula of getting your family and friends off your back, right? While it does work for a while, sparks fly everywhere, but how long can Sloane and Jackson be oblivious to these? Will they finally cave in and date year-round instead of just being together on holidays? Watch this movie, to your list and find out for yourself!

2. Falling for Christmas

Lindsay Lohan has returned to your screens and she’s looking better than ever! Lohan went through a tough time which made her take a step back from movies, but this Christmas season is lucky for all of us as she is making her return in the ever-so-romantic movie, Falling for Christmas. Who doesn’t love a meet-cute? We know we do, and Falling for Christmas really gives us an interesting meet-cute. Sierra has been whisked away on a romantic ski trip, and her life is perfect, in fact, her boyfriend is also about to propose, when Sierra meets with an unfortunate accident, resulting in temporary amnesia.

Falling for Christmas

However, will this accident help her realize who she truly is and the kind of life she wants to lead once she gets better? You’ll have to watch to find out. While most people are watching the movie to see Lindsay Lohan back in action, we also must admire the plot which is a little different from the usual Christmas romance movies that we’re used to. Whether you watch it for Lohan or the Christmas spirit, we highly recommend it!

3. Operation Christmas Drop

Operation Christmas Drop was released in 2020, and it became one of the most popular and unique Christmas movies of that year, and even now, it’s always refreshing to head back and watch this movie, which is why we highly recommend it. Although Operation Christmas Dropped wasn’t well received by the critics and had its share of mixed reviews, it is truly one of the most heartwarming Christmas movies, and a bonus, it takes place on a beach! Erica, played by Kat Graham, has to cancel Christmas with family and head over to Guam on a task on behalf of the US military.

Operation Christmas Drop

At Guam, she not only meets Andrew, played by Alexander Ludwig but also becomes a part of one of the sweetest Christmas traditions all over the world. We won’t spoil too much of Operation Christmas Drop for you, but this movie embodies the Christmas spirit and also showcases how the smallest gesture can make a huge difference to the less fortunate. There are life lessons, there’s romance, and there’s a little bit of everything for everyone in Operation Christmas Drop.

4. The Noel Diary

The Noel Diary was a part of Netflix’s Christmas roster this year, and so far has been very successful amongst fans who were looking for something to fill their hearts. With Justin Hartley and Barrett Doss as the leads of The Noel Diary, we already knew it was going to be a good one, but the gripping yet emotional plot made it a lot better. Jacob, a best-selling author, learns that his mother has passed away and must return to his town to settle her estate. That’s when he meets Rachel, and the two of them embark on a journey where they learn more about their past and their loved ones.

The Noel Diary

In the process, Rachel and Jacob also feel a spark, and the holiday season and cold winter nights only make it more romantic. The movie might not have the conventional meet cute that we are used to, but that doesn’t mean it won’t make you swoon! The Noel Diary might make you a little emotional, but it is definitely worth the watch. 

5. The Holiday

Who doesn’t love a Christmas classic that never gets old? With an interesting concept and an ensemble cast, The Holiday has been a comfort movie for many since 2006 when it was first released. Amanda and Iris are both looking for something different this holiday, resulting in a house swap. Little do they know, this house swap will change the rest of their lives, and for the better, it is a Christmas movie after all. Kate Winslet, Cameron Diaz, Jude Law, and Jack Black all deliver some exceptional performances for the duration of the movie.

The Holiday

If you had to choose between a Hollywood mansion or a beautiful English home, what would you pick? Because Amanda and Iris surely have their hearts set on the right places and the right people. We can guarantee you’ll be smiling throughout the movie with the occasional butterflies in your stomach with heartwarming romance. If you’re looking for an easy watch with no tears, The Holiday is the one for you! 

6. Christmas With You

Just Like everyone was excited about Lindsay Lohan returning to their screens, fans have also been excited to see Freddie Prinze Jr. return, whose last appearance in movies was back in 2008. Now, he is starring in a Christmas romantic comedy, titled Christmas with You, and it’s worth all the hype! A sure-shot recipe that works for all Christmas movies is a small town, a single day, some music, and a girl from the big city. Christmas With You has all these ingredients, so it already is a recipe for success. Angelina finds herself losing her charm when she can’t find inspiration to write a Christmas song, so, she travels to a small town to meet her biggest fans, and that makes all the difference.

Christmas With You

Angelina not only finds inspiration, but on the way, she learns more about herself, about her materialistic lifestyle, and also falls in love in the process. Angelina’s intuition about connecting with her fans for inspiration most definitely pays off. Christmas with You follows the age-old trope of bringing someone from a big city to a small town to show a different perspective, and it has worked well with this movie!

7. Your Christmas or Mine

What happens when a young couple says their goodbyes for Christmas at the train station, ready to journey back home, but change their mind at the last minute? Things would have been easier if one of them changed their mind, but when James and Hayley both decide to switch trains to surprise one another, they end up at each other’s home, without the other person. What should have been a sweet gesture turns into a complete nightmare when all trains stop working because of bad weather conditions.

Your Christmas or Mine

Now, James is stuck with Hayley’s holiday-loving, overenthusiastic family, while Hayley is stuck with James’ family who practically hates Christmas. Your Christmas or Mine definitely has a unique concept and it’s a home swap, but not the kind you’d expect. If you’re forced to spend the holidays with your significant other’s family, things are bound to get interesting. Follow James and Hayley on their journey of working on their relationship while also trying to adjust to new surroundings for the holiday!


We have given you seven movies that are very different from each other despite having a similar theme so you don’t tire yourself while watching them. We do have plenty more where this came from, so once you finish watching these, and are looking for more, do feel free to let us know in the comments if you’re looking for a part of a must-watch Christmas movies list!

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