Am I the Strongest? Coming to Screens This Summer 2023

Am I the Strongest? Coming to Screens This Summer 2023

Isekai fans are you ready for another isekai anime? Yes we know there are too many isekai anime coming up in summer 2023, so don’t you want to see your choices and see which one intrigues you the most? Then join us for a rendezvous to the world of Am I the Strongest? as we unveil the secrets and official news behind it.

Am I the Strongest? Release Date

Sai Sumimori’s Japanese light novel series has caught the attention of many readers and finally Am I the Strongest? will be getting the anime adaptation. The novel was first published on the website called Shosetsuka ni Naro which is one of the popular Japanese light novel websites and its manga adaptation was illustrated by Takahashi which began serialization on Suiyobi in April 2019.

Am I the Strongest? Release Date

There are eight tankobon volumes collected so far which is enough source material for Season 1. The Staple Entertainment studio has revealed the official release date and Am I Actually the Strongest? is ready to premiere in July 2023

Am I the Strongest? – Plot & Expectations

Not much has been shared about the plot of Am I Actually the Strongest? and if you want to know about it in detail, then you should check out the light novel, as the manga currently does not have an English translation.

Am I the Strongest? - Plot & Expectations

The story is about a boy who gets reincarnated into the world with the promise of “cheat” skill but ends up getting reborn as a baby and is left to die by his birth parents because he was born without any powers. But soon we get to see that he has powers that are superior and gives him the upper hand in his adventurous life.

Am I the Strongest? Cast and Staff

The officially confirmed cast and staff list of Am I the Strongest? has been provided below, let us know if you can find any familiar names from the list in the comments section.


  • Director: Takashi Naoya
  • Series Composition: Tatsuya Takahashi
  • Script:
  • Tatsuya Takahashi
  • Tetsuya Yamada
  • Original creator: Sai Sumimori
  • Original Character Design: Ai Takahashi
  • Character Design: Shōko Yasuda
  • Assistant Director: Matsuo Asami


  • Atsumi Tanezaki as Charlotte Zenfis
  • Ayaka Shimizu as Flay
  • Ayumu Murase as Hart Zenfis

Am I the Strongest? Author Comments

Novel author Aya Sumimori’s comment

“My girlfriend Sharu-chan moves, runs, flies, and laughs. Not only Brother-sama but also the original author smiled at this. This is Aya Sumimori. When I heard about the animation, she pretended to be calm and said, “I see.”

However, as the site progressed, I could feel the sincerity and passion of everyone involved, and I felt a sense of pride as one of the people involved in the production.

I cannot help but feel grateful that I have come this far with the support of many people, including my readers. I want to convey this feeling to everyone, but for the time being, I want to shout out here. Oh my God!! I’m looking forward to being on the air!”

Comic original author_Ai Takahashi Comment

“I am Ai Takahashi, who is in charge of the manga and original illustrations. I have a good memory of her breaking down in tears when she heard from the person in charge that the anime was decided. Yasuda Sachiko-san’s wonderful character designs are incredible, and it was a lot of fun to see the scripts and storyboards for each episode.

I also participated in the post-recording, and it was a very valuable experience. “Was I the strongest? Thank you very much to everyone who was involved in the anime. As one of the viewers, I am very much looking forward to the broadcast. The OP and ED are also very cute, so please check them out!”

Character Sketches of Am I the Strongest?

The protagonist of the story – Haruto Zenfis (CV. Ayumu Murase)

“In his previous life, he was a shut-in NEET, but after reincarnation, he was given a cheat ability and became the strongest. Using such a cheat ability, he is trying to live a shut-in life in another world. However, after being seen in battle, he was pestered by his sister Shall and decided to fight evil as an ally of justice.”

Character Sketches of Am I the Strongest?

Main character’s younger sister – Charlotte Zenfys (CV. Atsumi Tanezaki)

“Haruto’s innocent younger sister. At first, she kept her distance from Haruto for fear of her magical powers, but she learns of Haruto’s kindness to her and develops respect for her brother. She is a genius girl who is smart and has high magical abilities. She became an anime otaku after being shown anime through Haruto’s barrier magic.”

Protagonist’s follower – Frey (CV. Seizure Kaori)

“Fenrir becomes a follower of the main character Haruto after a certain event. Although he has high abilities as a Fenrir, he tends to try to solve everything with destruction because he is a bit clumsy. He has a caring side, has high combat ability, and mediates turmoil between monsters.”

Where to Watch Am I the Strongest?

The broadcast information has not been completely revealed but, the official website has shared that the anime will be broadcasted over 20 affiliated channels in Japan and we can expect Crunchyroll to license the anime, once the delivery information is shared, we will update the same.

Is there any Am I the Strongest Trailer released yet?

No trailer has been released yet but we are expecting one by May 2023.


Do we have high expectations from Am I Actually the Strongest? anime as the cast members list has some famous voice actors and let’s just hope it does not turn out like Kamikatsu which was such a letdown.

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