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Angela Aguilar

Angela Aguilar: Net Worth, Age, Family, Height, Weight and More

America has always been highly popular for producing artists especially actors, singers, musicians and directors. You must have come across several American influencers till now. Angela Aguilar is also an American-Mexican influencer along with being a model, singer, entrepreneur, musician, songwriter and other similar artistry category. She has her hands over different fields gracefully and her hardwork has brought her great success till now. She rose to immense fame after her performance of “La Llorona” in the year 2019 at the 19th Annual Latin Grammy Awards. 

Angela Aguilar Biography

Born on 8th October 2003, She is Libra (zodiac sign) by birth. Her birthplace was Los Angeles. From an extremely tender age, she began singing after being inspired from her own father Pepe Aguilar who is also a renowned American singer. Her father used to be mostly on tour while Angela practised her vocal skills at home. Not a lot of people know that Angela’s name was actually kept upon her great grandmother’s name which was Angela Marquez Barraza Valle. Her first year of being active as a professional was 2012. After gaining grip over her vocals, Angela Aguilar also started touring along with her father Pepe Aguilar.

Angela Aguilar Biography

Angela Aguilar Career

After touring, there was no stop to Angela’s career. She went ahead to collaborate with several brands and companies while also singing and grabbing as many shows as possible. She also collaborated with Voto Latino, a non-profit organisation in America, in the year 2018. Her collaboration inspired several Latino Americans to vote in the upcoming American elections.   

She was just nine when she first brought herself out professionally in 2012. Her first album ‘Nueva Tradicion’ was launched with her brother Leonardo that had eight great songs in it. Four of them were done by Leonardo while the rest of the four were covered by Angela Aguilar. After this, she was also tagged as one of the youngest performers to go famous this early. In 2016, she went ahead to participate in a festival in the Mexican city titled BBC 100 Women. After two years from this, in 2018, Angela Aguilar along with her family launched a tour called “Jaripeo Sin Fronteras”. In this, a collaboration was done by Angela along with her father, brother and uncle namely, Pepe, Leonardo and Antonio respectively. 

Angela Aguilar’s first solo album was released in March 2018 produced by her own father titled as “Primero Soy Mexicana”. The album had basically covers of already made songs and performed by great artists like Lucha Villa, Flor Silvestre and Rocio Durcal. Soon in September 2018, Angela Aguilar was nominated for the same album as the best new artist while her album was nominated as the best ranchero album in 2018. In December, Angela’s album went ahead for the nomination of best regional Mexican music album at the Grammy Awards.

In 2019, Angela Aguilar signed as an ambassador Zacatecas, a city in Mexico. In 2020, Angela launched a tribute album called Baila Esta Cumbia for the singer Selena Quintanilla Perez. Selena was an American Tejano singer born on 16th April, 1971 in the city of Lake Jackson, Texas, United States. Her unfortunate death to murder took place at a very young age of 23 and shocked the entire nation. Today, the singer is honoured at several sites and places like the monument called Mirador de la Flor in Texas. Her resting place is at Seaside Memorial Park, Texas, United States. Selena mainly had her hands over genres like Tejano but she was also known for other genres like Mexican Cumbia, Ranchera, Mariachi, Latin Pop and R&B. Angela Aguilar has always been very inspired by Selena. 

Angela Aguilar Net Worth

Angela Aguilar current net worth as per the year 2022 is more than 6 million dollars.

Angela Aguilar Age

Angela Aguilar is just 19 years old as per the year 2022. 

Angela Aguilar Height

Angela Aguilar is 5’7 tall which is 1.68 meters. 

Angela Aguilar Weight:

Angela Aguilar weighs 58 kgs.

Angela Aguilar Relationships

Being so beautiful, young and charming, it is obvious to be gushed by her fans and followers constantly for her dating and relationship status. A recent group of photographs hint Angela Aguilar dating a famous personality Gussy Lau born on 6th June 1988. Gussy Lau is also Mexican by birth. His songs are currently available on various platforms including Spotify and Youtube. The age difference between Angela and Gussy has surprised several fans as Gussy is 33 today while Angela is just 19. But the love between the two personalities seems very real and genuine. Her leaked photographs showed Angela kissing Gussy passionately and had surprising reactions from her fans. 

Gussy Lau rose to fame with songs like Ahí Donde De Ven, No te contaron mal, Aquí Abajo, Nace un borracho and Se Disfrazó. He is 5’9 which is 1.75 metres tall and weighs 70 kgs as per the year 2022. Not a lot of people know that Gussy was actually born in a Christain family. Previously, there was no news of Gussy Lau dating anyone and he seems new to the dating life. Both of them have decided to not take a stand in public at the present moment.  

List of songs by Angela Aguilar

YouTube video player
  • Mexico Lindo y Querido
  • Ahi Donde Me Ven
  • Tu Sangre en mi Cuerpo
  • En Realidad
  • La Llorona
  • Fruta Prohibida
  • Ella Que Te Dio
  • La Chancla
  • Dime Como Quieres
  • La Malaguena
  • Como la Flor
  • La Basurita
  • La Tequilera

Angela Aguilar Eye color

Angela has dark black eyes.

Angela Aguilar Shoe size

Angela wears shoes with a size of 6 US.

Angela Aguilar Dress size

Her dress size is 4 US.

Some Facts About Her

Angela Aguilar facts
  • She has dual citizenship of Mexico and America. 
  • She has a pet dog.
  • She also has her official websites.
  • She is the sister of digital star Aneliz Aguilar
  • Her Instagram followers are more than 8.2 million today. 
  • She has different cover songs on her YouTube channel.


The above article elaborates upon details of the famous Mexican-American singer, Angela Aguilar and her life. Information like age, weight, height, career, early life, songs, pet dog, net worth and more has been added to it. Lastly, the article concludes with some of her lesser known facts.

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