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Are Domi And JD Beck Dating? Here’s Everything To Know

Jazz duet Domi and JD Beck is made up of American drummer JD Beck and French keyboardist Domi Louna. The two first met in 2018, and since then, they’ve collaborated with a wide range of artists, including Thundercat, Anderson Paak, Herbie Hancock, and Eric Andre.

Additionally, they have also collaborated with Ariana Grande, Earl Sweatshirt, Bruno Mars, and many more. In 2022, as a duet, they issued their first song, “Smile,” and their debut album, Not Tight. For Not Tight, they were nominated for two Grammy Awards in 2022: Best New Artist and Best Contemporary Instrumental Album.

Are Domi And JD Beck Dating?

Everything About Domi And JD Beck

Domi Louna, a French native, started playing the piano, keyboard, and drums at age 3. She began studying jazz and classical music at the Conservatoire de Nancy when she was five years old. She eventually relocated to the US and attended both the Berklee College of Music in Boston, Massachusetts, and the Conservatoire de Paris.

Everything About Domi And JD Beck

Several well-known jazz and hip-hop musicians eventually took note of her videos performing original songs. She has collaborated with artists like Anderson, Paak, Louis Cole, and Thundercat on several music projects and concerts. JD Beck was raised close to Dallas, Texas.

At age 5, he started playing the piano; at age 9, he switched to the drums. Around age 10, he started performing with and learning from soul artist Jon Bap, Cleon Edwards of Erykah Badu’s band, and Robert “Sput” Searight. JD Beck and Domi Louna have both been referred to as young prodigies.

More About Domi And JD Beck

Without even realizing it, you’ve probably already listened to the timeless music of rising star pair DOMi & JD BECK. They first teamed up with Silk Sonic for the song “Skate” and subsequently with Anderson Paak for the song “TAKE A CHANCE.” With the help of Beck’s drumming and Degalle’s keyboard, this Gen Z team is reviving traditional jazz sounds with a contemporary touch.

The two fell in love with one another after connecting over a mutual interest in jazz music when they first met in 2018 at a music trade exhibition. Both of them are committed to building on the strengths of outstanding jazz standards while producing something that feels fresh.

JD remarked that he has always been very detail-oriented, just like DOMi. The emphasis on perfection became particular and deliberate once the pair chose to collaborate.

More About Domi And JD Beck

They focused while listening to two upcoming jazz musicians. You should support the musicians DOMi & JD BECK. It is not only for their diversity of musical aptitude and ingenuity but also for their originality and capacity to parody the frequently overly technical, prestigious world of jazz.

Rumours Surrounding Domi And JD Beck’s Relationship

In 2020, there were social media rumours that Domi and JD Beck were in a relationship. Fans saw that they frequently hung out together and shared images of one another on social media.

Additionally, they shared a few intimate moments while performing, which reinforced the rumours. The rumours were known to Domi and JD Beck, but they choose not to address them.

Rumours Surrounding Domi And JD Beck’s Relationship

They wished to maintain their privacy and concentrate on their musical endeavours. However, rumours about their relationship status persisted among their followers.

In 2021, Domi and JD Beck gave an amazing performance at NPR’s Tiny Desk Concert that left their fans speechless. They exchanged some private moments throughout their performance, which fanned speculation that they were dating.

In an interview with NPR following their performance, Domi and JD Beck were questioned about their relationship status. In response to the query, they both chuckled and clarified that they were merely close friends who enjoyed creating music together. They made it clear that they were not dating and that their relationship was only platonic.

Current Relationship Status Of Domi And JD Beck

Domi and JD Beck have not been dating as of May 2023. They continue to be good friends who work together musically and have a great love for what they do. They are still on the road together and have a sizable fan base because of their distinctive fusion of jazz and techno music.

Domi and JD Beck have been upfront about their relationship status and have insisted that they are merely friends despite the rumours. They value their friendship and have decided to devote all of their time to their music and growth as individuals. In conclusion, the musical prowess of Domi and JD Beck is what fuels the rumours of a romance.

Current Relationship Status Of Domi And JD Beck

Their musical cooperation got underway in 2019 when a mutual friend introduced them. Even though they have occasionally exchanged sensitive details while on stage, they have always been upfront about their relationship status and have consistently emphasized that they are just friends.


The duo continues to garner support from their fans, who appreciate their unique musical preferences. Domi and JD Beck have a considerable following on social media, and these people admire their musical talent and zeal. Their supporters will keep an eye on them and help them as they advance professionally.

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