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'Argylle' Receives Lower Critics Ratings on Rotten Tomatoes; Fans' Surprising Reactions Emerge

‘Argylle’ Receives Lower Critics Ratings on Rotten Tomatoes; Fans’ Surprising Reactions Emerge

Is Argylle worth watching?

The talk of the town ‘Argylle’ is finally released for the US audience, today. The spy-action thriller is all set to give you lots of chills in your spine and a roller coaster of emotional jumps. The movie starring Henry Cavill as the spy Argylle looks quite intriguing but the critics have a different take on the movie.

Critics seem to not like Argylle

The movie is set to hit the theatres on February 2 for the public but critics have already saloured the Aryglle essence. They have given their verdict on Cavill’s movie. The movie seems to irritate the critics with the over-the-top glitterati. Leading entertainment portals like THR give their review as inspiration from James Bond movies, on the other hand, Rotten Tomatoes has given a 39% rating shocking the fans.

Big news portals The Guardians, The Rolling Stones, and BBC called it SHOCKING when Matthew Vaughn knows to impress his fans. Looks like the aspect of a perfect spy-triller seemed mundane to the movie critics. Fans are now confused to even think that Henry Cavill’s so-much-hyped movie is about to hit rock bottom in numbers.

Critics seem to not like Argylle
PIC credits: Argylle

Fans SURPRISED towards Critics’ Reviews

After careful consideration from the critics, looks like fans have become hesitant to see the movie but still want to see the movie; without any bias.

A fan wrote, ‘Won’t judge by RT trash website…’ Another fan wrote,’ Since Man of Steel had the same score I will watch.’ A user wrote,’ I think we should collectively abolish rotten tomatoes..’ Another user said, ‘Damn, is it that bad?.’

Talking about the movie ‘Argylle’, Bryce Dallas Howard and John Cena co-star alongside Dua Lipa and Henry Cavill. A novelist, during a visit to her hometown, encounters a man revealed to be a spy. To her surprise, she discovers that the detective fiction character, Argylle, from her acclaimed book, is based on a real mission and an actual undercover agent named Argylle.

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