Simran Kumari

Simran Kumari

Passion for writing, exploring the world of movies, and always looking for new ways to be creative - that's Simran. She loves to explore the boundaries of literature and entertainment. With her writing, she strives to make the entertainment world a little more fascinating. Achieving a new goal with every new genre is Simran's style. Her adventurous nature makes her enthusiastic to take up new tasks.

Liaison Season 2: Is It Really Happening?

Liaison Season 2

Liaison, a Virginie Brac-penned, and Stephen Hopkins-helmed television series had its formal release on March 31, 2023. Since then, viewers have been anxiously awaiting more Liaison Season 2 updates. By the conclusion of this weekend, those who haven’t already binge-watched…

The Unheard 2: Is Renewed Or Cancelled?

Unheard 2

The over-reliance on sound in horror films is a frequent criticism. These are some of the oldest techniques in the horror movie toolbox, such as creeping chords to increase suspense or a sudden burst of noise to emphasize a jump…