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Lights, Camera, Action: Avatar 3 Starts Shooting, Followed by a 6-Year Time Jump for Avatar 4

Lights, Camera, Action: Avatar 3 Starts Shooting, Followed by a 6-Year Time Jump for Avatar 4

A boost start to ‘Avatar 3’.

‘Avatar’ has become an exceptionally illuminating movie for centuries to come. The James Cameron movie has created history by becoming the highest grosser of 2009. The franchise has already lined up the next three movies coming by 2031. At present, the ‘Avatar 3’ has commenced shooting and is scheduled to come in 2025.

Avatar 3 coming in 2025

Fans have been eagerly waiting for the next chapter in ‘Avatar’. Not much is known about the franchise but Jake Sully who played by Sam Worthington said in an interview that the movie is going to be as big as the first two.

Avatar 3 coming in 2025

The actor even said that the fourth installment to the franchise after Avatar 3 is released and will come back after 6 years for ‘Avatar 4’. Another spoiler from the fourth installment to the ‘Avatar’ franchise is, that the movie will come after 6 years time jump. director of Avatar, James Cameron said-

James Cameron says #Avatar4 will resume filming after it releases to line up with the 6-year time jump.

The release of ‘Avatar 4’ is also tentatively announced. It is slated to come on December 21, 2029.

Talking about the first two movies, Jake undertakes a trans-formative odyssey from Earth to an alien planet as part of a crucial project. Drawn into the mission Jake finds himself thrust into a new reality among the Na’vi tribe.

Immersed in their culture, he discovers the ominous human agenda to invade their sacred home. As the war unfolds, Jake chooses to align with his adopted Na’vi family, navigating the complexities of their way of life. Amidst the conflict, he finds love in the form of Neytiri, deepening his connection to the people he once viewed as adversaries.

Avatar 4

In the sequel, Jake and Neytiri’s family has grown to include four children, deepening their bond with the Na’vi tribe. However, their idyllic life is shattered when they are once again forced out of their ancestral land.

The resilient family faces a new threat as humans attempt to invade other untouched parts of Pandora. In a stirring display of unity, Jake and Neytiri lead the charge to protect their world. The battle for Pandora’s survival unfolds once more, as the Na’vi warriors fight to preserve their way of life.

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