Azur Lane Queen's Orders OAV: Release Date, Plot And More

Azur Lane Queen’s Orders OAV: Release Date, Plot And More

Azur Lane Queen’s Orders is the game that has stepped into the anime world after the successful start of the game. Azur Lane first aired in 2019 fall and then they released a spinoff for the original story.

Azur Lane has a massive fanbase on both the anime and game sides. The team has announced another spinoff, and it’s soon coming this 2023. To know more about the release dates stay tuned.

Azur Lane Queen's Orders OAV
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Azur Lane Queen’s Orders Plot & Expectations

Azur Lane is based on the storyline of the game. Azur Lane is a joint front of all different camps in the world, who saved the world from a threat and is now known as Siren. After the war, the Siren has a new enemy known as the Red Axis which wanted to take the advanced technology of the Siren. Azur Lane is filled with action as we see battleship girls fighting off with each other. The more powerful the girls are the more devastating abilities they possess.

AzurLane: Slow Ahead!: This is the first spinoff that includes battle girls having a chill and enjoyable moment. If you love laidback camp then this might be a nice pick for you.

Azur Lane Queen’s Orders Release Date

The team has announced in the trailer that the next spinoff is going to come in the form of OVA and will start airing on July 27, 2023. The spin-off is going to be short and will consist of only 2 episodes.

Azur Lane Queen’s Orders Cast & Staff

We have shared the confirmed cast and staff list of Azur Lane Queen’s Orders below, let us know if you can spot renowned voice actors in the comments section below.

Japanese Staff

  • Script: Yū Yamashita
  • Music: Daisuke Horita
  • Original creator: Tsuchii
  • Character Design:
  • Kana Niimura
  • Katsuzo Hirata
  • Masahide Yanagisawa
  • Art Director: Osamu Tayama (Art Team Convoy)
  • Sound Director: Daisuke Horita
  • Director of Photography: Xiao Mu Yang (4tune)
  • Art Setting: Toshiyuki Sakae (Art Team Convoy)
  • Color design: Michiko Kado
  • Editing: Keisuke Yanagi
Azur Lane Queen's Orders Cast & Staff

Japanese Cast

  • Asuka Nishi as Valiant
  • Sumire Uesaka as
  • Queen Elizabeth
  • Warspite
  • Akari Uehara as Suffolk
  • Rumi Okubo as Kisaragi Mutsuki
  • Yui Horie as Belfast

Azur Lane Queen’s Orders Character Descriptions

Queen Elizabeth – CV: Sumire Uesaka

“A royal little queen who acts as a secretary. For some reason, instead of the commander who is on a long vacation, the entire fleet is in charge of the direction and operation of the She is selfish, but her feelings for the fleet are genuine, and she is deeply trusted by the ships, including tp. She performs her official duties as a superior, but she sometimes abandons her duties.”

Warspite – CV: Sumire Uesaka

“A classmate of the Queen who adores and serves Elizabeth, and a member of the Knigt’s leader. She’s serious and loyal, and that’s why she’s always. He is swayed by Lizabeth’s unpredictable behavior. spirit knows.

He is accustomed to treating Elizabeth as a stranger, but he is outstanding, such as being unable to reprimand a woman and taking extreme actions. One side of him is also dry. A powerful person who is called a legendary warship, and the crisis of His Majesty.”

Azur Lane Queen's Orders Character Descriptions

Variant – CV: Asuka Nishi

“Elizabeth’s aide and self-proclaimed “next leader”. While she respects Elizabeth, she aims for the position of leader. If there is a chance, I will plan a strategy in various ways, but it will be successful. He doesn’t seem to be there.

Although; he has a cheeky demeanor, he has a good conscience, and he is too serious and inflexible, which often hurts him. She encounters to make her charisma known to everyone in the fleet, struggling.”

Is there any Azur Lane Queen’s Orders Trailer released?

No trailer has been released but visuals have been released on the official website which you can check out if you want.

Where to Watch Azur Lane Queen’s Orders?

You can watch the episode on Tokyo MX the broadcast information is yet to be revealed and once it’s shared we will give you a heads-up.


We love a game getting an anime adaptation just like Nier Automata, we hope it will fulfill our expectations and will be a massive hit. We can’t wait to watch it on our screens.

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