Bad Batch Season 3

Bad Batch Season 3: Is It Confirmed? And Everything We Know

American animator Dave Filoni produced The Bad Batch for the Disney+ streaming platform. The third season of The Bad Batch has fans anticipating it. It’s part of the Star Wars saga and both a prequel and a spin-off of the television show Star Wars: The Clone Wars. Brad Rau is the supervising director for The Bad Batch.

The much-anticipated series is made by Lucasfilm Animation, with Jennifer Corbett serving as the lead writer. The members of the Bad Batch, a group of skilled clone soldiers with genetic mutations, are voiced by Dee Bradley Baker. Here is all the information you require on Bad Batch Season 3.

Bad Batch Season 3

What Will Be The Plot For Bad Batch Season 3?

Although we haven’t yet seen a formal storyline summary for Bad Batch Season 3, we can infer certain important details from the current narrative. As previously mentioned, The Clone Wars last season is when we first encounter Clone Force 99.

The group helps Clone Captain Rex there, and Jedi General Anakin Skywalker helps take down Separatist Admiral Trench. A little while later, in The Bad Batch’s first episode, we catch up with Clone Force 99.

The battle is still going on there between the commander Hunter, the bulky Wrecker, the smart Tech, the accurate Crosshair, and the living computer Echo. The crew appears to have preserved its personality and free will, but they witness their “reg” brethren being transformed into emotionless drones. Tech speculates that this is due to their particular modifications.

What Will Be The Plot For Bad Batch Season 3?

However, the rest of the squad realizes that Crosshair appears to be much more eager to serve their new Empire. This is when the gang lands on Kamino, their planet of origin. They quickly discover that Omega is a brand-new kind of clone.

They conclude that the Empire is too perilous and unpredictable for them and Omega. While their former teammate Crosshair stays to develop into a terrifying Imperial assassin, they are successful in leaving Kamino.

The Bad Batch consequently became galactic mercenaries. It encounters numerous well-known Star Wars characters and embarks on a range of adventures. Bad Batch scoured the galaxy in search of a place to call home.

Crosshair, meanwhile, experiences a downward spiral as he gradually realizes that the Empire is not the best course for the galaxy. Crosshair is put to sleep and delivered to an unidentified scientific facility.

Bad Batch Season 3 Story

After a botched mission, Tech gives his life to save the squad, but their problems are far from over. Cid suddenly gives up The Bad Batch to the Empire. The Empire captures Omega and transports her to the Mount Tantiss facility.

The shocking revelation that Omega is not the only female clone and that one of the base overseers is an older version of her comes as the second season comes to a close.

The arrival of the Emperor and Omega’s sister will undoubtedly play a significant role in The Bad Batch Season 3’s storyline. It’s very obvious from the footage displayed at Star Wars Celebration that the season will involve the Emperor’s cloning show. Ultimately, this would open the door for his resurrection in The Rise of Skywalker.

The Cast Of Bad Batch Season 3

The primary cast of The Bad Batch Season 2 will be back, as you might anticipate. Technically, that is all just one person, of course. Dee Bradley Baker, who does the voices for every clone in the series except Omega, is, unsurprisingly, returning. Bradley Baker finally has his time to shine in his series thanks to The Bad Batch.

This could also be the last time we hear the seasoned voice actor bring the clone troopers to life because this is the final season of the show. Michelle Ang as Omega, Ian McDiarmid as Emperor Palpatine, and Ming-Na Wen as Fennec Shand are also anticipated to return. In the upcoming months, there will undoubtedly be more casting-related news, so stay tuned.

The Cast Of Bad Batch Season 3

The Bad Batch Season 3 is anticipated to feature a similar main creative team as the first two seasons. That implies that Dave Filoni, the show’s executive producer and co-creator, will almost certainly take over again. Brad Rau, Athena Portillo, and series co-creator Jennifer Corbett are also listed as executive producers for the third season.

The directors, authors, and other creatives are yet unknown. However, soon we ought to learn more about all that. Keep an eye on this space for updates in the meanwhile.

Stephen Stanton as Admiral Tarkin, Ben Diskin as AZI-3, and Gwendoline Yeo as Nala Se are more cast members who will undoubtedly make a comeback. The major antagonist ought to be Mount Tantiss’s Dr. Hemlock, played by Jimmi Simpson.

When Will Bad Batch Season 3 Be Released?

The release date for The Bad Batch Season 3 has been confirmed by Disney and Lucasfilm to be sometime in 2024. However, as of right now, neither a precise date nor a release month has been made public. Unsurprisingly, The Bad Batch Season 3 will be available on Disney+, just like the show’s previous two seasons.

When Will Bad Batch Season 3 Be Released?

For all kinds of Star Wars enthusiasts, the streaming service from the Mouse House has emerged as the best option. Almost every Star Wars-related film, television shows, animation, miniseries, and documentary is included. So go ahead and watch Seasons 1 and 2 of The Bad Batch on the streamer while you wait for Season 3.

Is There A Trailer For Bad Batch Season 3?

Lucasfilm also unveiled a small sizzle reel at Star Wars Celebration 2023 after revealing The Bad Batch Season 3 and hinting at what to expect from the show’s final season.

Unfortunately, the clip was not made available online for people watching the event from home. As a result, the public will have to wait a little longer to see Clone Force 99’s last mission.

Is There A Trailer For Bad Batch Season 3?

We do, however, have a description of the video. The film demonstrated what you would have expected: the clones will play a significant role in the series. Dee Bradley Baker has always provided each of their voices. Along with seeing familiar faces from the Bad Batch, such as Hunter and Wrecker, we also catch a look at some of the fan favorites.

They are from the various Star Wars animated series. Unsurprisingly, Omega appears to be the season’s main focus, and Emperor Palpatine can be seen in all of the videos. The anti-hero bounty hunter Fennec Shand will return to the series after missing Season 2, according to the footage’s final major revelation.


This article has been updated with all of the information on The Bad Batch’s most recent and forthcoming seasons. We have published all the most recent information regarding The Bad Batch’s return date and status as a renewed series.

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