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Bar Fight! Movie Release Date And More Details

Bar Fight! Movie Release Date And More Details

Have you ever gone through a bad breakup and stopped going to certain places, just because you have those in common with your ex? Almost everyone has dealt with this problem at some point in their lives, and honestly, it’s no fun. Now imagine a movie based on this exact concept, and you have a Bar Fight!, directed by Jim Mahoney. This holiday season, if you need to kick back and relax, we’ve got the perfect film for you. 

Bar Fight! is set to be the comedy of the year, with a stellar cast and a unique plot. Sure, we’ve all seen movies with exes fighting, but this one takes the cake. Lately, there have been more romances, thrillers, and horrors, but very few comedies, especially on streaming platforms. Everyone seems to want to watch how serial killers skinned their victims alive. But don’t we all need a break from that? And that’s where comedies come into the picture, and hence Bar Fight! here’s everything you need to know about the upcoming comedy movie

What is the Plot of Bar Fight? 

The title might make you think that the movie is probably about two rival gangs meeting at a bar and fighting each other to death, but that’s not the case. Bar Fight! follows the story of a couple, Nina and Allen, who could have once imagined a future together but are now going through a breakup. In order to try and handle it maturely, the couple is dividing all of their belongings, and it goes well…almost. They think they’re done and dusted, that they won’t have to face each other again and can move on from their lives, but that changes when both of them need a drink, and they end up at their favorite bar, at the same time. 

Maybe Nina and Allen could have figured out a schedule of sorts with the bartender, but that doesn’t happen. Instead, they have a bar fight. Don’t worry, no punches will be thrown. The broken-up couple now go through a series of challenges at the bar, which will decide which of them gets to stay and continue drinking at the bar moving forward, and who will have to step back and find another bar. Chaos and madness ensue. Their best friends, the staff, the patrons, and almost everyone is involved very deeply in this challenge, but the question is, who will win? 

The Cast of Bar Fight! 

The cast of Bar Fight! surely has some familiar faces and one that will make you want to watch this movie as soon as it premieres. On the front and center, we have Melissa Fumero who plays the role of Nina. Fumero is best known for her work in Brooklyn Nine-Nine where she played the role of Amy Santiago and became a fan favorite. Opposite her, we have Luka Jones, who is a comedy veteran, best known for his work on the series Shrill. Jones and Fumero put together will surely make an interesting pair, especially when they’re trying to gain control over a bar. 

The Cast of Bar Fight!

Apart from these two, the other cast includes Rachel Bloom, Julian Grant, Shontae Saldana, Caroline Harris, and many more. There will be several supporting cast members in this movie who will make it all the more funny and interesting. Comedy movies are best with a bigger and fuller cast, and with actors and actresses like these, we can are guaranteed some laughs. 

When and Where Can You Watch Bar Fight? 

Bar Fight! is almost here, so viewers won’t have to wait too long for its release. The creators and production company might be gambling with the release date, however. Bar Fight! is releasing on the 11th of November, which is the same date as Black Panther: Wakanda Forever and Dylan and Zoey. It’ll be interesting to see how well Bar Fight! does with some big releases right next to it. You can watch Bar Fight! in theaters, on-demand, and also stream it on AMC+. So if you’re not a Marvel fan, this will be your best alternative that day. And if you are a Marvel fan, you can watch Bar Fight on the 12th! 

Is There a Trailer for Bar Fight?

The official trailer for Bar Fight boasts some interesting and fun challenges that will be played by Nina and Allen if they want to continue coming back to their favorite bar. We see comedy, but we also see a glimpse of emotional moments between Allen and Nina, because let’s face it, beak-ups are always rough. Viewers are thrilled to see Fumero and Jones share a screen, and so are we! 

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Comedy is everyone’s go-to genre. If you’re happy, you can watch comedy. If you’re sad, you definitely should watch comedy. It’s for every mood and occasion, and so is this movie. Do let us know in the comments who you think will win the Bar Fight! 

Deepti Chadha
Deepti Chadha

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