Best Anime On Amazon Prime Right Now April 2023

Best Anime On Amazon Prime Right Now April 2023

People who have Amazon Prime but don’t have a Netflix account can try out the list of Best Anime on Amazon Prime right now. Don’t worry, we have a type of anime for everybody, whether you prefer rom-com or action, we have tried to include them all.

As it’s difficult to enlist all of the best anime, so we have broken the list into parts the one you are reading right now is Best Anime on Amazon Prime right now list part 1.

Now let’s save the small talk for some other day as it’s time for you to discover anime that you did not know was available on Amazon Prime.

Best Anime on Amazon Prime Right Now
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Best Anime on Amazon Prime Right Now – Part 1

1. Dororo

Dororo takes the first spot in the list of Best Anime on Amazon Prime right now because you will be heartbroken upon just reading about his story. Darkness? Check Fights? Check the Historical era? Check Great characters? Check. The author did not leave anything behind while making up the story. The animation may be pretty decent but; overall the anime is just perfect to watch in every aspect.


We would like to point out one thing that is older people will be able to enjoy it more than the younger audience. The story is about a boy who was cursed, and was left to die but somehow survived.

After growing up he decided to find his birth parents but the darkness keeps getting darker, we must warn you that if you are not into seinen then you may skip the anime.

2. Made in Abyss

We recommend watching Made in Abyss to everyone, yes even kids can watch but there will be massive tear-jerkers ahead. Made in Abyss was also nominated for Crunchyroll awards, and its story will leave a huge hole in your heart.

There are two seasons and 1 movie released now, we; are waiting for 3rd season which is said to be in making as of now.

Made in Abyss

The story is very tragic and dark, at first you will find it bright and cheery, but; it gets nastier as they go deeper into the abyss. The story follows Riko and Reg who go down into a magical Abyss filled with creatures and whatnot. Riko wants to meet her mother and reach the bottom of the abyss but will she be able to get back? because the magical power of the abyss is such that you can go down easily, but; you cannot go back as the curse will transform you into a creature or worst case, you will die.

3. Vinland Saga

You must have at least watched a video or two on Vinland Saga on Instagram right? If not then, you are falling way behind in trends. Vinland Saga was also nominated for Crunchyroll awards and has been the most hyped anime since its release.

The story follows a European barbarian-like setting, where a boy named Thorfinn witnesses his father’s death at the hands of Askellad, he determines to take revenge on him in a duel and kill him.

Vinland Saga

Thorffin keeps losing ad still sticks with Askellad to kill him one day, now the story is very historical and vengeful, some people may like it some may not. Although through comments and forums, it has been found out that people liked Season 1 more than Season 2 which is ongoing as of now.

4. Psycho-Pass

Enough with historical anime, it’s time for a futuristic and modern one now. Have you ever imagined what the justice system would be like in the 22nd Century? No? Well, Psycho-Pass is a great pick that will show you the future.

The story is set in the 22nd century when justice and enforcement changed and Japan enforced the Sibyl system which determines the threat level of a citizen by just assessing their mental state known as psycho pass hence the name.


Some latent criminals are given freedom in exchange for doing the inspector’s dirty work. But soon, Akane a young woman discovers that the system is not perfect and that the system is corrupted, thus her journey begins to unveil the truth and show it to the world.

5. Inuyasha

If you are looking for some vintage rom-com anime then we suggest that you give Inuyasha a try, although it’s considered shonen it was written by women so it has more shoujo elements in it too.

The story follows a girl who gets pulled by a demon into an old well of her family’s shrine and finds herself in feudal Japan. She crosses paths with a half-demon boy named Inuyasha and that’s how their adventure begins.



We would recommend you try all of the anime from the list of Best Anime on Amazon Prime right now, as you will not find the same enjoyment in other anime.

For starters, you should start with death note and this list is for those who have already watched at least 3-4 anime in the past.

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