Best Netflix Shows Right Now

Best Netflix Shows Right Now That You Shouldn’t Miss (April 2023)

Looking for the best Netflix shows right now? Well, you’re where you need to be. The trending chart was also introduced by the streaming service earlier this year. It lists the Top 10 most popular TV shows regularly. However, without doing a little digging, it’s difficult to locate that list on Netflix itself.

We’re here to make that procedure more efficient. You may be searching for new streaming choices if you enjoy binge-watching. Fortunately, Netflix’s top-rated section has a tonne of movies and TV shows to choose from.

We’ve put together a selection of the best Netflix shows right now. Finding fresh suggestions for Best Netflix Shows Right Now is easy in this article.

Best Netflix Shows

Waco: American Apocalypse

The FBI and the Branch Davidians were surrounded for 51 days thirty years ago. After a botched ATF raid that resulted in both parties suffering casualties. 81 individuals had died by the time the siege was over. David Koresh, the head of the Branch Davidians, is among them.

Waco: American Apocalypse, a shocking and revelatory true crime documentary available on Netflix, examines the events leading up to the disaster and is one of the Best Netflix Shows Right Now.

Waco: American Apocalypse

Director Tiller Russell and his group have collected recently assembled FBI videos. To show viewers what the events appeared like from the outside, it also includes uncut news clips. Survivors from the compound, journalists, and law enforcement officials provide additional context by verbally describing one of the bloodiest days in American history.

Shadow & Bone

After a gap of almost two years, the popular young adult fantasy series Shadow and Bone is returning on Netflix. Shadow and Bone, which is based on Leigh Bardugo’s books, is set in a magical and monstrously different universe from our own.

Additionally, there are moments when it eerily resembles various periods in Earth’s history. Alina Starkov learns she is a Sun Summoner with power over the light in the country of Ravka.

Shadow and Bone: Season 2 | Official Trailer | Netflix

She is highly sought after by different factions because of her rare power. General Aleksander Kirigan, a Shadow Summoner, is also a member of it. As season 2 opens, Alina and a companion from her youth set out on a mission to save Ravka while Kirigan strengthens his position of power. It is unavoidable that Alina and Kirigan will clash, and the results of that conflict could be disastrous.

The Night Agent

The Night Agent shot to the summit of Netflix’s TV series rankings in less than a day. It also appears to have a good chance of making its stars, Gabriel Basso and Luciane Buchanan, much bigger names. This gripping action drama centers on FBI Agent Peter Sutherland in Shawn Ryan’s adaptation for television.

The Night Agent

It begins after he discovers hints suggesting a Russian snitch is active within the American administration. Peter will stop at nothing to expose the conspiracy and expose the mole after realizing that the future of the nation might be at risk. Rose Larkin is another improbable friend he has. He is a young CEO who has already received a death warrant from their shared enemy.

Love Is Blind

In Seattle, singles who want to be accepted for who they are have joined up for a less traditional method of online dating in Love Is Blind. They will pick a spouse without ever having met them.

The recently engaged couples will settle in together over a period of weeks. They will organize their wedding and determine whether their powerful emotional bond formed in the Pods matches their physical attraction.

Love Is Blind

Will external forces and worldly facts drive them apart on their wedding day, or will they wed the person they fell hopelessly in love with? This compelling 12-episode series, hosted by Nick and Vanessa Lachey, will explore whether age, ethnicity, or appearance don’t matter or if love is truly blind.

Emergency NYC

This eight-part documentary series invites viewers to experience the frantic, unforgiving daily lives of emergency medical personnel in New York City. Discover the city’s healthcare system’s constant heartbeat.

Emergency: NYC | Official Trailer | Netflix

You’ll be able to relate to it through the trials and victories of a neurosurgeon, a pediatric trauma surgeon, paramedics, transplant doctors, and helicopter flight nurses. They are giving everything they have to those who are most in need when it happens.

Who Were We Running From?

The show centers on “Mother,” a lady running away with her daughter. Additionally, it appears that something evil is in the works. A woman and her young daughter Bambi are on the run from someone, according to the Netflix synopsis.

Who Were We Running From? | Official Trailer | Netflix

They are traveling, living in five-star hotels, and leaving a trail of dead people in their wake. However, it soon becomes apparent that the fairytale isn’t all that her mother assured Bambi it would be as the opulent hotels give way to seedy motels. Can they become the predator rather than the prey?


Almost any other television show would have Joe Goldberg as the antagonist. This murderous admirer, though, is a fan-favorite antihero in You. Joe just can’t help himself in some respects. He insinuates himself into the lives of attractive young women whenever he notices them, frequently killing anyone who stands in the way of his happiness.


The first and second episodes of You’s a fourth season just debuted. In addition, Joe finds himself in the peculiar situation of attempting to leave his chaotic life in the past and remake himself in London. However, even when Joe goes unnoticed, danger always manages to find him because he’s so skilled at murder and body disposal.

Outer Banks

The Pogues are discovered in Season 3 washed onshore on a desert island after losing the gold and leaving the Outer Banks. This appears to be a perfect house for a split second. The newest inhabitants of the island spend their days swimming, fishing and enjoying the carefree lifestyle of their transient home. But for John B, Sarah, Kiara, Pope, JJ, and Cleo, things rapidly turn bad.

Outer Banks 3 | Official Trailer | Netflix

They are once more forced to flee for their lives as they are caught up in a race for the wealthy. They can’t trust anyone, they’re destitute, and far from home, and Ward and Rafe are itching for retribution. There is also a vicious Caribbean Don who will do anything to locate the reward. Were they ever able to access the treasure? Or was everything a set-up to finally catch them?


The story of Wednesday focuses on the time the title character spent as a student at the Nevermore Academy in the town of Jericho. She has both allies and foes there. She needs to master her developing psychic talent while navigating brand-new, complicated relationships.


She also stopped a horrific killing rampage that was terrorizing the local school. As if that weren’t enough, Wednesday also has to solve the paranormal case that her parents were involved in 25 years ago.


Unseen | Official Trailer | Netflix

Zenzi Mwale is portrayed by Gail Mabalane in this South African crime drama. She works as a cleaning lady and is looking forward to her husband’s release from jail. When her spouse doesn’t come back to her, though, Zanzi is compelled to go looking for him in the criminal underworld. Zanzi will need to spill blood to live and discover the answers. Unseen is a perilous trip that is not recommended for the weak of the heart.


Netflix’s success is a result of its awareness of the popularity of binge-watching TV shows. Due to this, new shows are continuously released throughout each month.

It also features a few popular drama and comedic shows from other networks. Additionally, Netflix goes even further by including shows from all over the globe.

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