Best Romantic Anime Movies

Best Romantic Anime Movies 2023: You Cannot Miss!

2023 has just begun and we know that you are looking for some of the Best Romantic Anime Movies 2023 to watch with your partner or maybe alone if that’s what you like, but; hey! we are not judging you here.

We are just here to provide you with the list of Best Romantic Anime Movies 2023. Now the Best Romantic Anime Movies 2023 list may not contain the latest anime movies, but; it will be consisting of the movies which you must watch at least once if you are a fan of Anime romantic movies.

Best Romantic Anime Movies 2023
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Best Romantic Anime Movies 2023 List

5. Howl’s Moving Castle

Now let’s talk about how Moving Castle which; is the fifth on our list of Best Romantic Anime Movies 2023. It is more of a Ghibli movie but the jumbled pieces of architecture cacophonies of hissing steam and crashing windows, everything makes it so unique, and the magnificent Wizard Howl is infamous for both his magical powers and for being a womanizer.

Howl's Moving Castle

Sophie is a girl from a small town and had made who does not expect much from a future but; her simple life takes a turn when she becomes a victim of a which is a curse; unfortunately, this encounter with how the curse will bring not only adventures but a great story which you can watch not just with your partner but with your family as well it is an underrated movie but; it deserves love because of its story and mesmerizing sceneries.

4. No Game No Life: Zero

The unforgettable anime made us laugh with the series and made us cry with the movie. The No Game no life zero took us to the great war where everything went wrong. It is also a beautiful love story between two couples of different races who tried their best to save each other and also the back story of Sora and Shiro (might feel like incest).

The movie is just amazing it started; with its usual comedy where we see different personalities of Sora who is rather calm and composed while Shiro is quite notorious as ever.

No Game No Life: Zero

3. Weathering With You

A girl named Tokyo experiences rain showers that destroys the daily lives of people living nearby. Amidst the eternal rain, arrives a high school student named Hodaka Morishima, who does not have a strong financial background to keep him meet his daily needs.

He ends up with a job at a small time publishing house. There he meets Hina who also strives to find work to sustain herself and her younger brother.

Weathering With You

The fate of these individuals intertwines as Hodaka attempts to rescue Hinata from Shady’s men. The story gets more compelling as more characters are introduced, and character development takes place. The visuals are stunning, and you will be hopeful till the Endless movie who is renowned for his works.

2. The Garden of Words

What’s your general view on rainy seasons? Generally, people first love it as it relieves them from the scorching sun. The smell of earth after the first rain is pure bliss. Now some people just want to dance in the rain while others just want to hide after a drop falls on them.

But what if I tell you our main protagonist is none of the above, Takao is a high school guy who is an artist. Whenever there is a summer shower he skips school and ventures to a garden where he sketches the rainy scene.

The Garden of Words

But one day he founds another person in the garden. Yukino is a lady who is lost in the world, and now Takao has another inspiration for his art. Though the age gap is there both of them find themselves enjoying themselves with others. As the rainy season is coming close; Will Takao gather the courage to tell her about the feeling dwelling inside him?

1. I Want to Eat your Pancreas

To fulfill all her wishes before dying due to pancreatic disease, she tells the protagonist about her pancreatic disease at the start of this movie. Our Hero first doesn’t believe in her then by; time he believes in her and helps to complete her wishes before death together they enjoy the wishes of the girl.

They go to visit beautiful places different dishes and celebrate the festival together and between all of this, both of them start falling in love with each other. In the end, we see our main Hero waiting for the girl in a restaurant and she doesn’t come after a very long wait when; he gets home back he gets to know about her death in the news that she died in an accident in her way to the restaurant.

I Want to Eat your Pancreas

The main Hero goes to his room and starts crying after the funeral he goes to the girl’s house, and her mother gives him the diary of the girl. Eventually, the main Hero feels the importance of her in his life after the death of that girl, and he apologizes to her on her grave and goes to school with her friend every day. This movie has a lot of tear-jerkers so be prepared with a box of tissues!


This Best Romantic Anime Movies 2023 list is handpicked and may not consist of all the great anime but; yes they are the best from tragedy to comedy we tried to include all.

You can watch the anime on Crunchyroll or Netflix, and if you have any more suggestions then feel free to let us know in the comments section below.

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