Best TV Shows On Hulu

Best TV Shows On Hulu That Should Add To Your Watchlist April 2023

With new shows constantly being added to Hulu, the company never stops innovating. There is an intriguing new show to add to the queue right after you complete binge-watching one.

This maintains constant interest and does away with the dreaded “What should we watch tonight?” query. So in this article, we’re talking about the best TV shows on Hulu.

Since Hulu began to acquire significant critical credibility, more competition for streaming users has emerged. The network has persisted in being unique due to its meticulously chosen lineup of original series and network alliances.

Due to all of this, it serves as the base for several FX shows. The best TV shows on Hulu right now are listed below.

Best TV Shows On Hulu

It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia

Wait until you encounter the gang from Paddy’s Pub if you thought the Seinfeld characters were bad people. Dennis, Mac, Charlie, Sweet Dee, and Frank have been openly plotting against each other and outsiders for almost 20 years.

It adheres to the conventions of civility in a succession of completely abandoned schemes. Larry David set the no hugging and no learning rule for Seinfeld, and the show upholds it. It is one of the Best TV Shows On Hulu.

It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia

This raises it to a new degree of sociopathy, though. How Mac Got Fat, Sweet Dee Having a Heart Attack, Dennis Looking Like a Registered Sex Offender, and Dennis and Dee Going on Welfare. These are just a few of the unusual experiences viewers can expect. It ended up having the longest run of any live-action comedy in television history. In addition, it’s one of the simplest shows to binge. Play an episode, and before you know it, you’ll be into the next season.

History Of The World, Part II

History Of The World, Part II

A who’s who of comedic talent has been gathered by the comic legend for a new installment, which comes forty years after Mel Brooks’ History of the World, Part I. This group of sketches features characters like Nick Kroll, Ike Barinholtz, Wanda Skykes, Jason Mantzoukas, Hannah Einbinder, and Quinta Brunson, to mention just a few.

Beginning on March 6, it was made available over four days. Everyone receives a dig and a laugh, from Rasputin to Jesus Christ to Sigmund Freud. It is one of the Best TV Shows On Hulu.

Only Murders in the Building

Only Murders In The Building | Season 3 | Coming Soon | DisneyPlus Hotstar

Selena Gomez, Martin Short, and Steve Martin form a fun group of true-crime podcast devotees. They decide to work together to launch their show. Additionally, they do it as they work to unravel the enigma surrounding the mysterious death of a different apartment building inhabitant in Manhattan. However, everything is not as it seems, and everyone is keeping secrets even as these strangers create an alliance.

Great Expectations

This most recent adaptation of Charles Dickens’ book is more of a new story than a contemporary retelling. This six-part television series, in which Olivia Colman portrays Miss Havisham, changes the course of Pip’s narrative. Pip is a young child who aspires to live in a wealthy family. It is one of the Best TV Shows On Hulu.

Great Expectations Official Trailer | Olivia Colman, Fionn Whitehead | FX

The storyline turns the narrative into a gothic tale that explores the moral trade-offs one must make to succeed in life. It’s the ideal miniseries for readers who have read the book or for watchers learning Dickens’ timeless tale for the first time because it features gorgeous performances and a modern aesthetic.

Under the Banner Of Heaven

These days, it takes a lot to make a true-crime series memorable. However, this most recent FX production explores the complexities of religion and humanity in a manner that makes it a must-see.

As Mormon investigator Jeb Pyre, Andrew Garfield continues to rule our screens for the past year or so. When he is tasked with looking into the murder of a mother and child, he experiences directly how his beliefs are being tested.

Under the Banner Of Heaven

Additionally, no one could have anticipated how complicated the case would be within the Church of Latter-Day Saints. The Lafferty family is regarded as somewhat of a celebrity in the Mormon community. It turns out, though, that they might be concealing a darker aspect. There is no doubt that the members’ escalating conflicts have reached their breaking point.

Not Dead Yet

The show Not Dead Yet stars Gina Rodriguez. David Windsor and Casey Johnson wrote the comedy for television. It is partially based on Confessions of a Forty-Something F*** Up by Alexandra Potter.

The narrative of Nell, a young single lady, is found in Not Dead Yet. She begins learning life lessons from spirits after landing a job writing obituaries. It is one of the Best TV Shows On Hulu.

NOT DEAD YET Trailer (2023) Gina Rodriguez, Comedy Series

Not Dead Yet finds charm despite its weak premise and a significant departure from the original work thanks to its incredibly talented ensemble. Not Dead Yet also stars Rodriguez and comedy royalty like Lauren Ash from Superstore, Hannah Simone from New Girl, and Rick Glassma.

The 1619 Project

The six-part, impactful docuseries The 1619 Project is from Pulitzer Prize–winning journalist Nikole Hannah-Jones. The unflinching series, which is focused on the effects of slavery, hits on divisive subjects. Justice, capitalism, and freedom are all included. For Americans of all backgrounds, The 1619 Project is a revolutionary historical clash.

The 1619 Project

The 1619 Project finds an extremely moving way to create subtle and intentional connections between personal stories, historical events, and current affairs. The 1619 Project is a crucially significant series that seeks to empower audiences by unpacking experiences. It is accomplished through repositioning, comprehension, and direct access to the American past. It is one of the Best TV Shows On Hulu.

Super Junior: The Last Man Standing

Over a decade ago, the K-Pop musical craze began to sweep the globe. The chance for documentaries like Super Junior: The Last Man Standing is being ushered in. Fans can go behind the scenes of the unusually big boy band Super Junior in Super Junior: The Last Man Standing.

SUPER JUNIOR: THE LAST MAN STANDING | Official Trailer | Disney+ Philippines

The band members can introduce themselves and consider the effect of their 2005 debut during this look behind the curtain. This provides new information about the K-Pop market as a whole. A beautiful examination of music, passion, and the rise of some top-tier artists, Super Junior: The Last Man Standing is.


Jen’s tale is told in the comedy series Extraordinary, which is pleasantly surprising. Jen is a young lady with a gloomy outlook on the future. She is one of the few individuals in the world who does not currently possess superpowers, so this is particularly true. This fantastical super world’s fundamental mythology is expertly constructed by creator Emma Moran.

Extraordinary | Official Trailer | Hulu

Additionally, Emma gives her characters a solid reality to investigate. Carrie, Jen’s flatmate and closest friend, as well as Kash, Carrie’s unfaithful boyfriend, are Jen’s traveling companions. Extraordinary lives on interpersonal relationships, flawed characters, and delightfully realistic inclusive casting. It is highlighted by clever, charmingly filthy humor. It is one of the Best TV Shows On Hulu.


The television adaptation of Kindred, based on Octavia E. Butler’s book, was done by Branden Jacobs-Jenkins. It centers on Dana James, a Black, young, and ambitious writer. When Dana is inexplicably pulled through time and lands on a 19th-century plantation, she learns family secrets. In Kindred, several accomplished actors assist Johnson.


It features Gayle Rankin, Micah Stock, and Ryan Kwanten. Although Outlander-style fantasy aspects are prominent, Kindred is fundamentally a drama. It focuses on the history, both historically and specifically for this family. Johnson can now captivate viewers with her performance rather than detracting from story points with explanations that are heavily reliant on science fiction.


It’s easy to find great Hulu shows to binge-watch. There is a tonne of excellent material on the platform, from old favorites to brand-new discoveries.

We’ve put together a list of the top TV shows available on Hulu to make it easier for you to discover exactly what you’re looking for. Share your favorite show with us in the comment section below.

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