Big Mouth Season 6 Blew Everyone's Mind and Here's Why

Big Mouth Season 6 Blew Everyone’s Mind and Here’s Why

Big Mouth Season 6 Review: Sex, Sexuality and Everything In Between

Big Mouth Season 6 was recently released on Netflix and fans have been raving about how humourous and progressive this season is. Big Mouth is an adult animated comedy series created by Nick Kroll, Jennifer Flackett, and Andrew Goldberg. This series became a huge success in the last few years after it tackled some very important issues in the funniest way possible. 

Big Mouth Season 6 premiered on the 28th of October and has been trending since. This season saw some new characters, and new storylines, and there were plenty of learning lessons in every episode. For those of you who don’t know, Big Mouth is all about hormones, sex, sexuality, and everything under that umbrella. It doesn’t matter if you’re a teenager or an adult, there’s something for everyone.

This season, fans were introduced to some new characters, and Elijah soon became a fan favorite. Voiced by Brian Tyree Henry, Elijah is a student at Bridgeton Middle School. He is also the first asexual character on Big Mouth, which is a huge win for representation! Elijah and Missy struck up the sweetest teenage romance, and while Missy wanted to kiss her boyfriend, Elijah wasn’t feeling it. He thought maybe it was because of religious barriers. but after a short conversation with his aunt, he realized he might be asexual. Elijah coming to terms with it and Missy being understanding about really struck a chord with asexual folks, and gave them a little bit more courage to be their true selves. 

Elijah Big Mouth Season 6 Review

Big Mouth Season 6 also featured an entire episode about the vagina, and how women treat that body part based on society and its pressures. For example, Lola overhears her male peers discussing pubic hair and how women should have none at all, and so Lola decides that the best course of action would be to shave them, even though they have protected her all her life. We also learn about the shame women go through when they aren’t able to have a natural birth and have to opt for a c-section instead. Women’s health is often overlooked, but the fact that an animated series could address it should help women talk about it openly without the fear of being judged.

One of the most anticipated parts of Big Mouth Season 6 was the new characters. We had Elijah, the Christian boy who stole Missy’s heart. We are also introduced to Andrew’s lovebug, Flanny O’Lympic, who is voiced by the popular Irish actor  Chris O’Dowd. Seamus MacGregor was the tough new Scottish grandad in town, who would drink beer and then piss in the cans, and it was voiced by none other than Peter Capaldi. Montel, Maury, and Connie’s baby hormone monster became a fan favorite with their views on gender roles and was voiced by Cole Escola. If you thought the voice of the Apple Brooch sounds familiar, it’s because it was voiced by the hilarious Jeff Goldblum!

Seamus MacGrego

Bros4Life stole the show and also broke our hearts (and Lola’s) when they pretended to be Lola’s could-be fathers, giving us a little Mamma Mia vibe. Although they weren’t on screen for longer than one episode, it was probably because they were voiced by some very high-paid actors! Bros4Life were voiced by Ed Helms, Adam Levine and Matt Rogers. Even though they weren’t related to Lola, they did give us some catchy music to vibe with this season!

Ed Helms, Adam Levine and Matt Rogers. Even

Two concepts that often don’t mix well are Sexuality and Religion, but Big Mouth Season 6 went ahead and conquered that as well. In fact, Tyler, The Creator voiced the character of Jesus, who was around to help Elijah navigate his feelings for Missy. We have a feeling this might be a recurring character in the future seasons because who doesn’t need to have a conversation with Jesus once in a while?

Gender roles played a huge part this season, especially when Jessi learned more about them from Connie and Montel. It was also an important lesson for audiences to understand how gender roles can negatively dictate a person’s identity. Although this won’t fix all the problems, and people won’t unlearn and learn overnight, it is surely a step in the right direction, which truly sums up Big Mouth Season 6.

The good news is that Big Mouth has been renewed for season 7 and we will see all our favorite characters once again. Big Mouth Season 6 ended with a freaky Friday (or as they say Fu**ked-Up Friday) where all the characters learned an important lesson. Hard daddy became soft daddy again, Jessi realized that she didn’t need to be a baby to have her father love her, Andrew’s parents were in love once again, Missy and Elijah (and Nathan Fillion) had a sweet moment, and Jay decided to go back to his roots and become a magician again. This season was refreshing and wholesome, everything we expected and more.

Missy and Elijah
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