Black Market Season 3

Black Market is a series for viewers who stay curious about the dark world of illicit trade. Drugs, guns, thieves and their lives; all of them bind the series together with the main character of the show. It captures reality with its host Michael K. Williams.

Mr. Michael happens to explore the world of black and illegal trade in the entire series. He wonderfully reflects on how thrilling and mysterious the world of dark trade can be. With the launch of its first episode, it gained a massive amount of popularity and the fans cannot wait for more. 

Black Market Season 3 Overview

The show Black Market aired first on 5th July 2016. Its original network is VICELAND and is created by Michael K. Williams himself.

  1. New Jersey Drive
  2. Illicit Abalone
  3. Iron Pipeline
  4. The Lean Scene
  5. Higher Stakes
  6. Lifted in London
  7. Iron Pipeline (Extended Cut)
  8. New Jersey Drive (Extended Cut)
  9. The Lean Scene (Extended Cut)
  10. Higher Stakes (Extended Cut)
  11. Illicit Abalone (Extended Cut)
  12. Lifted in London (Extended Cut)

Episode one of the series depicts an international criminal operation that takes place due to a series of stealing cars. Thieves find joy in stealing cars and riding them across the city. Later on, the episodes carry forward with different incidents and realities. 

Season 2 of Black Market takes the series forward with a slightly different theme but the same base. Here, Michael is seen inviting guest hosts to explore the world of smuggling, poaching and more. The guests come from all over the world.  

Black Market Season 3 Release Date

Black Market Season 3 Release Date

Will there be a season 3 for the series Black Market? Or will the show take a farewell?

Well, the makers of the show are still on the deciding stage. With a theme so fascinating and interesting, it is more likely to go for another shot. But there is no official news regarding its release date out yet. Fans await an announcement through their social media handles. 

Black Market Season 3 Trailer

As the show is still passing its renewal stage, it is difficult to depict the trailer date of Black Market Season 3 right now. Usually, a trailer is released three to four weeks before a series or a film. As soon as the show will get wrapped, a trailer announcement will be made.

Black Market Season 3 Cast

Black Market Season 3 Cast

As the series deals with more real-life people and experiences, a change in the cast is definite. Fans were expecting Michael K. Williams to return to the show but his unfortunate death last summer shocked everyone. The series might go ahead without him this time. 

All the episodes of both the earlier seasons featured Mr. Williams constantly as he carried forward the plot and the idea of the show. But the traders and the people surrounding him changed. No official news regarding the star cast of Season 3 is out yet. On the other hand, the earlier seasons also had DJ Hollygrove, OG Ron, Rosie Perez, Felicia Pearson and Tracy Morgon.

Black Market Season 3 Plot

There is an expectation the theme like season 2 might change. The makers have already done it before with season 1 and season 2. A slight change in the idea of the show can be expected to keep the thrill alive. Black Market Season 3 plot is supposed to be about the dark world but there is no confirmation about what exactly. Fans and followers are requested to keep patience while the plot is still being decided. 

Black Market Season 3 Plot

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The above article elaborates on the details of Black Market Season 3. It gives a brief about the show’s earlier launches and episodes along with the creators. Black Market is a different series in itself and the article talks about it in detail. Although there is no confirmed news regarding Black Market Season 3 out yet, the article tries to spill as much information as possible.

Besides, it also brings light to the unfortunate and sudden death of Michael K. Williams. Lastly, it concludes with the trailer, release date and plot news. Fans are requested to remain patient while the team is still deciding on the renewal of the show.

Hopefully, there might be official news out soon. 

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