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Blockbuster Release Date

Blockbuster Release date And Episode Details

If you are someone who is bummed out about some of their favourite American sitcoms ending, you’re in luck! Netflix and Universal Television are teaming up together to create the newest American sitcom called Blockbuster, and that isn’t even the best part. This sitcom will feature some of your favourites and we cannot wait to tell you more about it. Sitcoms on Netflix are best known for having multiple seasons with many episodes, and although Blockbuster is only just starting, fans have high hopes for its future.

This sitcom tells a fun and wholesome story, which will be explored in this article so you don’t have to go looking for it elsewhere. Amid all the true crime, gruesome slasher films, and witchy horror, people have forgotten the classics, and Blockbuster is here to remind you of the good old days. So buckle in as we take you on a journey, and brief you about everything you need to know about this upcoming series:

What is Blockbuster About?

As mentioned earlier, Blockbuster will be a comedy series. It will revolve around the lives of the people working in a blockbuster video store, and incidentally, this is the last blockbuster store remaining in the United States. If that doesn’t put some pressure on the people working there, we don’t know what will. However, it is this pressure that turns the plot into comedy and an absolute riot for its viewers. These days you can find everything online, your favourite movies and shows especially. Do you remember the last you stepped into a video store to rent a film? because we can’t remember either.

The concept of going out of business has been used as a popular trope in movies before, however, it isn’t very common in series and it is seldom meant to be funny. So Blockbuster will introduce us to a familiar concept in a new style. The plot will be all the more exciting because of the characters and their extraordinary lives.

The Cast of Blockbuster

This might just be the most exciting part of Blockbuster because the cast of this series will have some very familiar names and might just include some of your favourite stars. It is important for a comedy series to have actors who can actually pull off a funny script and the creators and casting team hit the nail perfectly when it came to picking out the perfect cast for Blockbuster.

On the front and centre we have Randall Park, who will play the role of Timmy. One might recognize Park from shows like Fresh off the Boat or even for his role in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Next, we have Melissa Fumero, who will play the role of Eliza. Fumero is best known for her work in Brooklyn Nine-Nine. The other cast members include:

  • Connie played by Olga Merediz
  • Hannah played by Madeleine Arthur
  • Carlos played by Tyler Alvarez
  • Percy played by JB Smoove
  • Kayla played by Kamaia Fairburn

We’re sure there will be more people who will serve as side characters may be in one or more episodes. It is only a matter of time until we figure out how big the cast might be!

When and Where Can You Watch Blockbuster?

The wait for being able to stream Blockbuster won’t be too long as it will premiere on November 3rd. Looks like the creators and Netflix is waiting for the Halloween season to end before they bless the audiences with something funny to recuperate from all the scary moments in October.

The series will have a total of ten episodes, which is a little less compared to most sitcoms we’re used to, like, The Office, Modern Family and Parks and Recreation, but given the more recent style of sitcoms like Big Mouth, ten episodes seem fit! All the episodes will be set to stream on Netflix!

Is There a Trailer for Blockbuster?

It was only last week that Netflix released the official trailer for Blockbuster and everyone in the comment section is just as thrilled as we are.

YouTube video player

The trailer already has some very funny and awkward moments, which perfectly sets the tone for what’s about to come. There’s no doubt that Melissa Fumero and Randall Park might just steal the show, however, the other characters look equally interesting. If you want to small glimpse of what might come soon, we recommend watching the trailer.

Who is The Creator of Blockbuster?

If you have watched the trailer and seen the poster, we’re sure you might think “this looks a little familiar.” The reason you might think so is not because of the storyline or characters, but because of the creators of this show. Blockbuster is produced by Vanessa Ramos, who has previously co-produced Superstore and worked as a writer on Brooklyn Nine-Nine. Both these shows have been loved by viewers for a long time now, and when they ended, it cause a lot of fans to be upset. However, this new show by Vanessa Ramos might just be the remedy!

Who is The Creator of Blockbuster?


Undoubtedly, Blockbuster is going to be full of laughs and wholesomeness, which we are very ready for. If there’s one thing Netflix has been lacking in the recent few months, is a proper American sitcom, and now that void is about to be filled. So, make sure you get your popcorn and friends ready to stream Blockbuster on Netflix, arriving on the 3rd of November!

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