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Blood & Gold Netflix: Release Date, Plot And More

Blood & Gold, a brand-new and intriguing German war comedy, will be available on Netflix in May 2023. We have all the information you require about Blood & Gold, including the plot, actors, release date, and trailer.

An upcoming German war action comedy on Netflix is called Blood & Gold. Stefan Barth wrote the script, while Peter Thorwarth is the director. Amara Palacios and Christian Becker are the producers of the motion picture. Thorwarth and Becker have worked together on several projects over the past 25 years.

Everything from the cult classic Bang Boom Bang to Netflix’s Blood Red Sky is included. Rat Pack Filmproduktion, a German production company, has handled the production. So let’s get started without further ado.

What Will Be The Plot Of Blood & Gold?

The next film is set in the spring of 1945, according to the official synopsis. The setting of Blood & Gold is the closing stages of the Second World War. Heinrich, a German deserter, is the subject of the narrative. He is a group of Nazis as well as the brave young farmer Elsa.

What Will Be The Plot Of Blood & Gold?

Heinrich stumbles into the grasp of a roving SS squad while returning from the war to visit his daughter. He is left dangling under a tree by their leader Alexander Scheer. Elsa, who hides him on her farm, saves him at the last second.

The SS is meanwhile looking for a Jewish artifact buried in a nearby village. The frustrated peasants, who want to keep the treasure for themselves, fiercely oppose this. Soon, Heinrich and Elsa are coerced into this thrilling search for gold. This leads to a brutal battle that takes place at the village church.

The Cast Of Blood & Gold

Heinrich is portrayed by Robert Masser in the title role. Masser’s first acting role in a Netflix production is in Blood & Gold. He had, however, previously performed stunts in Gunpowder Milkshake.

He has appeared in important movies outside of the streaming service in supporting roles. Uncharted, 1917, and Mission: Impossible – Rogue Nation is among the titles mentioned.

Elsa is portrayed by Marie Hacke in the title role. The German actress will be playing her debut cinematic role in this. Except for one episode in the fourth season of Outlander, she had previously primarily appeared in German television dramas.

Von Starnfeld is portrayed by Alexander Scheer in the meanwhile. Some Netflix users will be familiar with Scheer because of his portrayal of Eightball in the Netflix movie Blood Red Sky.

The Cast Of Blood & Gold

Scheer is renowned for his work in films including Rabiye Kurnaz vs. George W. Bush, Sonnenallee, and Gundermann. Next, the Sergeant is portrayed by Roy McCrerey. In the Netflix animated miniseries The Liberator, McCrerey plays a part. The actor’s lead part in a Netflix feature film will, however, be in Blood & Gold. McCrerey has been in the television series Carnival Row in addition to Netflix.

He appeared in Iron Man 3 from the Marvel Studios as well. Florian Schmidtke as Dörfler, Simon Rupp as Paule, and Petra Zieser as Irmgard make up the remaining cast members. Additionally, Blood & Gold stars Tomas Karel as Hebler, Jared Lorenzo as an American GI, Juri Senft as Koehler, and Stephan Grossmann as Bürgermeister Richard.

When And Where To Watch Blood & Gold?

When And Where To Watch Blood & Gold?

We now have formal confirmation that Blood & Gold will be available on Netflix on May 26, 2023, thanks to the release of the official trailer. According to reports, filming took place in the Czech Republic between March 12 and May 25 of 2022. The film also has a 100-minute running length.

Is There A Trailer For Blood & Gold?

Blood & Gold, a new German-language action comedy set “in the closing days of the Second World War,” has its first trailer online thanks to Netflix. Heinrich is captured by SS soldiers in the trailer’s opening scene. After lecturing him about the disgrace he has brought upon the name of Adolf Hitler, they hang him from a tree.

Is There A Trailer For Blood & Gold?

A woman named Elsa saves Heinrich just in time. She harbors a grudge against the Nazis on a personal level. She informs him that they have imprisoned her brother. Heinrich and Elsa take the Nazis on a journey in their neighborhood. Additionally, they resolve their scores concurrently.

In the meantime, the Nazis are being resisted by the inhabitants of a nearby village. They are taking this action to safeguard priceless Jewish wealth. The tone is appropriately solemn at first. However, as the trailer goes on, it starts to resemble Tarantino more and more.

Blood & Gold | Official Trailer | Netflix

This is not All Quiet on the Western Front. There are jokes, outrageous villainy, and even a scene where Elsa pours boiling oil on a Nazi’s genitalia. A few seconds later, Heinrich uses a two-pronged pitchfork to impale another Nazi. Von Starnfeld, the main antagonist, is a hideous-appearing man who is channeling Christophe Waltz.


Blood Red Sky, a Netflix horror movie, was previously directed by Thorwarth. The German thriller The Wave, which he co-wrote, is possibly what has garnered him the greatest praise.

The brutal and spectacular hunt for a stolen gold treasure gets underway, unearthing painful secrets along the way. Do you intend to watch Blood & Gold when it becomes available on Netflix? Comment below with your thoughts and let us know.

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