Blue Lock Episode 22 Review: Bachira's Awakening

Bachira will have an awakening again in the Blue Lock episode 22 -Voice. hey, it’s just a small piece of information that I shared, if you want to know everything from scratch then you have arrived at the right place because here I will share not only the review of the episode but also a recap of the previous episode. Let’s kick off with the previous episode recap!

Blue Lock Episode 21 Recap

After devouring one another and using all of the member’s abilities Isagi’s team somehow managed to score a goal against Rin’s team.

As the score comes to a draw, Rin gets more determined and starts with offensive plays. His plays get unpredictable when he plays in serious mode.

Isagi tries his best to predict Rin’s gameplay and leaves no stone unturned to stop him, but Rin instead, of playing highly offensively manipulates and uses his teammates to score the goal. Isagi’s unawareness of Rin’s methods makes him think again about a new winning strategy.

After Rin’s goal, Isage again uses his wits to break their formation and heads; Rin being a prodigy arrives just in time. Isagi feeling trapped; thinks of other ways, and that’s when Barou comes to the rescue. Here we see Barou controlling his ego like a lion waiting patiently to pounce on its prey.

Barou steals the ball from Isagi and successfully scores a goal. Isagi realizes that Barou’s unpredictability could become a winning factor as Rin will not expect it. In the next play, we again see both of the teams clashing against each other, but there’s a change in formation, Nagi and Chigiri’s place gets exchanged putting Bachira in trouble as he gets trapped.

Isagi’s strategy works perfectly on Bachira and Barou successfully steals the ball but gets blocked off by Rin again. Rin becomes a hurdle for the team that they have yet to overcome. Isagi and Rin seem to be on a different level where they only see each other as opponents; this makes Bachira feel bad for being unable to play with them.

In an attempt to stop Tokimitsu from scoring another goal Chigiri and Barou end up committing fouls and getting yellow cards. The free kick scene I would say is one of the best parts of the episode where Rin shows his dominance and ego of a real striker.

While Isagi keeps thinking about whether Rin will pass or play Rin shoots the ball just above his head and says, “There weren’t two options, to begin with” and that’s how Isagi realizes what he has been missing up until now.

The episode ends with Bachira feeling lonely again like the time back in school. The next episode will get more intense hope you are ready for the heat!

Isagi’s New Formula

In Blue Lock episode 22, we see both teams fighting tooth and nail to win the match, and finally; they end up with a 3-4 score. If Rin’s team makes the final goal, they will win the match and will proceed ahead.

All of the team members get hyped up to kick the last goal. But on the other hand, Isagi watching Rin’s kick-off comes up again with a new formula. Trust me, CGI is good, especially since the animation of the team members is top-notch.

Blue Lock Episode 22
Blue Lock Episode 22 Review

Isagi tries his new formula using everyone else as bait but somehow Rin again makes a comeback and stops Isagi. The anime has been loyal to manga and has covered everything from scratch, if not less but more.

The moment Rin tries to stop Isagi, Isagi uses a new move reverse backheel shot, and scores another goal. Both teams come to a tie and the team which scores the last goal will win.

Bachira Wants to Play

The second half of the episode heavily focuses on Bachira and his awakening. Bachira’s story along with the awakening; is perfectly captured in the anime.

From; his facial expressions to his voice acting, everything feels natural and right on point.

Bachira Wants to Play

Coming to Bachira’s story which gets depressing and focuses on psychological disorders that most youngsters face in their childhood shares a lesson that how psychological problems can become a hindrance to a person’s overall development.

Nagi’s Comments

While everyone gives their best on the field to score the goal, Bachira feels left out without Rin and Isagi. Bachira keeps wondering what he has to do and that’s when Nagi makes a comment that if Isagi’s team wins then they will not choose a loser like Bachira, this heart-breaking comment makes Bachira break the shackles that were holding him down.

Nagi's Comments

Bachira Goes Wild

Bachira realizes that he needs to get rid of monsters and stop looking for friends to play with; if he wants to become the best striker in the world. Bachira turns into a joker card who charges ahead with everything he has toward the goal, while everyone tries to stop him, his dribbling skills let him easily cross others.

Bachira Goes Wild

Isagi Turns Table On Bachira

When he gets surrounded, Bachira thinks of passing but does the opposite instead to break free from the monster that has been chasing him since childhood. Just as he shoots the ball. Isagi steals it and tells Bachira that he already expected him to do it and the episode ends with a cliffhanger.

Isagi Turns Table On Bachira


I will be honest that although the Blue Lock episode 22 focused on Bachira, the gameplay not only kept us entertained but also had us on edge of our seats. I thought Bachira would score the last goal until Isagi arrives just in time to stop him.

The unpredictable gameplay of the teams kept turning the tables; leaving us bamboozled. I am eager to know who will win the match finally. If you want to watch Blue Lock episode 22 then; you can check it on Crunchyroll.

Let us know what you think of the Blue Lock episode 22 in the comments section below.

Blue Lock Episode 22 - Voice

Director: Tetsuaki Watanabe Shunsuke

Date Created: 2023-03-10 22:00

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