Blue Lock Episode 19 Review: Bachira's Story

Blue Lock episodes keep getting more competitive and exciting, and each episode ending with a cliffhanger leaves fans begging for more. You are also a keen follower of Blue Lock and cannot wait to know what happens next.

So here you will get the latest review on Blue Lock Episode 19 – “Dancing Boy”. But before moving on to the review, it’s recommended to recap the previous episode for a better experience.

Blue Lock Episode 18 Recap

In the previous episode, we saw Barou finally breaking free from the shackles pulling him down. He takes the spotlight of the Blue Lock Episode 18. Apart from the glimpse of Barou’s backstory and weaknesses, we also get to see his new chop dribble that leads his team to victory. The Blue Lock Episode 18 ends with a massive cliffhanger: whom will they pick to move on to the 4th stage?

We pick Chigiri

The episode of Blue Lock episode 19 takes off from where it had left off. Isagi, Nagi, and Barou discuss whom to pick for the 4th stage.

Barou shows interest in Kunigami for his excellent skills in holding the ball, which can also act as a key forefront player whom Barou can use to score goals. At the same time, Nagi recommends picking Reo because he can act as a good anchor and balance their team.

Blue Lock Season 2 Episode 19 Review

Isagi seemed to have a different opinion; he tells nagi and Barou that their suggestions are great, but they need someone on their team who can create a chemical reaction and has the potential to devour others to unleash their potential. They pick Chigiri, the princess, because of his immense speed.

Nagi leaves Reo behind

As Chigiri walks towards Isagi’s team, he asks Kunigami not to give up as they still haven’t defeated Isagi yet. Nagi tries to encourage Reo, but Reo tells him that he doesn’t need Nagi’s pettiness. Reo asks why didn’t they pick him if his skills were so excellent.

Blue Lock Season 2 Episode 19 Review

Nagi is pissed off at Reo’s behaviour; Nagi says that he doesn’t care about Reo anymore and that if Reo wants to become the best, he should become the one who picks and not the one who waits to get picked. Isagi’s team picking Chigiri is pumped up and filled with ego to become the best.

Barou and Isagi’s Bond Deepens

We get a glimpse of Bachira’s childhood when Bachira’s mom explains to him that an imaginary friend is the one with whom he can play and can only be visible to him. The scene changes to players’ bunkers, where Isagi wonders whether he can play a match against Rin’s team again or not. Barou feels annoyed at Nagi and Chigiri for leaving their things on his bed.

Blue Lock Season 2 Episode 19 Review

While having dinner, Isagi wonders whether Barou is mad at him for using him during the match. Barou, instead of taking his anger on him, asks about Isagi’s skills and how he can evolve at such an alarming rate.

Isagi reveals to him about Direct Shot and Spatial Awareness. Barou admits that he acted immaturely during the match and that whatever Isagi said about him, except the donkey part, was all true.

Bachira’s childhood

Bachira practising with Rin, feels nostalgic and starts recalling his childhood days. Bachira as a kid, always had a ball with him and loved dribbling. He got bullied for his awe-inspiring skills, but his mother kept him motivated, saying that he should keep playing with his imaginary friend and that there was nothing wrong with feeling the joy of playing soccer.

Blue Lock Season 2 Episode 19 Review

Bachira then played with his imaginary monster until he started playing in tournaments. Bachira’s coach and his teammates would criticize his play and ask him to pass while Bachira kept waiting in the hope of meeting a player who would also play like the monster with him.

Bachira Finally Finds a Friend

Finally, his dream comes true when he receives an invitation from Blue Lock, where he meets Isagi (Blue Lock Episode 1). In a match when the time is almost out while playing the tag game, Bachira tries to help Isagi by immobilizing Kunigami, but Isagi refuses. Bachira then dribbles the ball away and passes to Isagi to take the shot. Impressed by Isagi, Bachira finds himself the friend he was looking for.

Bachira asks Rin how did Rin know that Bachira was looking for someone to play with. Rin replies that he does not care about monsters and that Bachira needs to improve his play because he still can’t reach Rin’s level yet.

Blue Lock Season 2 Episode 19 Review

After they return from practice, they find Isagi and others waiting for them. Isagi says confidently that he has come to take back what was his once, and the episode of Blue Lock ends with another cliffhanger.

What’s Going to Happen in Blue Lock Episode 20?

I am also closely following Blue Lock manga, so I already know what will happen next in the upcoming episodes. If you are ready for some spoilers, then only proceed ahead, or you may skip this part.

In the next episode of Blue Lock, Isagi will once more challenge Rin to a soccer match (Mang Chapter 73 onwards). They match against each other head to head. The game gets intense as both teams keep scoring and do not seem to back down. Isagi’s team can keep up with Rin’s team and ties up with a score of 4-4. Various other players improve during the match and can take control of the field.


This episode focused more on Bachira’s past, like Episode 18, which covered Barou’s past. We also saw Blue Lock Episode 1 and Isagi’s intention to pick Chigiri. The episodes keep getting more and more exciting. You can watch Blue Lock Episode 20 on Crunchyroll.

Share what you liked most about Blue Lock Episode 19 through the comments section below.

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