BMF Season 3

BMF Season 3: Release Date, Plot, Cast And More

BMF season 3 is actively being developed, following the story of Meech and Terry’s crimes. The organization’s history and beginnings as a drug dealing and money laundering operation served as inspiration. The plot of BMF centers on two siblings who emerge from Detroit’s underbelly to find one of the country’s most powerful crime organizations.

For its reflective approach to crime and thug capitalism, the first two seasons have received high acclaim. It is praised for its realistic portrayal of its real-life characters, as well as its consistent narrative twists and, of course, attention to detail. The Starz original immediately provided a compelling diversion from the typical formulaic criminal dramas on contemporary television.

Another well-regarded movie in the actor’s resume is BMF, which he also produced and appeared in a significant role in. BMF season 3 will be able to examine more of the story since the most recent season ended on a cliffhanger. Here is everything we currently know about the forthcoming series.

Is BMF Season 3 Renewed?

The second season of BMF came to an end on March 17, 2023, with the appropriately named “New Beginnings” closing episode. BMF Season 3 was revived by Starz on January 18, 2023.

In addition, the second episode of season 2 had just been broadcast on television five days prior. Starz’s original programming head talked about how the season 2 premiere attracted a million viewers.

Is BMF Season 3 Renewed?

He stated that they were thrilled to continue to develop the amazing tale of the Flenory siblings after such a successful start with season two. The Expendables 4 cast and the numerous projects he is developing will likely keep 50 Cent busy for the indefinite future. However, there’s a great chance he’ll come back as executive producer.

What Will Be The Plot For BMF Season 3?

In the prior season of the 50 Cent Starz series Power, he played the ruthless gangster Kanan. However, the prequel provided the background on how Kanan came to commence a life of crime. With BMF, Cent now has a real-life tale to tell, unlike the Power franchise.

The gang member’s adult adventures were barely covered in season 2. Before the series likely comes to a close with Meech and Terry entering guilty pleas in 2007, there are still many more angles to look into. BMF has so far only covered the 1980s, so there is still more time to cover.

What Will Be The Plot For BMF Season 3?

The successful exploits of Meech and Terry in the season 2 finale of BMF can be immediately continued in BMF season 3. The brothers would presumably get some time off from law enforcement now that Detective Bryant had left the force.

The pair worked hard to make BMF a reputable criminal organization throughout season 2, and it appears that they are doing so for the time being. B-Mickie’s expulsion from the group makes it probable that the Black Mafia Family will expand in BMF season 3 with the addition of new members.

The Cast Of BMF Season 3

Leading actors Flenory Jr. and Terry actor Da’Vinchi will undoubtedly return since the Flenory siblings serve as the story’s central characters in BMF. Kash Doll won’t be able to return for BMF season 3 because Monique sadly perished in season 2. Regarding the remainder of the group. Given that Lamar, the character played by Eric Kofi-Abrefa, appeared to faint, he might or might not make a comeback.

After using crack cocaine improperly, his destiny became a mystery. Steve Harris and Kelly Hu, regulars at the BMF, will meet an identical end. They both portray Bryant and Jin, two police officers.

Harris might make a comeback, even if the reasons for his character’s actions are changed now that Bryant has been found guilty of his son’s violent behavior and lost his badge.

The Cast Of BMF Season 3

Hu’s relationship with Bryant also requires a lot of repair work, as does Jin’s. Charles, the brothers’ adulterous father, who is portrayed by Russell Hornsby, will also be part of the revolving ensemble.

Their obstinate mother Lucille, who is portrayed by Michole Briana White, will also be a part of it. Significant casting changes for celebrity appearances are also present in BMF season 3.

It also comes with Starz having already booked 2 Chainz and Ne-Yo for cameo appearances. The two musicians will be following a long list of other actors who have appeared in BMF in cameo roles. Rapper Snoop Dogg portrayed Pastor Swift in it.

Even Eminem, a longstanding friend of 50 Cent, made an appearance as the infamous drug dealer and FBI informant White Boy Rick in a season 1 episode.

When And Where To Watch BMF Season 3?

BMF made its Starz debut in September 2021, and season 2 began in January 2023. This indicates a 16-month time lapse between them. Viewers can anticipate the release of BMF season 3 at any time in early 2024 if Starz follows a similar production plan.

When And Where To Watch BMF Season 3?

However, regarding a possible release date for BMF season 3, neither Starz executives nor the show’s creator Randy Huggins has made any official statements. Likewise, 50 Cent hasn’t said much about the premiere of the new season. It could be that he is preoccupied with creating Power Book V: Influence, a new Power spin-off, and its sequel, Den of Thieves.


You may have already seen well-liked shows like Narcos Mexico, El Chapo, and Peaky Blinders if you appreciate watching television dramas based on true drug trafficking stories.

However, you might want to think about watching Black Mafia Family on Starz. After two great seasons, the show is currently gearing up for a third.

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