Brooke Monk: Net Worth, Personal Life, Age, Family details And More

Brooke Monk Net Worth, Personal Life, Age, Family details And More

Dancing is genuinely an art and the one who pursues dancing is a heavenly artist. Brooke Monk is a well-liked American dancer admired by millions of people today. Dance has been Brooke’s passion since childhood and she rose to fame through the skill. Besides being a popular dancer, Brooke Monk is also a social media personality, especially a TikTok star.

The beautiful star today aims to inspire people to dance, express and share all their personal likings and capabilities globally. 

Born on the 31st of January, 2003, an Aquarius person, Brooke is a very delightful and cheerful girl. Her light towards life and her work gained her followers from all over the globe. Her current followers on TikTok are more than 21 million.

Her Instagram followers are more than 2 million and her YouTube subscribers are more than 1 million people. Moreover, her Twitter followers are 3.2k currently. These are also some of the major sources of income for Brooke today. 

Brooke Monk Net Worth

Brooke Monk’s total net worth today is more than $2 millions. Her net worth is huge due to sponsored content on her social media platforms, including her TikTok profile. She also has her own official merchandise to earn from.

Brooke Monk Net Worth

In her merchandise, she has included several amazing facemasks, beauty products and hoodies. Her YouTube channel’s approximate net worth has a value of $3.9 millions.

Brooke Monk Family life

A 19 year old, Brooke was born and brought up in Florida, United States. Her family is a well maintained and settled Christain family. Her education was first done from a local High School in the Jacksonville town of Florida. Later, she pursued her further education from a local private college in Florida.

Her dreams growing up was always to be a renowned actress and gain fandom. Her family has been very supportive in her dream ventures and continues to do so.

Brooke Monk Family life

Her family includes her parents, four sibling sisters and a sibling brother namely Mr. Monk, Mrs. Amy Monk, Ms. Bryanna, Ms. Blaize, Ms. Breanne, Ms. Aura and Mr. Brett Monk respectively. Brooke is the third child in the family. Coincidently, Brooke Monk’s sister Aura Monk is also a very popular social media star and dancer. Her parents were first seen in a video that Brooke uploaded on 29th October, 2020.

YouTube video player

The occupations of her parents include her father being a businessman and her mother being a loving homemaker. Both of them have raised Brooke with all the love and care and has helped her aim for the best in her journey till now. 

Brooke Monk Height

Brooke Monk Height

Brooke’s height in feet is 5’4 inches, in cm is 165 and in metres is 1.65. 

Brooke Monk Eye color

Brooke Monk Eye color

Brooke Monk is admired for her beauty, especially her eyes which are brown in color. A lot of people doubt it with black but it is actually brown. 

Brooke Monk Weight

Brooke Monk Weight

Brooke Monk weighs 51 kgs as of 2023.

Brooke Monk Relationship and dating

Being so beautiful and attractive, fans and followers are constantly digging up about her relationship details which is obvious. Speaking of her ex boyfriend, there is no information available about her exes.

Currently, she is dating Sam Dezz which got confirmed on the 11th October 2021 as they completed their one year on the day and posted about it. Both of them are unmarried and have plans to marry each other in future if things go right.

Sam Dezz is also a social media star born on 5th December, a sagittarius by zodiac sign. He rose to fame through his Instagram uploads which helped him gain 900,000 followers till now. 

Sam Dezz was born in California and raised in Virginia later. His family includes his parents, a sister Ms. Hannah and a brother Mr. Joe. He was also a part of Hype House but later decided to move on from it in June 2022.

Sam Dezz’s net worth is 0.5 million dollars right now. He is an American who studied from Canyon Crest Academy in California and pursued his further education from the George Mason University in Virginia.

His father is also a businessman just like Brooke Monk’s father and his mother is a housewife. Sam Dezz is 5’7 inches tall and weighs 67 kgs at present. Sam Dezz has been a major influence on Brooke Monk when it comes to fitness as he personally loves and encourages fitness a lot. He is a regular person at the gym and other types of workouts. 

Brooke Monk Facts

Brooke Monk Facts
  • Brooke Monk first debuted on Instagram on the 26th of April in the year 2019. 
  • Brooke had teeth braces in childhood. 
  • Her current YouTube subscribers are 1.4 million people. 
  • Her favourite beverage is Coca Cola.
  • She loves her parents and gifted an iPhone to both of them on 29th October 2020. 
  • On 13th August 2022, Brooke posted a buzzing picture with her boyfriend where both of them were seen liplocked. 
  • On 6th January, 2022, Brooke posted a video with her boyfriend in her favourite car. 
  • Brooke Monk is still a member of the Hype House.
  • Brooke Monk’s videos are a lot about dancing, vlogging, challenges and other similar activities.


The above article states details of the famous personality Brooke Monk. An American by birth, every information about Brooke from her birthdate to birthplace, zodiac, facts, family and relationships has been discussed.

Fans can also find detailed net worth information in the article along with her sources of income as of today. Her current height, weight, eye colors, boyfriend name, exes and more has also been stated. Lastly, Brooke’s family who has been very supportive, caring, attentive and loving when it comes to Brooke has also been covered.

Brooke’s sister Aura is also a famous personality about whom the above article covers a few details as well. At the end, you will find some facts about her Instagram pictures, childhood appearance, favorite beverage, buzzing photos, number of followers, subscribers and more.

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