Buddy Daddies Episode 10 Review: Miri Will Have To Leave

The latest Buddy Daddies Episode 10 titled “Lost at Sea” will leave you in tears. Get ready for tear-jerkers, as the story takes a drastic turn. The happy-go-lucky series will soon turn dark, and the more it progresses, the more it will hurt you.

Before we begin reviewing Buddy Daddies Episode 10, let’s first go over the recap for a better experience.

Buddy Daddies Episode 9 Recap

In the previous episode, we see Miri with her papas preparing for sports day. Kazuki and Rei’s contrasting personalities make the episode interesting to watch. We see Rei sneaking into daycare before sports day to reserve a front-row seat. The next day, both Rei and Kazuki attend Miri’s sports day and cheer her on.

The episode was very heartwarming as it ended with Miri including Rei as a “family” member in the obstacle race. We highly recommend watching the previous wholesome episode if you haven’t seen it yet. Now, let’s move on to the latest Buddy Daddies Episode 10.

Miri’s Mother’s Appearance

Buddy Daddies Episode 10 starts with a cheerful vibe as all the students practice singing for Christmas, but things soon turn grim when Kazuki and Rei, on their way back to pick up Miri, find her mother. Miri’s mother bluntly states that she wants to take Miri back to her home, but Kazuki and Rei have become too attached to Miri and show an unwillingness to let her go.

They realize that they should discuss the matter at home. It’s heartbreaking to watch Miri run towards her mother instead of Kazuki, implying that a mother will always be a mother, and her place cannot be replaced, no matter how cruelly she may have treated her child.

Buddy Daddies Episode 10 Review

Kazuki feels desolate and irritated by Miri’s mother’s presence. We didn’t expect things to take this turn. One moment it was happy-go-lucky, and the next moment, we find ourselves begging for Miri to stay with her papas.

The author is crafty because he leaves us with mixed feelings after each episode. As you may recall, we watched some cheerful episodes in the beginning with depressing flashbacks in between. The series is twisting and turning like a snake on its way to pounce on its prey.

Why Does Miri’s Mother Want Miri Back?

As Kazuki and the others reach home, we see Miri feeling excited and happy with her mother. After Miri falls asleep, Kazuki decides to address the elephant in the room. Miri’s mother reveals that she has been diagnosed with cancer and has left her job to stay with Miri until her last breath.

Why Does Miri's Mother Want Miri Back?

Miri’s mother admits that she has not treated Miri right but asks for another chance to live a life with her daughter away from the dirty work that she used to do before. When Kazuki outwardly denies her request, showing no pity towards her, Miri’s mother uses the wildcard of pointing out Kazuki’s and Rei’s dangerous jobs.

The Organization’s Order

Yes, the woman is cunning, but I am more suspicious of her sudden change in behavior rather than worrying about Miri. It feels like she has been ordered or threatened to take Miri away from them. My gut feeling comes true when Kyutaro tells Kazuki and Rei that he is the one who called Miri’s mother.

The Organization's Order

He tells them about the risks of having a child and how Kazuki and Rei’s work has become sloppy. Kyotaro’s words throw Rei into a flashback where we get a glimpse of episode 8, where Rei was told to finish off the person who betrayed the organization. The drastic change in the mood and the story left me perturbed.

Last Day Out With Miri

A normal person would predict that maybe both of them will try to stop others from taking Miri away from them, but instead, we see Kazuki and Rei throwing a farewell picnic for Miri. Kazuki, along with Rei, visit a mall where they play different sorts of games. Kazuki tells Rei that he does not want to regret, so he wants to do everything with her today.

Last Day Out With Miri

The three of them did have a blast, but the tear-jerking scene was when Kazuki hugged Miri and started crying. I’ll be honest here, watching him cry made me ache, and I could feel the pain.

Whoever prepared this episode just broke my heart, but I hope that we will get a happy ending, and I am continuing to watch the series to see them have a happy ending.

Night of Broken Hearts

At the end of the day, they decide to ride a Ferris wheel where Kazuki reminds Rei of the day when Rei brought a cat home. Kazuki says that it’s better not to get involved in things that you cannot see through, and he adds that to give Miri a normal life, they must let her go

Night of Broken Hearts

Rei, although he has remained emotionless or always had a straight face, expressed his sadness in this episode. The moment when Kazuki let Miri go, I found myself welling up with tears.

I know it’s just an anime, but the story was so heart-touching and cruel. The ending left us with tear works that will last till the arrival of the next episode.


I want to know whether Miri will come back or not. I want to know whether Kazuki and Rei will change for Miri or not. There are so many unpredictable elements in the story and so many unanswered questions that I won’t be able to get a good night’s sleep today. You can watch Buddy Daddies Episode 10 on Crunchyroll.

Let us know what you think will happen next in the upcoming episode of Buddy Daddies in the comments section below.

Buddy Daddies Episode 10 Review

Director: Yoshiyuki Asai

Date Created: 2023-03-18 19:56

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