Buddy Daddies Episode 8 Review: Rei Has To Do The Dirty Work

The latest episode of the Buddy Daddies series has been released, and the recap of Buddy Daddies episode 8 will update you with the events in the story that will give you a peek into Rei’s childhood.

So prepare yourself for some Buddy Daddies spoilers before moving on to what happens in Buddy Daddies season 1, episode 8 (Nothing Seek Nothing Find). Let us give you a brief recap of Episode 7 so that you can connect more with the story.

Buddy Daddies Previous Episode 7 Recap

In the previous episode, episode 7 of Buddy Daddies, we learned more about Kazukii’s past. The episode reflected how burdensome and tiring a parent’s job could be; it drains someone physically and mentally.

As the story progressed, we saw Kazukii feeling extremely annoyed at Rei for not being responsible while Kazukii had to do all the chores. During dinner, when Miri and Rei demand dessert Kazuki stomps off angrily.

The next day Rei finds a note saying Kazuki will return after a while. Kazukii leaves them alone so that they can reflect on their mistakes. While he enjoys his time alone, he meets Karin, his sister-in-law.

He feels motivated after talking to her about his late wife, and we learn that Kazukii had a wife carrying his baby who had a tragic accident due to his mistake.

He returns home and finds that Rei took care of Miri when she was down with a fever, and the episode ends with Kazukii and Rei finally getting back to their lives like before.

Rei Goes Back To His Home

Episode 8 of Buddy Daddies starts with Rei getting ready with a frown, indicating he is worried or upset about something, which we will get to know as the story progresses. As Rei leaves, he comes across Miri, who says she wants to go to the toilet, and their little chit-chat wakes Kazukii up.

Buddy Daddies Episode 8 Review

Kazuki asks whether they have any work today, but Rei leaves, saying he will be late for dinner. Kazuki asks whether Rei told her where he would be going, and Miri tells Kazuki that Rei will be visiting his home.

Dirty Work

As Rei enters the mansion, the so-called home, he speaks formally with his father and calls him “Boss”, which tells us about the strained relationship between them and the reason why he decided to leave the mansion.

Buddy Daddies Episode 8 Dirty Work

As they discuss more, we get; to know that his father wants to take the lead in the organization and hints at Rei’s weaknesses which are Kazukii and Miri. Rei’s dad threatens him with the job and orders him to assassinate one of their agents who betrayed the organization.

He Never Smiled

Rei calls Kazukii and tells Kazukii that he might be unable to come home by dinner, but Kazukii keeps insisting he gets back for dinner. After Rei’s call Miri and Kazuki discuss Rei’s past; by listening to Rei’s story, we get a glimpse of his shut-out life. Rei had no social life and never smiled, so Miri made Rei smile by surprising him with a party on his birthday. Then they both get busy preparing for Rei’s birthday party.

Buddy Daddies, He Never Smiled

Something To Protect

While Rei is on his way to executing the mission assigned to him, he goes through the file and learns that the one who betrayed the organization was someone he once knew. That same person taught him about weapons; after going through the documents, Rei finds out the reason behind the man’s betrayal of the organization was that he fell in love with a girl; who had already been executed by one of the hitmen.

Something To Protect

Rei and the man professionally attack each other, and Rei somehow finishes him off, but his last words leave him puzzled. The man said that he had finally found something to protect and that Rei would never change. Just as he falls off the building, the man says that he will finally be able to reunite with his girlfriend.

Rei’s Birthday

Rei, after finishing the dirty works sit down and wonders about his past. Meanwhile, Kazukii reaches the place and takes him back home.

Buddy Daddies Rei's Birthday

Rei realized that it was his birthday, and Miri was finally able to put a smile on Rei’s face by sleep-talking. Although most of the episode was grim and gloomy, by the end, we could see their happy faces again.


We do not know what will happen next, but episode 8 was as emotional and dramatic as the previous episode. We keep learning more truth about the characters in the story. We always wish to see them happy, but who knows what challenges lie ahead?

Rei’s father will surely be a huge problem in the future. Buddy Daddies is available on Crunchyroll, and you can also check out the episode guide for release dates and timings.

Please tell us which episode you want us to review next in the comments section below.

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