Buddy Daddies Episode 9 Review: Miri's First Sports Day

Buddy Daddies Latest episode No Sweet without Sweat has been released. All papa fans, you cannot bear to miss this wholesome episode packed with sweetness and cuteness that will get you diabetes.

We assure you that you will get a sweet tooth after watching the episode, don’t tell us we didn’t warn you. Before hopping on to the recap review of the episode let’s first have a recap of the previous episode for a better experience.

Buddy Daddies Episode 8 Recap

The previous episode of Buddy Daddies was bittersweet as we learned about Rei’s dark past and how Miri and Kazuki changed his good-for-nothing life. The episode started with Rei being upset about getting called by his father after two or three years. Rei visits the old mansion that was once his so-called home.

The strained relationship between his father and was evident from the fact that Rei called his father “Boss”. His father was more involved in making Rei the mafia’s leader rather than being a good father to him.

He assigns Rei a mission knowing very well that Rei knew the person. Rei’s father also threatens to ruin the life of Kazuki and Miri if he thinks of stepping down from his position or betraying them.

Rei on his way to the assigned location goes through the files of the target and discovers that his organization killed his girlfriend for whom he betrayed the organization.

Rei clashes off with the target, during their fight the target tells him that he finally found someone worth protecting and dies by falling off the building. Rei on completing the mission feels depressed but Kazuki arrives and asks him to go back home with him, as Kazuki and Miri planned a surprise birthday party for Rei.

By the time Rei entered a room decorated with balloons and banners, Miri was already asleep. She wakes up and wishes Rei sleepily, and Rei realizes what he needs to protect. Now time for a recap and review for the next episode, but there will be spoilers so don’t tell us we didn’t warn you before.

Miri Practices for Sports Day

Buddy Daddies episode 9 begins with Miri practicing with Kazuki and Rei. The contrasting personalities between Rei and Kazuki have been brilliantly portrayed. The small conversations and acts that we saw in this episode are evidence of the same.

Buddy Daddies Episode 9 Review

While Miri practices, Kazuki keeps cheering Miri on, but Rei does not do the same. He starts blabbering about scientific techniques through which she can improve instead of cheering like a normal person and this would be the difference number one.

Why Does Rei Sneak Into Kindergarten?

At night, we see Rei sneaking into the kindergarten’s playground but the mystery is not revealed till the next day. At first one would guess he is trying to rig the track with traps, I thought that is what he would do for Miri to win the race. Rei returns home and asks Kazuki whether he needs help with anything.

Why Does Rei Sneak Into Kindergarten?

Rei Makes Riceballs

This scene is very common with people in a relationship when a partner who does not do any house chores asks to help the other one. Rei does put in the effort and shows a side of him that we haven’t seen before.

Rei Makes Riceballs

He makes riceballs for Miri and asks Kazuki what people do on sports day. Rei making the riceballs shows us that Rei is concerned about Miri and wants to be equally involved as Kazuki, but his way of dealing with and expressing emotions is visibly different.

Beginning of Sports Day

When they arrive at the Kindergarten, they see that the parents have already taken the front seats but Rei informs him that he has already saved a seat for them. When they reach the spot, Kazuki is astonished by the efforts that Rei put into it.

Although Rei went too far to use barbed wires and danger signs, it’s hilarious to watch. Kazuki easily socializes with the kids’ mothers while Rei observes him, this is the second difference we see between both them.

Beginning of Sports Day

The sports day starts with an opening ceremony, and the feeling that you get while watching the adorable kids walk and do the sports events will melt your heart. We see many sports events that are usually famous in Japan like Tug of War, Races, etc.

Different types of sports were fun to watch. It was quite relaxing to watch the kids play, while parents tried to capture every moment of the day. The anime, in many ways, connects the story with reality making it enjoyable to watch and easy to swallow, unlike bizarre plots or storylines, which most anime use to make it funny.

Rei’s Efforts To Cheer Miri

During Miri’s race, we uncover another side of Rei, while Miri runs and strives to take first place Kazuki keeps cheering her. Looking at Miri giving her best, Rei feels overwhelmed with the energy to cheer for her, but he goes a bit out of the way (we cannot blame Rei for his actions because even I would have done the same if I had such an adorable daughter!).

Rei's Efforts To Cheer Miri

When Rei shouts, Miri gets distracted and falls. Miri loses the race but she feels cheered up after having Rei’s riceballs. Unlike most children who would blame their dad, Miri did not blame Rei but instead thanked him for making riceballs with her favorite foods.

Time for Obstacle Race

Finally, the teacher announces the last event; the obstacle race for parents and kids. Miri and Kazuki take part in it, and after everyone reaches the starting line, the race begins. At first, there is candy-like stuff hanging from above that the children need to eat by getting up on the parent’s shoulders or back. The story gets more and more wholesome as we see Miri trying her best to win the prize along with Kazuki.

Time for Obstacle Race

For the second obstacle, they need to run in one single boxer which was fun to watch. The last obstacle was to find the item that one would draw and take it to the finish line. Miri draws the chit and after looking at it runs to Rei and asks him to come with her.


The obstacle race scene does feel a bit cliche, but I think a bit of similarity can be allowed. After winning the race, Miri reveals that she had to bring “family” to the finish line. Rei and Kazuki feel touched, plus; viewers like me who watched the episode felt happy to see the ending because, after a series of gloomy episodes, we finally got something entertaining to watch.



Overall, I would say Buddy Daddies Episode 9 was sweet and funny. If someone is watching it after having a rough day would feel cheered up. I cannot wait to know what’s in store for us in the next episode. You can watch the latest episode on Crunchyroll.

Let us know how much would you rate the episode of Buddy Daddies in the comments section below.

Buddy Daddies Episode 9

Director: Yoshiyuki Asa

Date Created: 2023-03-10 22:30

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