Buddy Daddies Season 1 Episode 7 Review: Kazuki's Backstory Revealed!

The latest episode of the Buddy Daddies series is out, and the recap of Buddy Daddies episode 7 will update you with the events in the story that will shed some light on the unanswered questions.

So prepare yourself for some Buddy Daddies spoilers before moving on to what happens in Buddy Daddies season 1, episode 7 (After rain comes fair weather). Let me tell you a little more about this anime series. Buddy Daddies, on January 7, 2023, rose to the top 10 ranks in my animal list in a month.

Buddy Daddies Plot

Buddy Daddies’ series plot revolves around a family of three. The surprising part is that they are not at all related to each other. The main protagonists are Kazuki, Rei, and Miri. Rei and Kazuki are undercover assassins; they find Miri on a mission to assassinate their target. Miri finally ends up living with the duo due to a turn of events which you can find out by watching Buddy Daddies on Crunchyroll.

Kazuki’s Least Favourite Time of the Year

The opening of Buddy Daddies episode 7 begins with Kazuki‘s sister-in-law asking Kyutaro about Kazukii‘s whereabouts. The scene changes to a rainy day. Kazuki picks Miri up from the daycare, and they walk towards their home.

Buddy Daddies Season 1 Episode 7 Review

Miri drops her umbrella and chases it, unaware of walking to the main road, but Kazuki grabs her before she gets hit by a truck. He gets a flashback of another umbrella being ruined in an accident before and makes a comment that the rainy season is the least favourite time of the year for him.

Now this very line intrigues curiosity viewers to find out what makes this season so miserable. After the near-miss accident, Miri whines about her favourite umbrella, but Kazuki promises to buy her a new one.

Kazuki is Tired

Kazuki, tired of doing all the house chores by himself, grumbles and asks Rei to help instead of always playing games all day. Rei replies that he is already giving his best. Kazuki gets pissed off at Rei and Miri later during dinner. When Rei and Miri make a fuss about the food served by Kazuki, he gets angry and grabs their plate and tells them that they do not need to eat the food if they don’t like it.

Instead of reflecting on their behaviour, Rei and Miri whine more and demand french toast for dinner instead. It makes Kazuki more annoyed than before, and he storms away, saying he is not to be treated as a maid.

A Day Without Kazuki-Papa

When Miri wakes up and asks Rei for food as she is hungry. Rei finds a note reading Kazuki will be out for a while. Rei and Miri are left alone at home, so Rie is forced to step up as a father and make them breakfast. He serves cereal to Miri as breakfast, and after finishing their breakfast, Miri wonders whether she will be going to daycare or not. Rei looks at the clock and finds out that it’s noon already, so he gets her dressed up and packs her bag to take her to the daycare.

Although Rei gets wet, Miri having her raincoat on doesn’t get caught up in the rain; Rei, although maybe insensitive towards Kazuki, adores Miri a lot, as evident from this scene. Upon reaching the daycare, they find out that daycare is closed because it’s Sunday.

Why does Kazuki Run Away From His Home?

To teach Rei and Miri a lesson and make them appreciate Kazuki’s presence more, he goes to hide at Kyutaro’s Cafe, and there he complains about his miserable life. Kyutaro says that he has changed and seems to enjoy himself in their company. Kyutaro, while talking, mentions that his sister-in-law Karin has returned the money again and that Kazuki must speak to Karin’s face to face since she is Yuzuko’s only family, but Kazuki makes excuses and leaves in a hurry.

Kazuki Meets Karin

He ends up in the casino, spending money and getting drunk with other women. Kazuki, who brawls out with several men on the street, ends up in a dumpster, and Karin, his sister-in-law, stumbles upon him, asking whether he’s okay or not. When Kazuki looks up at her, he gets a flashback of his wife and realizes it’s not his wife but her sister.

Karin tells him that he looks stupid and that they need to talk, but Kazuki does not want to confront her and walks away. She yells at him for sending her money and avoiding her. Then Kazuki promises that he will stop sending money; upon asking why he keeps sending it because it’s not his fault that her sister died. Kazuki replies that it is his fault and that he takes the blame for killing his wife.

How did Kazuki’s Wife Die?

As soon as this scene ends, there is a flashback scene in which Kazuki is on one of those spy missions, where he chases a man down a dark alley, but the man escapes into a stolen car and drives away. A sniper shoots the tires of the car, and it crashes into a gas truck, which causes an explosion. At this time, Yuzuko was crossing the nearby street and got caught in the blast before Kazuki’s eyes.

Buddy Daddies Season 1 Episode 7 Review

Rei-Papa’s Time to Act

When Rei wakes up the following day, he finds out that Miri is down with a high fever and Kazuki has not yet returned, so he tries to search for medicine, but he realizes that there are no medicines for children at his place. He decides to take her to the hospital, but again he doesn’t know where the hospital is, so he takes her to Kyutaro’s cafe instead.

Karin’s Encouraging Words

Kazuki visits Yuzuko, his late wife’s grave, as it is already time for her death anniversary, and he starts reminiscing about his time with her. Karen walks up and tells Kazuki not to ponder about the accident and encourages him to try living his own life because that is what will make her sister happy.

Karin also reveals that she has applied to be a fashion designer in Paris and will be leaving soon; she adds that her sister wanted Karin to fulfil her dreams. She spills out that she has come to know that Kazuki and Rei have taken a child in and that Kazuki will keep her happy. Upon listening to her comments, Kazuki starts complaining about both of them too, and how they can be a troublesome duo.

Kazuki Finally Returns Home

Kazuki returns to a messy home and finds that all the rooms are left disarrayed he says to himself that he expected since he was gone away for a long time. When he enters Miri’s room he finds out that in his absence Rei stepped up as a father and took care of Miri when she had a fever.

Rei’s Attempt to Cook

The next day Rei attempts to make French toast but fails miserably. Kazuki tells them that they need to learn how to make breakfast, and he also gifts Miri a new umbrella in place of the one she lost during the near-miss accident.


In episode seven of Buddy Daddies, a lot of things happened as there was too much information to process, and the mystery that was shrouded came to light. The buildup of Buddy Daddies could have been a little better. It could have been stretched for another episode while including some hilarious scenes to keep viewers entertained, but now that we have got to know Kazuki’s backstory. We are hoping for Rei’s backstory in upcoming episodes of Buddy Daddies season 1. Buddy Daddies Season 1 is available on Crunchyroll.

Let me know what you think about Buddy Daddies season one, episode seven, through the comment section below.

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