Charli D'Amelio - Age, Net Worth, Boyfriend, Biography and more

Influencers like Charli D’Amelio needs no introduction. With more than 49 million followers on Instagram, the popular social media personality has won hearts globally. Her Youtube channel has more than 9 million subscribers, while her Twitter handle holds 5.4 million followers.

The more you go through the profile of this social media star, the more you realize how artistic she is.

Charli D’Amelio Biography

Charli D’Amelio Biography

When was Charli D’Amelio born?

Charli D’Amelio Born

Charli D’Amelio was born on 4th May 2004. She is an earth element zodiac sign, Taurus.

Where was Charli D’Amelio born?

Charli Grace D’Amelio was born in Norwalk, Connecticut (CT).

Who are Charli D’Amelio’s parents?

Charli D’Amelio Parents

She is born to Mrs. Heidi D’Amelio and Mr. Marc D’Amelio. Mrs. Heidi is a big influencer herself while Mr. Marc has always been a popular politician.

What is Charli D’Amelio’s age 2022?

Charli D’Amelio Age

She is 18 years old right now.

How did Charli D’Amelio Start?

How did Charli D’Amelio Start

Charli began as a Tiktok personality where she posted several dance and lip sync videos. Her videos went viral in a short span and she gained massive fame in 2019.

Childhood and Teenage years

Charli D’Amelio Teenage

Not a lot of people know that She had been a dancer for over 10 years before sharing her videos on social media. She was noticed by her parents at the age of three when she started dancing on her own. She did her schooling at the King School, CT and then went on to attend the school virtually due to her social media fame.

Who is Charli D’Amelio Dating?

Charli D’Amelio Dating

Fans cannot wait to know who is Charli D’Amelio dating. She has been rumoured with several personalities, being a big personality herself. She was earlier seen with Chase Hudson and fans still want them to get back.

Reportedly, there have been claims about Hudson cheating on Charli with someone else. A Twitter video has been a piece of major evidence in between. The American star went on and off with Hudson for months until it was finally claimed a breakup. 

Hudson cheating on Charli

As far as Charli D’Amelio’s dating status in 2022 is considered, she is believed to have a relationship with Landon Barker. He is an 18-year-old musician from California, US.

Who is Charli D’Amelio’s Boyfriend? 

As stated earlier, Charli is currently dating an eighteen-year-old musician from California named Landon Barker. Barker is the son of famous drummer Travis Barker and model Shanna Moakler. Born on October 9, 2003, Landon has always been in the limelight due to his parent’s profession.

He has more than 1.5 million followers on Tiktok and continues to grow on the platform. He is seen doing funny skits where he goofs around with his family and friends. 

An explorer in singing and rapping, the musician released his first single in 2018. The 2 minutes 29 seconds single is titled ‘Don’t Need Her.

What is Charli D’Amelio’s Net Worth?

Charli D’Amelio Net Worth

A star as big as Charli is expected to have more than a million net worth. Can you guess how much it is? Fans claim it to be in millions while others are waiting for it to hit a billion. With the growth seen in Charli’s art and videos, it is expected to be a billion very soon. 

As of now, Charli D’Amelio’s net worth in 2022 is 20 million. She is expected to reach 50 in the coming years. With more videos and shows day by day, her net worth is growing at a fast rate.

How tall is Charli D’Amelio? What is her height?

Charli D’Amelio Height

Charli D’Amelio is 5 feet 3 inches which means she is 1.6 meters tall. Her height has been a controversial factor on social media as there are several assumptions floating all over the internet.

But a video by Charli reveals that she is 5’3 right now. Rumours suggest she seems 5’5 or 5’7 but that is not confirmed by her anywhere.

Who is Charli D’Amelio’s Brother?

Charli D’Amelio Sister

When fans want to know something, they want to know it all. There have been conversations about Charli’s siblings recently. She doesn’t really have a brother. Instead, She has an older sister named Dixie D’Amelio

Dixie herself is a big social media star and inspires Charli every day to be better.

Check Also:-

Is Charli D’Amelio pregnant? Is she having a baby?

Recently, a lot of buzz regarding Charli’s pregnancy was created on the internet. With 2 dating profiles, people believed the rumour easily. Her private life has been very open since the beginning and if she was pregnant, she would have confirmed it.

Hence, as of now, Charli D’Amelio is not pregnant at all. She is not having a baby.

Is Charli D’Amelio marrying Landon Barker?

Charli D’Amelio and Landon Barker recently started dating. With them being serious and Barker revealing the photos, fans are expecting them to marry soon.

In an interview, Landon confirmed keeping Charli’s picture with him as his phone’s wallpaper. Although there are serious facts all around their social media handles, nothing related to their marital status is out. It is not confirmed if they are marrying each other or not.

Is CharliD’Amelio back with Chase Hudson?

Is CharliD’Amelio back with Chase Hudson?

Charli has been seen with Chase for a long time. Their relationship was adorable but went on and off for days. This created confusion among fans if She is still dating him. Or if Charli is back with Chase Hudson.

The answer to this question is NO. She is currently dating a US musician Landon Barker and she is not back with Chase Hudson. Lastly, we hope Charli and Landon remain a beautiful couple like they are.

Final Words

The above article elaborates on Charli’s personal life and details her net worth, and relationship status and clarifies some rumours like her brother’s existence and coming back with her ex.

Charli is currently seen happy with Landon and hopes to remain happy further.  

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