Chicago Party Aunt Season 2: Plot, Cast, Release Date and More

Chicago Party Aunt Season 2: Plot, Cast, Release Date and More

Adult animation has become a huge part of the comedy industry and has been dominating the market with some brilliant shows like Rick and Morty, The Simpsons, Bob’s Burgers, Family Guy, and many more. One such show which only has had one season so far is Chicago Party Aunt. The show premiered in 2021, and as soon as fans binged the season, they wondered about the whereabouts of a second season. Lately, streaming platforms like Netflix, Prime Video, Hulu, and HBO Max, are all struggling with renewals and cancelations, which is why fans are always on the edge, wondering whether or not their favorite show will return to their screens. 

However, we’re here to tell you that you don’t have to worry about your favorite cool aunt returning because Chicago Party Aunt Season 2 is on the way and you will bear witness to some of her craziest antics in the upcoming season. Here’s everything we know about Chicago Party Aunt Season 2 so far, from the plot to the cast to the release date and more: 

What Is The Plot of Chicago Party Aunt Season 2? 

Chicago Party Aunt revolves around Diane Dunbrowski, who is always the life of the party. It doesn’t matter if she’s with her friends, neighbors, family, or even co-workers, this woman is always the loudest and the most fun. However, sometimes this also lands her in various kinds of troubles, and that’s exactly what Chicago Party Aunt Season 2 is going to be about. The first season saw Diane Dunbrowski put in different situations with her co-workers and family especially, where she had to navigate through some hurdles but she always did it in the most fun way possible, and often gave viewers a sense of “you only live once, so might as well make the most of it.” While Diane Dunbrowski might be a party animal, she cares a whole lot about the people around her and would do absolutely anything for them, and we’re hoping to see more of that in Chicago Party Aunt Season 2!

The Plot of Chicago Party Aunt Season 2

Diane Dunbrowski loves two things the most: her city and her nephew. These two elements play a very important role in her storyline and while Chicago Party Aunt is primarily a comedy show, it also has a lot of heart, which is exactly what the creators were going for. Season 1 of Chicago Party Aunt focused on building the world and introducing all the characters who play an important part in Diane Dunbrowski’s life, and hopefully, Chicago Party Aunt Season 2 will explore those relationships further. This show is an ode to Chicago as well, as we get a peek into the food, sports, people, and little traditions that embody the city. We’re hoping that Chicago Party Aunt Season 2 also focuses on Diane’s relationship with her sister, which was only briefly explored in the first season. We can also expect to see Diane trying to make some changes to her life in order to be a better influence for her nephew. There are endless possibilities of what might happen in the upcoming season, but what we do know is that there will never be a dull moment! 

The Cast of Chicago Party Aunt Season 2

Chicago Party Aunt has seen some brilliant voice actors in the form of all the entertaining characters who have kept us amused for one whole season and will continue to do so in Chicago Party Aunt Season 2. Lauren Ash will return to voice the titular character of Diane Dunbrowski. Lauren Ash is a Canadian actress who has perfected the Chicago accent for this character. Ash is no stranger to comedy as she has previously appeared in American sitcoms like Super Fun Night and Superstore. She truly embodies the character of Diane Dunbrowski and will continue doing so in Chicago Party Aunt Season 2.

Another important character whom we hope to see more of in the upcoming season is Daniel, aka Diane’s nephew, who is learning a thing or two about life from his aunt. Daniel is voiced by Rory O’Malley, who is an American actor and a gay rights activist.

While a lot of the show revolves around Daniel and Diane, there are several other characters who will be a part of Chicago Party Aunt Season 2, and those include:

The Cast of Chicago Party Aunt Season 2
  • Gideon voiced by RuPaul
  • Bonnie voiced by Jill Talley
  • Mark voiced by Ike Barinholtz
  • Mikey voiced by Jon Barinholtz (who is also one of the creators of the show)
  • Zuzana voiced by Katie Rich
  • Kurt voiced by Chris Witaske

These characters have appeared in all episodes of the first season, and hopefully, we will continue seeing them in Chicago Party Aunt Season 2. If you think these names sound familiar, it’s because most of these actors and actresses are comedy veterans and if you google them, you will recognize their names and voices from different American sitcoms.

When and Where Can You Watch Chicago Party Aunt Season 2?

When the first season of Chicago Party Aunt was released in September 2021, a lot of fans were worried that there wouldn’t be another season because the show wasn’t as popular in comparison to the likes of Big Mouth or Rick and Morty. However, Chicago Party Aunt Season 2 is back with eight more episodes and will be available to exclusively stream on Netflix on the 30th of December, so the countdown has officially begun.

Is there a Trailer for Chicago Party Aunt Season 2?

Netflix released an official clip of Chicago Party Aunt Season 2, and it is all sorts of funny. We see Daniel and Diane co-existing in some version of peace, which means there will be several more bonding moments between the aunt-and-nephew duo. This time around, Diane is trying something new by being sober and working harder in life to achieve something, and in turn, setting a better example for her nephew. But how long will this really last? Tune into Netflix to find that out!

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A little while ago, we curated a list of some of the best adult animated shows you needed to watch, and Chicago Party Aunt was on that list alongside some big names. Undoubtedly, Chicago Party Aunt Season 2 will be successful and funny based on viewership and audience reaction, but given the competition when it comes to animation, the upcoming season will have to do something unique to stand out! We hope you’ve marked your calendars for Chicago Party Aunt Season 2 because we surely have!

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