Chicago Party Aunt Season 2: We're Back in Chi-Town, Baby!

Chicago Party Aunt Season 2: We’re Back in Chi-Town, Baby!

What better way to end your year than to party with the coolest aunt around? It’s no wonder Netflix decided to release Chicago Party Aunt Season 2 towards the end of 2022, and it has definitely paid off by the looks of it. This season had a lot going on for it. Whether it was the crude humor, messy relationships, new characters, and a whole lot of growing up, it was a complete success and is the perfect binge you need before you end your year on a high note. 

For those of you who don’t know much about Chicago Party Aunt, this show revolves around the titular character Diane, who thinks she has her life figured out with a whole lot of crazy mixed in it. Both seasons of Chicago Party Aunt have explored different sides of this character, along with the relationships she shares with her son, her nephew, her sister, and several other characters. We made sure we watched Chicago Party Aunt Season 2, so you wouldn’t have to wait too long for a review. Whether you have watched it or not, this review will try to be just as fun as Diane! 

Chicago Party Aunt Season 2: Old, New, and Much More 

Chicago Party Aunt Season 2 definitely upped the ante when it came to increasing the number of guest stars this season, and it was worth it, despite some appearances being very short-lived. For example, when Amanda moves into the same building as Diane, we see that Diane might not be as unique as we always assumed because Amanda is just like her. We really thought she would be Diane’s BFF in Chicago Party Aunt Season 2, but that friendship didn’t last very long after Amanda went behind Diane’s back to take away her favorite spot. Amanda’s character disappeared after that episode and good riddance to her! We don’t want more of anyone that could possibly upset our favorite aunt! Amanda was voiced by none other than Amy Poehler, and we can chalk up the one episode wonder to her busy schedule.

Moving along, let’s focus on one of our favorite characters, aka Diane’s nephew, Daniel. He has surely come a long way since he decided to take a gap year and live with his aunt, while also trying to figure his life out. We all know Daniel’s out of the closet, and in Chicago Party Aunt Season 2, we do see him explore his artistic side, and also the romantic in him! Daniel and Jason, who is a part of the Chicago Cubs, strike up a relationship. Although there are certain ups and downs in their relationship, they always come out stronger, but that doesn’t last very long. We know Diane as the chaotic aunt who can ruin things very easily despite having good intentions. Well, that’s exactly what she did with Jason and Daniel, and cost Jason his entire career too. Nevertheless, Diane helped Daniel get over the breakup, and all was well in the end, or at least as well as it could be.

Chicago Party Aunt Season 2: Old, New, and Much More 

Mark and Bonnie seemed to have played a bigger part in Chicago Party Aunt Season 2, and we loved every minute of their appearances! This season, Bonnie and Diane, who are sisters by blood but very different from each other, had a better relationship than the previous season, and that’s something that the fans were looking forward to. We also witness Mark and Bonnie trying to have a second child, but failing attempt after attempt. Although it takes a toll on the couple, and eventually, Bonnie finds out that she can’t have another child naturally, the couple decides to stop trying. Although this was a minor subplot of Chicago Party Aunt Season 2, it was equal parts enlightening and entertaining. While we’re talking about Bonnie, we can all appreciate how she came around for Diane this season, especially during Diane’s brief cancer scare, which also leads us to our favorite episode this season:

Chicago Party Aunt Season 2 Episode 6

“Tits Up, Tits Out” was by far one of the best episodes in Chicago Party Aunt Season 2, even though it wasn’t the funniest. While we understand that this animated series falls under the comedy genre, through and through, it also highlights a lot of emotions and relationships that we can all relate to. In Episode 6, Diane has a major health scare with no insurance to cover it. This is when all her co-workers, boss, sister, and nephew come together to make things easier for her. In fact, Gideon also promotes her to a manager on paper so she can utilize the health benefits to cover the removal of her breast implants, which was a lot more emotional than we would have imagined. 

Chicago Party Aunt Season 2 Episode 6

Episode 6 of Chicago Party Aunt Season 2 is proof that despite Diane being a train wreck from time to time, she is loved and cared for, every single time. We hoped to see Mikey and her ex-husband in this episode too, but sadly that didn’t happen. Nevertheless, we’d rank “Tits Up, Tits Out” as our number-one episode this season! Also, Daniel runs over his boss, Feather. It’s an accident and there’s a lot more to that story, but you’re going to have to watch the episode to find out more about it. 

Diane Dunbrowski’s Love Life Finally Explored? 

So if you’ve watched the first season, you’d probably know that Diane isn’t fully over her ex-husband. Consider yourselves in luck because Chicago Party Aunt Season 2 explores Diane’s love life just a little more. Her co-workers notice that she has been single for a while now, and still reeling from her last marriage, but it’s time for her to get back in the saddle. Diane starts strong by dating her ex-husband’s boss, who seemed alright to begin with and even asked Diane to move into his house sooner than expected. However, this boyfriend was simply a scammer and turns out, this boyfriend was simply a scamster and just not the right fit for Diane, but possibly the right fit for prison!

However, this disaster leads to Diane giving a chance to the nice guy, aka Stewart, who is bound to the wheelchair but has some sick moves when it comes to impressing women, and the charm has clearly worked on Diane. They have a sweet and honest relationship. From waiting to have sex, to Stewart buying her flowers, we see a little bit of everything. However, this relationship also tames Diane, and while it might have been better for her in some ways, we truly missed the crazy aunt we all know and love. Stewart realizes that he’s holding the crazy Diane back and decides to break up with her. Both of them seemed to be on the same page about it, but we can’t help but hope that Diane finds the one soon enough. 

Last but not Least: Smelt Tank 

Yes, if you’re thinking of Shark Tank, you’re on the right track. In Chicago Party Aunt Season 2 we got to witness a parody of Shark Tank, aka Smelt Tank. The lotion that Diane made for Gideon was teased in the earlier episodes, but it wasn’t until the last two episodes of Season 2 that we get to see the business come to life. Gideon and Diane get into an unlikely partnership in the lotion business. First, they have to fight off Polish gangsters who forced their way into the partnership in exchange for beef fat, Diane’s secret ingredient. Once that’s done, the team makes its way to Smelt Tank, where one of the Smelts takes a chance on their lotion and sends them straight to Comsecon, and Daniel even makes partner! 

While things are going great, Diane realizes that once the business takes off, it might change her life in Chicago and we know just how much Diane loves being in Chi-Town 24/7, have we ever seen the woman travel? An overwhelmed Diane is set to turn everything into a disaster, leaving a frustrated Gideon with a big outburst. 

The final episode is rather emotional for several reasons. Daniel is questioning whether or not he made the right decision not to go to college. Meanwhile, Bonnie and Mark are struggling to make ends meet after Mark loses his big-paying job, and Bonnie barely has a job that could pass as an unpaid or at least a very underpaid internship. But guess who makes a guest appearance in the season finale of Chicago Party Aunt Season 2? It’s none other than Barack Obama himself! He gives Diane some great advice which brings her to her senses. 

All in all, Chicago Party Aunt Season 2 was an absolute blast and it taught us two very important things: 1) it’s always wise to step out of your comfort zone. 2) always wear underwear.

Smelt Tank 


Without ruining too much of the fun, we have tried to sum up our feelings about Chicago Party Aunt Season 2 and we hope that this will urge you to stream this season as soon as possible and end your year with a bang! Do let us know in the comments what your favorite part was this season. 

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