Chimp Empire Netflix: Release Date, Trailer, Plot And More

Chimp Empire Netflix: Release Date, Trailer, Plot And More

Mahershala Ali has reportedly been chosen to serve as the narrator of the forthcoming Chimp Empire on Netflix. The four-part series, which delves into the world of the largest chimpanzee community ever found, will be directed by Oscar-winning James Reed. The Netflix series will also be produced by Keo Films.

Together with Matt Cole of Keo Films, Reed will act as executive producer. Callum Webster will produce as well. Reed and his team hid a video crew to get a close-up view of the chimpanzees in Ngogo. Here is everything we know at this time about the Chimp Empire.

What Is The Chimp Empire All About?

The four-part docuseries ventures into the forest of Uganda to present viewers with the largest chimpanzee group ever found. The series explores the tense disputes between various groups of chimpanzees while cameras are rolling. It will also discuss how each one of the group lives daily. Watch the new trailer down below to get a sneak look.

The Chimp Empire’s formal synopsis has also been made public. The largest chimpanzee community ever found lives beneath the lush canopies of Uganda’s Ngogo Forest. Scientists and field trackers have coexisted with this community for the past 25 years. They observe them as they establish a complex social and political system.

What Is The Chimp Empire All About?

They cooperate, develop a sense of confidence, show concern for one another, and frequently engage in a never-ending struggle for dominance. A camera team was embedded by director James Reed to get a particularly close-up perspective of the chimpanzees in Ngogo.

The fact that the tribe would experience some of the most turbulent battles and significant shifts in the coming year was also unknown.

Four unforgettable episodes will see babies grow, relationships flourish, and leaders emerge and collapse. It’s an opportunity of a lifetime to interact closely with our nearest surviving animal relatives.

The chance to study our human civilization through the prism of these fascinating chimpanzees and their lives is also extremely uncommon.

When And Where To Watch The Chimp Empire?

Chimp Empire will premiere on Netflix on April 19, coming just ahead of Earth Day.

Is There A Trailer For The Chimp Empire?

Is There A Trailer For The Chimp Empire?

The original trailer for the upcoming nature documentary Chimp Empire has been made available on Netflix. Mahershala Ali, an actor, lends his voice to the narration. For his roles in Green Book and Moonlight, Ali also received two Academy Awards for Best Supporting Actor.

James Reed, a co-director of Netflix’s My Octopus Teacher, also received an Oscar. After being in charge of Rise of the Warrior Apes for Discovery, it is his most recent ape documentary.

Everything Else That We Know About Chimp Empire

James Reed, the director, has talked about what it was like to enter the chimpanzees’ universe. They appeared to be keeping an eye on him and the team just as much as the other way around. He concedes that it is strange how the chimpanzees tolerate the staring people.

They ignore them as they continue with their daily activities. The same holds even when there is a high level of danger when other chimpanzee warring groups enter the scene.

Everything Else That We Know About Chimp Empire

It’s like being on The Truman Show, according to Reed. It’s because you have trouble accepting that they’re real. You can tell that they are evaluating you in the same manner that you are evaluating them because they are so human.

You follow them wherever they go, but they make all the choices, he continues. The only thing you have any influence over is where your cameras are pointed. In contrast, chimpanzees and humans have 98.7% of the same DNA.

According to scientists, chimpanzees, and humans descended from the same evolutionary origin. In contrast to other primates like monkeys and gorillas, which live in groups, chimpanzees live in communities as people do.

Additionally, studies have shown that chimps are self-aware and can foresee how their actions will affect their surroundings. It’s a skill that was once considered to be exclusively human.


The nearest living relative to us are chimpanzees, but as a result of habitat loss brought on by deforestation and climate change, their numbers are steadily declining. This new documentary will undoubtedly teach us a lot about chimps and their way of life.

The family Hominidae, which also contains humans and other great apes, includes chimpanzees. Additionally threatened by a declining number are chimpanzees. Chimpanzees create social groups, share laughs, and use tools to accomplish tasks, just like humans.

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