Christmas With You: Release Date, Cast, Trailer, And More

A sure-shot recipe that always works when it comes to Christmas movies is when a character escapes the big city to venture into a small town. It eludes friendliness, warmth, and a sense of belonging, the holy trinity of a perfect holiday movie. Just like that, this winter season brings us a movie with a similar concept, and it will be titled, Christmas With You. If Christmas if your favorite holiday and you enjoy a cheesy romance filled with warmth, then this movie is definitely for you.

All streaming platforms have a huge lineup for the holiday season and the movies and shows are going to begin rolling out as soon as Halloween is over. After the 31st of October, the merry season begins, and so do a plethora of holiday movies. Christmas With You will be one of the movies on the roster this year and we can’t wait to tell you more about it. So here’s everything you need to know about Christmas With You, from the plot, to the cast, to its release date and more: 

What is the Plot of Christmas With You? 

Very often people find themselves burnt out even when they have a career that they love. Life happens and things take a toll, sometimes for the worse. Just like that, Angelina, who is a pop star, has also reached a stale, uninspired point in her singing career. Angelina gets tasked with writing something for Christmas but sadly, she can’t get herself to do it. That is until she comes across the video of one of her biggest fans, singing one of her songs, whose one wish is to meet Angelina someday. 

Plot of Christmas With You

Angelina realizes that maybe connecting with her fans will help her get inspired and so she doesn’t exactly do that. She travels all the way to a small town, surprising her fan, and in the process, she also meets a widowed father, who might just be able to help her out. Christmas With You will be full of laughter, singing, and even a possible romance amidst everything. Because what’s Christmas without a kiss under the mistletoe? Can pop star Angelina find the inspiration she’s been looking for? Or will her burnt-out career get the best of her? 

The Cast of Christmas With You

Viewers have been a little too excited about the cast. While Christmas With You boasts a talented cast all across the movie, there is one person who has managed to catch everyone’s attention, and that is none other than Freddie Prinze Jr. Although Prinze Jr has appeared in tv shows, and voiced several characters over the years, his last appearance in a movie dates back to 2008. This is why his fans were thrilled to find out that he will be appearing in Christmas With You.

The Cast of Christmas With You

Apart from Prinze Jr, the other members include Aimee Garcia, Gabriel Sloyer, Zenzi Williams, Deja Monique Cruz, Elisa Bocanegra, and many more. There’s no doubt that all these actors and actresses are going to bring life to this movie with a plot that will sweep everyone off their feet. 

When and Where Can You Watch Christmas With You?

Since the Halloween season is still on, Netflix is making sure that Christmas With You releases after all the viewers are spooked out and ready to be comforted with some warmth and romance. Christmas With You is set to premiere over a month before Christmas on the 17th of November. It will be available to stream on Netflix as it is a part of the holiday line-up! There’s less than a month to go before the movie releases, so make sure you bake your favorite cookies just in time for the release. 

Is There a Trailer for Christmas With You?

Yes! And it is going to make you fall in love with the cast if you didn’t love them already. The trailer shows Angelina struggling with her music and how she travels to a small town to surprise her fan.

We see Angelina letting her guard down and embracing new experiences, and giving love a shot as well. The trailer has left the viewers curious about what will happen in the movie, will Angelina leave her city life behind? Or is this all just a Christmas moment? We’ll have to wait to find out.


All streaming platforms are going to make sure that the viewers have something to watch this holiday season, and every single day if possible. Christmas With You will most definitely be an experience for all viewers and a chance for everyone to fall in love. Do let us know in the comments if you are just as excited about this movie as we are! Make sure you also keep your eyes peeled for any more updates on the upcoming holiday movies that will premiere this year!

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