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Chupa On Netflix: Plot, Cast, Release Date, And Everything Else

With its upcoming movie Chupa, Netflix offers a fresh perspective on the chupacabra legend this April. The film’s narrative centres on a Chupacabra and a 13-year-old boy called Alex. It is a forthcoming original family adventure movie that Jonás Cuarón is directing and co-writing.

Furthermore, if you are familiar with chupacabras, you may be perplexed about how they could be adorable. The mythical creature, however, is the focus of the upcoming film.

Cuarón continues the legacy of his Academy Award-winning father, Alfonso, who worked on ROMA, Gravity, and Harry Potter. The upcoming reboot of Zoro will be directed by Jonás, who presently has eight directing credits to his name.

So, if you’re interested in the movie and want to learn more before it comes out, you’ve come to the right spot. What is known so far about the upcoming film is listed below.

What Is The Plot Of Chupa?

Some regions of Latin America are said to be home to the chupacabra. The mythical beast is a monster that feasts on the blood of goats. However, the beast from this Netflix adaptation diverges from the myth in favour of a friendlier creature.

Many animals inspired the movie’s makers, but they received various accounts from the different animal findings that were reported during the 90s. Additionally, as stated by the filmmaker Jonás Cuarón, their goal is to turn a monster into a somewhat adorable creature.

The story of this beast on Netflix centres on quiet 13-year-old Alex. Alex, a reserved young child, travels to Mexico by flight to meet his extended family for the first time. He meets his grandpa and former Lucha libre champion Chava’s energetic, wrestling-obsessed cousin Memo there.

He also encounters his fearless young cousin Luna. However, just as Alex starts to position himself, he comes across a legendary beast hiding under his grandfather’s shed.

What Is The Plot Of Chupa?

He identified the young chupacabra cub from tales of the feared. It was a fully developed beast, said to prey on farm animals. While this is happening, Alex quickly discovers that his new buddy “Chupa” has a murky past with his family.

He finds that the dogged and dangerous scientist Richard Quinn is hunting the misunderstood creature to try and control his powers.

Alex embarks on the trip of a lifetime to save the animal beast from impending danger. Furthermore, it was the one that would test the limits of his newly formed family ties. It will also remind Alex that life’s responsibilities are lighter when shared with others.

The Cast Of Chupa

Evan Whitten portrays the main character Alex in the forthcoming film on Netflix. The young child who unearths the fabled animal beast cub is him. Whitten’s Netflix premiere will also be with this movie.

Whitten’s portrayal of young Elliot in Mr Robot ranks among his most memorable roles outside the streaming service. He was also a candidate for a Young Artist Award in 2019 for Best Performance in a TV Series. His first recurring part in a series was in The Resident.

Moving on, Christian Slater portrays Richard Quinn as the main antagonist. He is a scientist with a burning desire to find the Chupacabra. He appeared in Mr Robot alongside Whitten, a fellow co-star, but his part as the show’s titular character was much more significant.

Christian, an American actor and producer, debuted in The Legend of Billie Jean, where he played a pivotal part. He’s been praised by critics and won the Golden Globe for Best Supporting Actor. Army of the Dead: Lost Vegas, an animated series, will feature his voice-acting skills.

The Cast Of Chupa

Demián Bichir also performs the part of Chava. He earlier starred in George Clooney’s Netflix film The Midnight Sky but is most well known for playing the role of Bob in Quentin Tarantino’s The Hateful Eight.

A Mexican actor named Demián started in telenovelas before making Hollywood movies. In addition, he received an Academy Award nomination for Best Actor for his performance in A Better Life.

Nickolas Verdugo and Ashley Ciarra will portray Alex’s cousins, Memo and Luna. In Chupa, both aspiring performers will make their acting debut. Meanwhile, Dr Juan Carlos Ortega is portrayed by Julio Cesar Cedillo. He earlier played the role of Guillermo González in the Narcos spin-off, Narcos: Mexico.

Is There A Trailer For Chupa?

Chupa’s original trailer has been made available recently. The video begins by creating a dark atmosphere for the narrative. It generates a tense atmosphere that initially leads viewers to believe the creature will live up to its scary story.

However, it soon becomes evident that the film wants viewers to reconsider what a chupacabra meeting might be like. It was all because Alex was ready to give Chupa a chance.

CHUPA | Official Trailer | Netflix

Even though Alex and his relatives provide Chupa with a place to hide, they do so with an open mind. Chupa’s cuteness is also helpful.

The remainder of the trailer displays the small and big adventures Alex and Chupa will go on. Additionally, it emphasizes family as Alex develops a relationship with him and assists Chupa in returning home.

When And Where To Watch Chupa?

According to Netflix, Chupa will be available solely on April 7th, 2023. Chupa was filmed in the United States, New Mexico.


Cuarón settled on using the frightful legend to tell a family-focused tale when considering how to remake the chupacabra legend. He also compared it to the well-known film directed by Steven Spielberg.

The director also said that stories like this are so powerful because they play on the concept of kids being misunderstood by adults.

Even though Chupa is a monster, he is the only one who can genuinely relate to Alex’s situation. Like with a pet, a child and a creature share a bond that is unbreakable by language.

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