Citadel Prime Video: Release Date, Plot, Cast, And More

An upcoming science fiction drama television show from America is titled Citadel. Josh Appelbaum and Bryan Oh are the creators. The series has also generated spinoffs in numerous nations and languages. It is referred to as a thrilling spy series with a strong emotional core.

The show also marks an important start of “Universe IP,” in which stories from all over the world connect to the spy agency Citadel. Each of the series is created, produced, and filmed locally, and it features the best actors and actresses in the nation. The show features both beautiful landscapes and high-tech toys.

 To fully depict the scope of a secret spy war, the production also traveled to locations such as Atlanta, London, Morocco, and Spain.

What Is The Plot Of Citadel?

The drama series storyline hasn’t yet been made public. The premise of the story is described in a plot summary, however. It is referred to as a spy drama that centers on the two spy networks Citadel and Manticore.

All of the agents of the spy organization Citadel had their memories erased when it collapsed. The influence of Manticore is expanding in the decayed world concurrently.

What Is The Plot Of Citadel?

The show centers on agents from the spy agency who are attempting to learn the truth about their past and avoid any potential disasters. The chief operative of a rival organization, Laszlo Milla, wants to take revenge on Mason Kane for having detained him. Eight years later, it has been destroyed, and none of its personnel can recall the previous eight years.

Kane and Nadia Sinh are brought together by Bernard Orlick for the purpose of destroying Manticore and constructing Citadel. The two detectives also set out on a mission and travel to various locations to stop the Manticore while facing numerous challenges.

Is There A Trailer For Citadel?

The first trailer for Citadel, a brand-new action-spy thriller, was just released by Prime Video. Nadia and Mason board a train at the beginning of the trailer. In red, she conveys all the charm of a femme fatale. A train explosion, however, quickly changes everything. Then, we catch a glimpse of Nadia and Mason dining.

In addition to aiming a knife at her, he attempts to remind her of her previous life as a spy. He does this in the vain hope that her rusty reflexes will activate, but no such luck. She is aware of having seen him in a dream. However, Nadia and Mason will come close throughout the course of the season.

Is There A Trailer For Citadel?

They take on missions, share secrets and beds, fight the bad guys, and take some risks. A brief 14-second teaser for Citadel was also made available the day before. A voiceover by Stanley Tucci was also included. In that, he said, “Everything you know is a lie. What you were was a myth. What you were was Citadel.”

The Cast Of Citadel

Mason Kane, a special agent for the Citadel intelligence agency, is portrayed by Richard Madden. Following his role as Robb Stark in Game of Thrones, Richard found success with the suspenseful BBC1 series Bodyguard. Priyanka Chopra Jonas, an Indian singer, and actress portray Citadel agent Nadia Singh. She had played Pinky in The White Tiger before.

The Cast Of Citadel

Stanley Tucci portrays Bernard Orlick in Citadel. He is former from the Citadel and gathers spies for a mission to stop Manticore. In addition, American actor Stanley Tucci has already starred in several successful movies and television shows. Moving on, Dahlia Archer is the main villain of the Citadel series. She is a strong woman who is employed by dark forces and will do anything to achieve her goals.

She’s played by Lesley Manville, who portrayed Princess Margaret in season five of The Crown. Since Leo Woodall’s role is still a mystery, we’ll update this section soon. In The White Lotus‘ second season, he played the arrogant charmer Jack. Citadel is a multi-national drama as well. As a result, it also has co-leads from various groups.

When And Where Can You Watch Citadel?

On Friday, April 28, 2023, the six-part series Citadel will premiere on Amazon Prime Video in all countries. Later, new episodes will be released by the show’s creators every Friday until May 26.

The main series is currently in post-production after wrapping up production in June 2022.


One is taken on an emotional roller coaster as one watches the dramatic and action-packed trailer. While Priyanka Chopra initially portrays a femme fatale in a few scenes, she quickly switches to a badass spy. She appears to have been able to mold Nadia very differently than she did Alex.

With his earlier show Bodyguard, Richard, on the other hand, had already established himself as an action star. We can’t wait to see what Mason has planned for him. The two have excelled not only in their acting but also in their chemistry, which seems to be the series’ high point.

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