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Class Of ’07: Release Date, Plot, Cast, And More

Class Of ’07: Release Date, Plot, Cast, And More

Post-apocalyptic entertainment is unquestionably in demand right now. Look at how well The Wilds, Yellowjackets, and most lately, The Last of Us have done. They all share that they are all severe adaptions of the narrative. However, occasionally you want something a little more lighthearted, and one such show is Class of ’07.

We already know that disaster follows the end of the world. We want to see the humorous side of things to provide us with pure entertainment. So, that is what the Class of ’07 pledges to deliver. There have been many brand-new comedy-drama shows released recently. Additionally, a lot of them have grown enormous fan bases.

If you fall into that category, it is understandable why you haven’t heard of the Class of ’07. This one is one of the upcoming drama series that is also generating a lot of buzz.

Matchbox Pictures is the creator of Class of ’07, which Amazon Studios also gave a commission. It is a part of Universal Studios International.

Alastair McKinnon and Debbie Lee of Matchbox Pictures are executive producers, and Mimi Butler is the producer.

When And Where To Watch The Class Of ’07?

Without question, the Class of ’07 manages to gather a sizable fan base despite not being made available for screening yet. Additionally, there is already speculation among the audience regarding every aspect of the series.

As a result of numerous rumors about the series, there has been a great deal of confusion regarding it.

When And Where To Watch The Class Of ’07?

Fans began to take the rumors seriously as well. Thankfully, the authorities didn’t take long to clarify the show’s release date. On March 17, 2023, The Class of ’07 Season 1 is anticipated to be released. In addition, there has been much discussion surrounding the movie’s premiere.

Don’t worry for those who have questions about the show and want to know where to watch it. Amazon Prime Video will offer to stream the show. However, you must sign up for a platform subscription to watch it.

What Is The Plot Of The Class Of ’07?

Prepare for Class of ’07 to provide the answer if you’ve ever wondered what happens when an apocalyptic tidal wave strikes during a high school reunion. A group of women attends their high school reunion in the Class of ’07 series.

When they were cut off from everything by a tidal wave, they must devise a method to call for assistance or figure out how to survive while waiting to be rescued.

The Plot Of The Class Of ’07

They are worried because they also run out of food and clean water. People are drawn to the show’s plot because of its compelling narrative. The show also features a group of ex-classmates currently embroiled in drama from a decade ago. As a result, they try to endure not only the end of the world but also one another.

Class of ’07, labeled a love letter to female friendship is about old friends reconnecting in the most absurd circumstances.

The Cast Of The Class Of ’07

The authorities have already confirmed the cast of the series. Every single show fan was thrilled to learn who the cast was. Emily Browning will portray Zoe Miller. She is the one who also refuses to attend her high school reunion. The high school years are crucial in people’s existence. However, for her, it wasn’t the same; rather, it was challenging.

The Cast Of The Class Of '07

Furthermore, Caitlin Stasey will be featured in the Class of ’07 series. Along with that, it also features Megan Smart Peter Rabbit 2 as Amelia. Meanwhile, other cast members include Claire Lovering as Genevieve, Emma Horn as Renee, and Sana’a Shaik as Teresa. The show also stars Steph Tisdell as Phoebe, Chi Nguyen as Megan, and Rose Flanagan as Laura.

Is There A Trailer For The Class Of ’07?

The series’ new trailer demonstrates just how hilarious this show will be. Although there is a disaster plotline, the focus is more on post-disaster survival.

YouTube video player


The great narrative of Class of ’07 has a hilarious subplot that draws viewers in. Additionally, the television series already has a sizable global fan base. Sydney served as the filming location for The Class of ’07, which has a fantastic Australian acting cast.

Kacie Anning is an accomplished Australian writer and director responsible for its creation, writing, executive production, and direction.

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