Class of '07 Review: The Perfect Weekend Binge

Reunions are a common premise in shows and movies, but Class of ’07 takes this premise up a few notches, producing a brilliant story that we couldn’t keep our eyes off. Class of ’07 is set to be your next binge, and all eight episodes are now available to stream on Prime Video.

This review won’t be our usual stream it or skip it content, because let’s face it, in 2023, anything and everything that Prime Video has come up with, has been worth a stream, take The Consultant for example.

Class of '07 Review

By the end of this review, you will be on your device either adding Class of ’07 to your list, or you would have already begun your binge, either way, let us know in the comments below! Class of ’07 is for anyone who likes drama, strong female characters, flawed friendships, and some crazy survival skills.

This review will contain some light spoilers, but nothing that could possibly ruin your viewing experience.

Class of ’07 is All Kinds of Crazy, and We Loved Every Second of it!

Before we dive into our highlights or what we loved and didn’t love about Class of ’07, let’s give you a brief idea of what you might experience with this Prime Video series, because it is certainly unique.

If you haven’t watched the trailer or read about Class of ’07, then you are probably expecting a drama-comedy, but this series is a lot more than that. Class of ’07 begins with Zoe having a breakdown on national television, on a show which is supposed to be a mockery of The Bachelor, and that’s already a strong start for the series.

After a bird shit’s in Zoe’s mouth and the video goes viral, she decides to live off the grid, without any social media.

Meanwhile, there’s a reunion at a school not too far away and several characters are being introduced one after the other, and it gets you wondering if you’ll have to remember all of them for the eight episodes.

Here is something we truly enjoyed about Class of ’07. Despite the overwhelming amount of characters and only eight episodes, this series gives them all an adequate amount of screentime, enough for us to get to know each and every one of them, and by the last episode, that feeling of being overwhelmed is long forgotten, and kudos to the writers for Class of ’07 for that!

Moving back to Zoe, who is trying to live her life peacefully, is disrupted when the ground beneath her begins to crack open and water starts gushing out in random spurts. Zoe dishes her phone out and sees a weather warning, and before things get too bad, she drives to her school, unaware of the reunion taking place.

When Zoe stumbles into the party room, everyone’s attention is on her, and she tries her best to explain the weather and water, but everyone assumes it’s one of her other breakdowns and continues to party. One of the main subplots is introduced quite early on in the series, and that’s the broken friendship between Amelia and Zoe.

There’s a lot of history and buried emotions there, and all of it is addressed as the series progresses, and it unfolds beautifully, despite the fights which take up a lot of space in this series.

Class of '07 is All Kinds of Crazy, and We Loved Every Second of it!

So far, the attention is on Zoe and Amelia, and a little bit of Saskia, who was the popular bully in high school, but has presented herself as a changed woman at the reunion.

In the first episode, you can barely pay any attention to the characters because you’re so busy wondering about what’s going to happen next, but Class of ’07 gives you plenty of time to get reacquainted with the characters in the rest of the episodes, after it is established that they are all stuck at the school, with nowhere to go.

It looks like an apocalyptic situation, the school is surrounded by water on all sides with no land in sight, and possible creatures in the water, which aren’t really addressed in detail.

Class of ’07 definitely isn’t science fiction, so if you’re expecting aquatic monsters, this series might not be the one for you. The only monsters in this series and on the land are all the girls who spent a few years at boarding school together, hating each other, bullying each other, and are now forced to live together because there is nowhere else to go.

Zoe and Amelia
Credit: Prime Video

Once it has been established that all these women are stuck in school together, that’s when Class of ’07 really begins. There are a few time skips throughout the series, but they all seem necessary to show just how much time has passed since their reunion, and how they are growing desperate day after day.

Saskia has taken over the school, appointing herself as the leader, and she might just be the most hated character of Class of ’07.

All characters are flawed, but no one is flawed like Saskia. Albeit, the writers have done a good job in trying to explain everything Saskia went through in the past, and there is a well-deserved redemption arc for her in the series, but that happens after a much-needed People Vs Saskia episode, which might just have been our favorite.

Saskia’s redemption arc and slightly shaved head are two of our favorite things when it comes to Class of ’07.


Amelia and Zoe have a lot of resentment towards each other that could have been solved by communication, but the lack of it made things a lot worse before they got better, only to worsen again.

This friendship has been through its trials and tribulations, but the last episode of Class of ’07, and more specifically the last scene gives us some closure, and a little hope that if there’s another season, which we truly hope is the case, we see more of Amelia and Zoe.

Their flashbacks from when they were students were also some of the warmer parts of Class of ’07, especially when they were bonding. As we said, there’s a lot to love about Class of ’07, and we will let you discover all of it when you stream the series.

Amelia and Zoe

Class of ’07 is a series about reliving trauma and surviving under some of the worst conditions known to mankind. It’s about being able to wake up every day and try again, not knowing if there is anyone out there beyond a group of girls that you aren’t even sure you like.

Class of ’07 deals with some real aspects of school days that everyone has faced at some point in their life, and with the plethora of characters presented in this series, there are very chances that you can relate to at least one of them, which is the cherry on top.

We have thoroughly enjoyed watching Class of ’07, and we will let you do the same so that you can experience what we did. Let’s just say, if the world was ending, the school would be the last place we’d want to be stuck, but somehow, these badass women made it work.

Class of '07


We’re hoping that by the end of this review, you have added Class of ’07 to your list! If you have already watched this series on Prime Video, we would love to know in the comments below what were some of your favorite moments from the series, and which character you related to the most.

Class of '07

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