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Collar × Malice Movie: 1st Part Releasing in May 2023

One of the most anticipated mystery anime game-based movies Collar × Malice will be finally releasing 2 part film.

We will be sharing all the exclusive and hot news with you!

Collar × Malice Movie Release Date

The Otome-style visual novel video game Collar × Malice was created and published by Idea Factory under their Otomate brand.

It was originally launched on August 18, 2016, for PlayStation Vita in Japan, and on July 28, 2017, in North America and Europe by Aksys Games.

Additionally, a Nintendo Switch version was released in 2020. Despite being a niche game, it sold well in Japan and was well-reviewed by critics.

Collar × Malice Movie Release Date
Credits: Crunchyroll

A fan disc called Collar × Malice: Unlimited was released on July 26, 2018. In May and June of 2023, Studio Deen plans to present a two-part anime film adaptation called Gekijōban Collar × Malice Deep Cover.

The official website has recently shared the news of the Collar x Malice two-part film project, the first movie is set to premiere in May 2023 while the 2nd part will release in June 2023.

Collar × Malice Movie Synopsis

The story of Collar × Malice follows a rookie police officer named Ichika Hoshino.

While on her way back home Ichika gets attacked and a poison collar is placed on her thus she finds herself in an undesirable situation which is also called the “X-Day incident”.

A string of murders by a terrorist group named Adonis soon follows. Ichika must solve both the X-day and Adonis’s mystery to save herself and her city.

The official website describes the movie of Collar × Malice in the following manner:

“Since its release in 2016, “Collar x Malice” has continued to fascinate fans with its beautiful characters, worldview, and suspenseful story by Mai Hanamura. Since 2019, it has been made into a 2.5D stage, and its popularity shows no signs of slowing down.

Collar × Malice Movie Synopsis
Credits: Collar × Malice

This theatrical version of the anime is an original story based on the original work. Draw “another incident” that happened behind the scenes following the [X-Day Incident].

A spectacular “if” story unique to the movie version will be released in two parts. The cast includes Seiichi Morita, Yuki Kaji, Soma Saito, Daisuke Namikawa, Ryohei Kimura, and other talented voice actors from the game.
In addition, the theme song “Ningen x Disqualification” by Kizu will color the story.

Year 20XX. A series of violent incidents by the mysterious organization [Adonis] occur one after another in the city of Shinjuku. – Known as [X-Day Incident].

In Shinjuku, which has become a dangerous city, a police officer [Ichika Hoshino], who has been working hard every day for the safety of the area, is attacked by someone one night, and her poison is built into her. I will be put on the collar.

Collar × Malice Movie Synopsis
Credits: Collar × Malice

Hoshino, who is confused, decides to investigate with men who belong to the former police organization who are independently chasing the [X-Day incident].

Meanwhile, a new incident involving a handgun leaked from Shinjuku Ward occurred, and an inspector was dispatched from the Metropolitan Police Department to lead the investigation. His name is [Mitsuru Juwa].

Hoshino and the others will confront the incident while various thoughts intersect, but–“

Collar × Malice Movie Cast & Staff

The cast and staff of Collar × Malice movie has been shared below:

Japanese staff

  • Director: Hiroshi Watanabe
  • Series Composition: Sayaka Harada
  • Music: Masaru Yokoyama
  • Original Character Design: Mai Hanamura
  • Character Design: Yukiko Ban
  • Art Director: Masakazu Miyake
  • Sound Director: Ryousuke Naya
  • Director of Photography: Yoshie Itō
  • Color design: Imari Katsuragi
  • Editing: Yuki Koike
  • Theme Song Performance: Kizu
Collar × Malice Movie Cast & Staff
Credits: Collar × Malice


  • Daisuke Namikawa as Takeru Sasazuka
  • Kaede Hondo as Ichika Hoshino
  • Masakazu Morita as Aiji Yanagi
  • Ryohei Kimura as Kageyuki Shiraishi
  • Sōma Saitō as Mineo Enomoto
  • Yuuki Kaji as Kei Okazaki
  • Ayaka Fukuhara as Kotoho Sakuragawa
  • Hirofumi Nojima as Masanobu Mochida
  • Katsuyuki Konishi as Mitsuru Sowa
  • Kazuhiro Yoshimura as Seiji Minegishi
  • Kousuke Toriumi as Rei Mikuni
  • Naoko Komatsu as Eriko Mukai
  • Ryōta Takeuchi as Hajime Morioka
  • Takuya Eguchi as Kazuki Hoshino
  • Yū Nagase as Hideaki Yoshinari
  • Yūki Ono as Yuzuru Saeki

Is there any Collar × Malice Movie Trailer Released Yet?

Yes, a short teaser has been revealed by the franchise, which you can check on youtube or their official website.

Collar×Malice-deep cover- New Anime Trailer | #collarxmalice #collarxmalicedeepcover ENG SUB

Where to Watch Collar × Malice Movie?

We are expecting Crunchyroll to stream the movie after its theatrical release. You can also buy DVDs of the movie.


The highly anticipated two-part movie is set to premiere in May and June of 2023, and expectations are high. With Studio Deen at the helm, fans can likely expect a faithful adaptation that stays true to the original game’s story and characters.

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