Creed IV: Expected Release Date, Plot, Cast, And More

The new energy was breathed into the long-dormant Rocky franchise in 2015 with the release of Creed, and now fans are eagerly waiting for Creed IV. Fans of the 1977 Best Picture winner and its numerous sequels were dubious about Rocky Balboa passing the baton to a newer, younger boxing king when it was first announced.

However, those worries eventually turned out to be unfounded because Creed not only lived up to the franchise’s legacy but perhaps even exceeded it.

Creed is an utterly brilliant reboot that gives previous characters meaningful character growth.

The addition of Adonis Creed as the series’ new hero also gives the franchise a new iconic name. Here is every piece of knowledge we currently have about Creed IV.

Expected Release Date Of Creed IV

We still don’t have an official word on when Creed 4 will be released as of March 2023. However, we anticipate having to wait until at least 2025 for it to come. Since Creed 3 recently debuted in theaters, everyone’s focus is squarely on ensuring the success of the new film.

Furthermore, director and star Michael B. Jordan have already declared his intention to make a fourth movie and carry on with his career.

Between Creed 2 and Creed 3, there was a five-year break. However, there was a worldwide pandemic between those two movies. This time around, we hope for a reduced wait, but don’t be shocked if Creed 4 comes out closer to 2026.

What Might Be The Plot Of Creed IV?

At this point, no one is aware of what the Creed 4 storyline would consist of. However, we suspect Amara, the daughter of Adonis and Bianca, will be the subject of the narrative.

Bianca encounters Amara in the boxing arena in the Creed 3 conclusion. She also acknowledges that their daughter looks fine between the ropes.

What Might Be The Plot Of Creed IV?

It was despite her initial reluctance to let her follow in Donnie’s footsteps. The Rocky film series has always been about handing down the torch to future generations and families.

There is a high possibility that Adonis will train his daughter to become a champion after transitioning from fighter to mentor.

The Cast Of Creed IV

Michael B. Jordan is the only actor whose participation in Creed IV is all but guaranteed. In the previous three films, the performer portrayed the lead role, and he even served as Creed 3’s director.

American actor, producer, and filmmaker Jordan. His most well-known film performances include Erik Killmonger in Black Panther and Oscar Grant, a shooting victim, in the drama Fruitvale Station. There is a very good chance that Tessa Thompson will play his wife Bianca alongside him.

Family life is just as significant to Adonis as what occurs in the ring, just as Adrien was in the initial Rocky movies. We are unable to envision him continuing his narrative without Bianca.

American actor Tessa got her start in her career with the Los Angeles Women’s Shakespeare Company. It was during her time at Santa Monica College. She participated in productions of Romeo and Juliet and The Tempest.

The Cast Of Creed IV

Young actor Mila Davis-Kent might continue to portray Amara Creed in Creed 4 depending on how quickly production moves along and what the in-story timeline looks like.

The future of the series may feature a more prominent role for Donnie and Bianca’s daughter. Depending on how mature they want Amara to be in the following film, Davis-Kent might be replaced, though.

It’s doubtful that Jonathan Majors will reprise his role as Damian Anderson in any upcoming Creed films. There is a remote possibility that we might see the combatant again after the movie villain and Adonis reconciled in Creed 3.

We currently only know this much about the Creed IV ensemble, but we’ll keep you informed as more information becomes available.

How Does Creed III Set Up Creed IV?

Through the parallel plots of Damian Anderson and Amara Creed, Creed 3 may serve as a prequel to Creed 4. Adonis and Damian talk after their altercation in the dressing area. They apologize to one another and appear to be able to reconcile.

The Rocky and Creed movies, on the other hand, adore a rematch, so we’re not sure Dame is ready to move past their history just yet. So when Adonis says: “You know where to find me if you need to,” there’s a high chance that Dame will contact Donnie for that sequel battle. Amara, who is portrayed by Mila Davis-Kent, is the young daughter of Adonis and Bianca.

How Does Creed III Set Up Creed IV?

Early in the film she gets in trouble for fighting, and later Daddy shows her daughter some boxing skills and techniques. Amara knocks down Adonis and steals his belt as they play-fight in the rafter of the movie.

Is this a sign of things to come for the young Creed, and will Adonis manage her to a lucrative boxing career in the end? When Creed IV is revealed, we won’t know anything until then, but rest assured that it will be covered here.


This movie series is pretty much flawless. You will adore every second of it, we’re sure. You will also adore every character in this film, and every scene is fantastic.

If you haven’t seen it already, we wholeheartedly suggest it to you. You can view the previous parts of Creed IV until it is released.

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