Daisy Jones & The Six Episode 7 and 8: Recap and Review

Daisy Jones & The Six is one of the hottest and most talked about series on Prime Video currently, and while we haven’t been the biggest fan of this series so far, episodes 7 and 8 might just have changed our minds. In fact, for once, we wanted another episode, but the steaming platform is saving that for another week, so we’ll just have to wait, and it might just be worth it.

We have been fairly harsh critics when it comes to Daisy Jones & The Six, and that’s only because of the expectations we had set before the series even released. The first few episodes weren’t our cup of tea, the next few felt dragged on, but Daisy Jones & The Six Episodes 7 and 8 were almost special.

Daisy Jones & The Six Episodes 7 and 8
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In this review, we will talk about Episodes 7 and 8 of Daisy Jones & The Six, what worked for us, and what didn’t work, but you’re in for a positive review if that’s what you’re wondering, unlike our previous reviews of this series.

There will be some minor spoilers in this review, so if you haven’t watched the latest episodes of Daisy Jones & The Six yet, we suggest you bookmark this review and then come back!

Daisy Jones & The Six Feels like Mamma Mia on Cocaine

Daisy Jones & The Six episode 7 was hands down our favorite episode of the series so far, and we have Simone and Bernie to thank for that. Simone probably made the best decision of her life, professionally and romantically when she moved to New York because she is truly living with her best friend.

She has a beautiful girlfriend and is booked and busy with gigs every single night. Things are going fine until she gets a call from Teddy, who is concerned about Daisy’s whereabouts, and by the looks of it, he might be the only one worried. Soon after, Simone receives a letter and is convinced that Daisy is in some kind of trouble, all the way in Greece.

So, Simone and Bernie pack their bags and head over to rescue Daisy, only to find out that she has settled down in Greece and is about to get married to a man named Nicky.

There aren’t enough words in our vocabulary that we can use to describe Daisy Jones, but one that comes to our mind right now is spontaneous. If there’s anyone who can pack her bags, leave for Greece, and marry a man, all within less than a few months, it has to be Daisy Jones.

Simone isn’t there to celebrate with Daisy, she is there to convince her to come back to the life that she’s left behind, but Daisy seems firm on her decision to marry Nicky and stay in Greece.

Believe it or not, Daisy does marry Nicky, but soon enough, he realizes that she needs her career and singing more than anything, so the two of them move to LA. But before this happens, there’s a huge crack in the friendship Simone and Daisy shared, one that she all cherished in the previous episodes, and Simone doesn’t hesitate to call out Daisy on her behavior and describe her in the best way possible, “a selfish b**.”

Daisy Jones & The Six Feels like Mamma Mia on Cocaine.
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Admittedly, Daisy Jones & The Six Episode 7 could have been a little romantic comedy in itself, but for that, we’d have to actually like the main character, but right now, nothing about Daisy seems great, and that streak continues in Episode 8 as well. In Episode 8 of Daisy Jones & The Six, we see Daisy waltz into band practice with Nicky like she hadn’t just disappeared for a whole month.

Of course, Billy isn’t too pleased with her return and is definitely not thrilled about her being married. Now, so far, Nicky has exhibited some red flags, but so has Daisy, which makes us not pay too much attention to this couple.

Daisy Jones & The Six Episode 8 is all about the growing tension between Billy and Daisy, and the entire episode is a “will they, won’t they” especially when the two are alone.

Billy and Daisy
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Billy and Daisy are not good for each other, and now, both of them are married, but Daisy Jones & The Six doesn’t shy away from clichés, and the love Daisy and Billy have for each other is evident to all the viewers, and by the end of Episode 8, Daisy and Billy might be convinced too.

In this episode we see Daisy fall off the wagon. There are too many drugs, and too much alcohol, she barely eats and eventually performs on stage with a bloody leg. Billy and the viewers might be the only ones who want to do something about Daisy’s situation, but after a fistfight with Daisy’s husband, Billy had reached his breaking point and was ready to kick Daisy out of the band.

When Billy reaches the room, a very guilty-looking Nicky opens the door, and Daisy is lying on the bathroom floor, barely breathing after an overdose. There is a lot of raw emotion in this scene where Billy holds her close and begs her to stay with him while their manager arranges for a doctor.

While all this is happening, Nicky is busy packing his bags and leaving the hotel, not wanting to stay for the aftermath. Of course, Daisy lives and opens her eyes, still in Billy’s arms, and all she says is, “it’s you.”

With only a couple of episodes left in this series, we are guessing Daisy Jones & The Six episodes 9 and 10 will probably hold the much-awaited confession, which has what the entire series has been building up to.

Daisy Jones & The Six has been less about the band breaking up, and more about Billy and Daisy realizing their love for each other, in the most toxic way possible. In our opinion, Daisy Jones & The Six has finally picked up some momentum, and we are hoping that the next episodes are even better!


We will be back again next week to talk about Daisy Jones & The Six Episodes 9 and 10, and if you have any predictions for these episodes, do let us know in the comments below because we have a strong feeling this is going to be extremely explosive!

Daisy Jones & The Six Episodes 7 and 8

Director: Will Graham and Nzingha Stewart

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