Dave Season 3

Dave Season 3: Release Date, Plot, Cast, Trailer And More

Since it was renewed for Dave season 3, the television show depicting the fictionalized account of rapper Lil Dicky’s rise to prominence must be excellent. Dave features a peculiar hyperreality, fantastic dream scenes, intense drama, and relatable humor.

The story revolves around a young, upper-middle-class man. He makes the decision that he needs to establish his talent by rising to the top of the rap game. He must overcome many unexpected obstacles while attempting that feat to pursue his goal.

Even if it necessitates bargaining with South Korean police, turning into a walking billboard, or putting an NBA star in the hospital. Here is all the information we currently have about Dave Season 3.

What Will Be The Plot Of Dave Season 3?

According to the official synopsis for the third season, Dave is leading his first tour while searching for love. He and the gang learn personally, though, just how diverse the country’s cultural landscape is as they travel across the country. They learn firsthand how frequently love and friendship is put under pressure by fame.

The rapper addressed his fears of friendship loss, failure, and success in the first two seasons of Dave. It also shows a breakup that affected his capacity to compose music. Dave changed at the end of Season 2.

Additionally, he needed to understand what he stood to lose if he didn’t return to reality and stop trying to outdo everyone to get ahead.

What Will Be The Plot Of Dave Season 3?

The rapper has visions of eating his friend’s body parts, meets an alien-like version of himself in an alternate dimension of musical meditation, and tries to get surgery mid-song while performing on live television. The series has become increasingly bizarre. Given the rapper’s distinctive visual aesthetic, viewers can anticipate Dave Season 3 to be even more bizarre.

The Cast Of Dave Season 3

Naturally, David Burd will make a comeback to play himself. Following the upload of the music video for his song Ex-Boyfriend to YouTube in 2013, the rapper became well-known. Burd also transitioned from penning copy for ad agencies to penning lyrics for his debut album. Additionally, he collaborated on a song about the environment and the impacts of climate change with the Leonardo DiCaprio Foundation.

In the series, GaTa, like Burd, presents an enhanced version of himself. GaTa previously worked as a hype guy for Lil Wayne and Gym Class Heroes on tour. GaTa gained recognition as an actor after his appearance in Dave and has since appeared in several television shows. After a contentious argument, GaTa and Lil Dicky reconciled after Dave Season 2.

The Cast Of Dave Season 3

Mike, Lil Dicky’s friend, and manager, will be played once more by Andrew Santino. In the previous seasons, we saw Mike leave his day job to manage the rapper full-time. He started looking into his choices for managing other clients after frequently feeling out of place in the rap world.

In 2008, Santino started as an actor in small TV and movie parts. The actor has several upcoming projects, including a role in the comedy series Beef.

Elz, played by Travis Bennett, a successful producer, and Dave’s friend, makes a comeback. The friends dealt with the difficulties of becoming famous and drifting apart in the first two seasons.

They’ll be back together and aiming higher in Season 3. Christine Ko will reprise her role as Emma, who is responsible for Lil Dicky’s graphic design and photos.

Dave Season 3

Taylor Misiak may make a comeback as Ally, the one who escaped. Ally had previously shot down Dave’s attempts to reconcile their romantic relationship. Her response after watching Dave perform at the VMAs, however, has given rise to speculation that she may have changed her mind. Benny Blanco’s appearance in Dave Season 3 is also anticipated by fans.

When And Where Can You Watch Dave Season 3?

On December 22, 2022, Dave Burd revealed on his Instagram page that Dave season 3 had finished filming. The third season of Dave will debut on April 5, 2023, less than a year after the second one did. It will have a two-episode season debut on FXX.

When And Where Can You Watch Dave Season 3?

The following day, Hulu will also offer streaming access to Dave season 3. It is where you can also find the first two seasons. You can catch up on the bizarre, neurotic, and dizzying misadventures that the rapper and his friends experience while gaining notoriety.

Is There A Trailer For Dave Season 3?

The original teaser trailer for Dave season 3 was made available by FX on March 1, 2023. It was created using Lil Dicky’s renowned bizarre aesthetic. The preview depicts the rapper’s hair as a curly tumbleweed bouncing across various settings. It also uses Johnny Lee’s “Looking For Love in All the Wrong Places” theme song as its background music.

DAVE | Season 3 Official Trailer | FX

Later in the clip, Lil Dicky and GaTa can be seen singing along to the country song as they travel down a dirt road in a sizable pink tour bus. As the tumbleweed strikes the windscreen, it almost flips over. We learn very little about the upcoming season from the preview. It does, however, allude to the rapper embarking on his first tour and the wildly diverse locations he will travel.

On March 17, 2023, the official full-length trailer for Dave Season 3 was released, giving us a more detailed glimpse at the season. Several laughs and significant events, including Dave attending the Met Gala, are teased in the trailer.


Dave Burd and Jeff Schaffer collaborated on Dave’s creation. Schaffer has had success as a director and writer. The two can create something fascinatingly bizarre by expertly balancing their divergent senses of humor. Their work is incredibly emotive and genuinely one-of-a-kind.

Burd and Schaffer are the series’ additional executive producers. Several special visitors appeared in the first two seasons of Dave, which delighted viewers. The third season will not vary from the previous two.

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