Dead Ringers Prime Video: Release Date, Plot, Cast And More

“Dead Ringers,” a psychological thriller based on the David Cronenberg movie, will soon be available on Prime Video. In August 2020, a straight-to-series order for the reboot was first announced, with the participation of Morgan Creek Entertainment, Annapurna Television, and Amazon Studios.

Executive producer and chief writer Alice Birch was brought on board, and Rachel Weisz joined as an executive producer in addition to being cast as the main character.

The original Cronenberg movie was a psychological drama that featured Jeremy Irons as Beverly and Elliot Mantle, identical twin doctors with a thriving practice and a steady stream of patients.

Despite their clear resemblance in appearance, the brothers have completely different personalities. Elliott is the arrogant sibling, a womanizer who attracts some of the female visitors to the practice. In a sleazy scheme, he switches places with his brother to see some of the women who are seeing him.

One day, actress Claire Niveau comes to the clinic and finds herself in the middle of a complicated love triangle involving both brothers. The original movie features dark psychosexual overtones along with the body horror and brutality that are signature to Cronenberg’s style.

The new “Dead Ringers” series will likely reference some of the film’s themes while still retaining a contemporary aesthetic. Here is all the information you need regarding the “Dead Ringers” series.

What Will Be The Plot Of Dead Ringers?

The television series “Dead Ringers” is based on both the 1988 David Cronenberg film and the 1977 book “Twins” by Bari Wood and Jack Geasland. The two primary sources were inspired by Stewart and Cyril Marcus, identical twins who were gynecologists from New York. Despite their successful careers as fertility doctors, there was more interest in their mysterious deaths in 1975.

Both the book and the movie initially focused on a pair of male twin doctors. However, the TV show shifts its focus to female identical OBGYN doctors, offering more intrigue and relevance to the retelling of the story.

This is because women deal with complicated medical problems related to their reproductive health. The series logline specifically reveals the primary objective of Doctors Elliot and Beverly Mantle

What Will Be The Plot Of Dead Ringers?

The identical Mantle twins, who are identical from head to toe, are starting out in Manhattan on a mission to revolutionize childbirth. The series will delve into their complex personal lives in addition to their medical endeavors.

Similar to the original movie, drugs and romances are a part of their daily lives. Overall, the series is poised to deliver a sinister, exciting, and dark narrative thanks to its complex dual protagonists.

 The series is a contemporary retelling of David Cronenberg’s 1988 psychological drama “Dead Ringers” starring Jeremy Irons.

Additionally, the sisters share a common interest in drugs, lovers, and an unrepentant desire to go to any lengths to overthrow outdated beliefs and advance women’s healthcare.

The Cast Of Dead Ringers

The lead roles of Doctors Elliot and Beverly Mantle are played by Rachel Weisz. Interestingly, Weisz has prior experience playing twins; in the movie “Constantine,” she portrayed twins.

Rachel is a British-American actress who has won numerous awards, including three awards: Laurence Olivier, BAFTA, and Academy awards. She will also portray Elizabeth Taylor, an actress, in the upcoming biographical thriller “A Special Relationship,” which will trace Taylor’s evolution from actor to activist

The rest of the ensemble cast consists of fresh, original characters that did not appear in the original film. Poppy Liu as Greta and Britne Oldford as Genevieve are two newcomers who will play some of the supporting roles.

Poppy Liu is a Chinese-American poet, activist, and actress. She rose to fame for her appearances in comedies such as “Sunnyside,” “Hacks,” and “iCarly.” Liu also founded the production company Collective Sex after graduation, which focuses on eradicating stigmas associated with sex and identity, as well as decolonizing storytelling.

The Cast Of Dead Ringers

Additionally, Tom is portrayed by Michael Chernus. American actor Michael has appeared in theater, television, and motion pictures. He is perhaps best known for his work on the Netflix original comedy-drama series “Orange Is the New Black” as Cal Chapman. The other recurring ensemble members include Jeremy Shamos as Joseph, Emily Meade as Susan, and Jennifer Ehle as Rebecca.

When And Where To Watch Dead Ringers?

Prime Video will start streaming the limited series in every country on April 21. On the day of the premiere, all six episodes will be available to view. The average length of each episode is 60 minutes.

Is There A Trailer For Dead Ringers?

On February 28, Prime Video published the teaser trailer. The brief teaser sets a gloomy hospital setting with twin doctors Beverly and Elliot Mantle as it begins with Blondie’s “Heart of Glass” song. They are dressed in red scrubs, just like in the movie. She appears to be pregnant, and one of the siblings is holding her stomach while the other is leaning over, unconcerned about the blood on her forehead.


Unfortunately, given that the series is classified as a limited series, it appears unlikely that there will be a second season. The fact that the series is a remake of a movie means that it almost certainly has a satisfying plot that fits within its six-episode season. Regarding a potential second season, nothing formal has been said as of yet.

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