Dead to Me Season 3: Plot, Cast, Release Date and More

Dead to Me Season 3: Release Date, Cast and Where To Watch

Well-kept secrets make for some of the strongest friendships, and one such example is the series Dead to Me. You’d think this show was simply about two women who become friends and support each other, but it’s a lot crazier than that. Every episode of this show has been wilder than the last, leaving viewers wanting more. And just like that, Dead to Me was renewed for its third and final season. 

Dead to Me has been nominated for 52 accolades, of which 5 were Primetime Emmys. Along with this, it also received critical appreciation for the first two seasons, and the fan following was stunned at the secrets unraveling every episode. This show also boasts a highly talented cast with two leading ladies of American film and television at the moment. As Dead to Me Season 3 dawns upon us, here’s everything you need to know about it, from the cast to the plot and much more: 

What is the Plot of Dead to Me Season 3? 

They’ve done it, and what more can they possibly cover in the new season? The good news is that the creators still have tricks to turn this mystery into something the fans would never expect. This dark comedy has been all about Jen and Judy, and after the ending of season 2, the viewers need to know what’s in store for these two. After surviving a crash, the two still have a lot of work to do, especially one that involves Steve’s twin brother, Ben. 

Plot of Dead to Me Season 3

The cast and crew have been relatively secretive about the plot, and we don’t blame them. This dark comedy has turned into a mystery, leaving viewers curious. Since this is the final season, we hope many questions will be answered. For example, will Ben finally figure out what happened to his brother? And if he does, will his reaction hurt Jen or Judy? Dead to Me is best known for some shocking moments, so this series finale will also be filled with surprising twists. 

Jen and Judy have a lot to cover up this season. I mean, can you imagine either of them in jail? They wouldn’t survive. Do let us know in the comments, though, if you had to pick between Jen and Judy, who would you want to survive this season?

The Cast of Dead to Me Season 3

One cannot imagine this show without Christina Applegate and Linda Cardellini. These two women have been the center of the show, not just because of their storylines but also their exceptional acting and portrayal of their characters. So, undoubtedly, both Applegate and Cardellini will return for the third and final of Dead to Me. Apart from the two leading ladies, the rest of the cast will also reprise their roles for Dead to Me Season 3. 

Cast of Dead to Me Season 3

James Marsden, Sam McCarthy, Luke Roessler, Brandon Scott, and Diana Maria-Riva will all return for Dead to Me Season 3. There has been no official announcement about whether or not there will be any celebrity cameos, but if they want to go out with a bang, there might be some! Also, even though these characters will appear this season, we don’t know how many will make it out alive, but you can surely place your bets. 

When and Where Can You Watch Dead to Me Season 3? 

The wait is almost over! Like many other shows and films, Dead to Me also suffered a delay in production because of COVID. The first season of Dead to Me premiered in May 2019, and the second season in May 2020. Ideally, the third season should have been released in May 2021, but that didn’t happen. Let’s not fret because the wait is almost over, and Dead to Me Season 3 is about to be available for a weekend binge soon! 

Dead to Me Season 3 will premiere on the 17th of November and will be available to stream on Netflix. A lot of new titles are being released in November. However, we are confident that Dead to Me will surely stand out. 

Is There a Trailer for Dead to Me Season 3? 

Netflix released the official teaser trailer for Dead to Me about a month ago, and fans have been raving about this dark comedy ever since! The teaser gives a little glimpse into the previous season, how it ended, and what the viewers can look forward to this season.

YouTube video player

While we know someone might be getting hurt this season, at least it will leave the viewers in fits of laughter (for the most part, at least). An official trailer should be released sometime soon, so watch this space for an update! 

Is Dead to Me Cancelled?

Dead to Me Season 3 will be the last season of this dark comedy series. However, we would say it was still going. We’re sure Netflix would have been happy to renew this show for more seasons. However, the creators felt it was time for the show and its characters to retire. It could also mean that any loose strings will be tied by the end of this season, and hopefully, there won’t be any cliffhangers, but we can expect an open ending.

So although this is sad news, the show should end at the right moment and be stretched for more seasons. It might be goodbye, but Jen and Judy will stick around Netflix for you to binge the show anytime you wish to.


The viewers have grown attached to the characters on Dead to Me, which has made the arrival of the new season even more exciting. This final season will be one to look out for, no doubt. Please let us know what you think might happen this season! 

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