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Get Ready for Laughs: Deadpool 3 Trailer Set to Premiere During Super Bowl

Get Ready for Laughs: Deadpool 3 Trailer Set to Premiere During Super Bowl

What a great way to start 2024 with Deadpool and Wolverine in Deadpool 3!!

Marvel fans!! the wait is finally over. The dynamic duo of Marvel or frenemies of the Marvel Universe Deadpool and Wolverine are teaming up together; for an ultimate battle against the unknown enemy. The movie Deadpool 3 has already delighted fans with the X-Men hero Logan making a grand entry in the movie.

The fans have been impatiently waiting for the movie to come to theatres. The trailer for the movie will now be exclusively shown on the 58th Super Bowl coming in February.

Super Bowl bring Joy to Marvel fans with Deadpool 3

Sports lovers and Marvel fans both are going to have the best February, this year. With the trailer announcement for Deadpool 3, fans are getting impatient to see what will be unfolded by the makers. Fans have been waiting for this day since 2023. The movie’s anticipated plot is that Deadpool has another mission and this time he has a full team. With Cable, Deadpool has another adventure which will also see Wolverine on his side.

This is not the first time the two actors Ryan Reynolds and Hugh Jackman have been collaborating. Before the Deadpool franchise, they were together in Wolverine Origins, a spinoff from the Marvel comics.

Super Bowl bring Joy to Marvel fans with Deadpool 3
PIC credits: Marvel

In their two movies of the Ryan, he has hinted about Wolverine being part of the movie but this time it’s a reality.

As the synopsis reads- Wade is having some midlife crises and decides to retire from his Deadpool stardom. He decides to become a used car salesman but when his family and friends are at stake, he chooses to kick-start again and save the world. With him, he has Wolverine who doesn’t like too much talk and can kill him but this time he spares him. Both venture to save lives and have fun.

The iconic suit and Wolverine

The iconic Marvel hero Wolverine played by Hugh Jackman became a popular character on screen. After 2017, the actor appeared as his OG character in Logan and said openly that this is the last time people will see him as the character. The makers of Deadpool 3 have compelled Jackman to show his blades and that too in the iconic costume.

The iconic suit and Wolverine
PIC credits: Deadpool 2

Before the Deadpool franchise, Hugh Jackman appeared in many movies like X-Men, X-Men- The Last Strand, and some spinoffs and cameos.

The movie is set to release on July 26, 2024.

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