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Dear Zoe Movie Release Date

Dear Zoe Movie Release Date, Cast, Trailer And More

Amidst all the thrillers, horrors and romance, it is essential to connect with your emotions with some gripping drama. Although tragedies in movies often come with a rollercoaster of emotions and tears, that only means the film succeeded in doing its job. Some of the most famous movies of this genre have been Moonlight (2016), Dunkirk (2017), A Star is Born (2018) and Little Women (2019). And just like that, another movie is about to make its way to this list, Dear Zoe.

Dear Zoe is an indie drama directed by Gren Wells, which is finally making its way to our screens. Wells is best known for her work The Road Within (2014) and A Little Bit of Heaven (2011). Even though Dear Zoe will be an indie production, it is backed by some brilliant executive producers who have previously worked in the industry. If you are ready to go on an emotional journey, stick around to learn more about the movie. Here’s everything we know so far:

What is Dear Zoe About?

The title shows us that this movie is being addressed to someone named Zoe. This movie will be based on a book written by Philip Beard. The book is from the point of view of a young girl named Tess DeNunzio, who is writing to her younger sister, Zoe. Sadly, Zoe had passed away after a tragic accident and Tess is still reeling from the loss and trying to cope in the best way that she possibly can, given the circumstances. This concept is already a tear-jerker, but the inspiration behind this makes the plot a lot more meaningful.

Zoe’s death was written in the book after the 9/11 attacks. In the book and the movie, Zoe’s death takes place on 9/11. However, it has no relation to the attacks. It was inspired by the fact that many people died that day, and some deaths had gone unnoticed amidst everything. So far, we can tell that Dear Zoe will not be an easy watch for everyone, as it will address themes of loss and grief, along with deeper issues rooted in Tess and her family as they navigate through their lives after the loss of Zoe.

It is still unclear how similar the plot of the movie will be to the book, but rest assured, it will be just as emotional and brilliantly encompass the human mind and emotions.

The Cast of Dear Zoe

All eyes are on the character who is meant to play the role of Tess DeNunzio, Zoe’s grief-stricken, guilt-ridden sister. The casting director and producers have managed to cast the perfect person for this role and are none other than Sadie Sink. Sadie is best known for her role as Max on the popular Netflix series Stranger Things. Everyone is thrilled about seeing her in this role and has complete faith that if anyone can pull this off, it is Sadie Sink! Other than her, several other talented actors and actresses will be a part of this movie.

The Cast of Dear Zoe
  • Theo Rossi as Nick DeNunzio 
  • Jessica Capshaw as Elly Gladstone 
  • Justin Bartha as David Gladstone 
  • Kweku Collins as Jimmy Freeze 
  • Vivien Lyra Blair as Emily Gladstone
  • Mckenzie Noel Rusiewicz as Zoe Gladstone
  • Sophie Guest as Caitlin

Emmy James as AshleyYou might recognize Rossi, Capshaw and Bartha from movies and shows like Sons of Anarchy, Grey’s Anatomy and The Hangover Series, respectively. However, some new faces might be like Kweku Collins, a musical artist who has yet to appear in movies and shows. It will be an exciting mix of people strung together to deliver some of the best performances.

Is There a Trailer for Dear Zoe?

Dear Zoe does have an official trailer, and it is the kind that will make you smile and cry at the same time. The trailer showcases emotions running high amongst all the characters as Tess, played by Sadie Sink, reconnects with her biological father. We also witness the blossoming romance between Tess and Jimmy, which makes us hopeful for the grieving Tess. There are also glimpses of little Zoe from time to time, which make it all the more emotional, mainly because we know where her fate leads her.

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The trailer portrays happy and emotional moments, making us wonder if the movie will be equally balanced too. Something tells us it might be more heart-wrenching than what we are prepared for it.

When and Where Can You Watch Dear Zoe?

Ideally, Dear Zoe should have been released a while ago. The filming for Dear Zoe began in 2019 and concluded in the same year. However, it took time to release, but the wait is now over. Dear Zoe is set to release in your nearest theatres on the 4th of November and will eventually be available to watch on digital platforms. We recommend carrying a set of tissues when you watch this film!


Many people might watch Dear Zoe because they want to see Sadie Sink on the big screen. And while that is more than okay, rest assured, this movie will be an impactful one. So once you’re done with the spooky season, you can head over, watch Dear Zoe this fall, and witness a range of emotions unfold before you. 

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