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The Mystery of Viktor Sams Continues: Death and Other Details Episode 5 Review

The Mystery of Viktor Sams Continues: Death and Other Details Episode 5 Review

‘Exquisite’, the epsiode titled for another mystery-detective show ‘Death and Other Details‘. The series has dropped another exciting episode where the case of Keith’s murder is solved but something doesn’t feel right.

The question that arises at the moment is why would a ship staff murder someone for just a tiff over being called a meager worker?

Death and Other Details Episode 5
PIC credits: Hulu

Death and Other Details Episode 5: Plot

Death and Other Details Episode 5: As Winnie surrenders to Interpol for murdering Keith, Detective Rufus finds Leila hiding behind a compartment. He confronts Leila about why was she hiding. She says that she has been followed by Keith, who talked to her. She tells Rufus that there indeed is Viktor Sams.

The scene shifts back to Leila who met a witness during her investigation of omnipresent Viktor Sams. He warns Leila that people are afraid to say his name. Whosoever takes his name dies or else he ruins them for pleasure. As Leila leaves, her car is hacked and she is thrown into the woods.

Death and Other Details Episode 5: Plot
PIC credits: Hulu

Later Winnie is visited by Teddy asking her why she killed the detective and who brainwashed her. Winnie doesn’t say anything to her and even rejects the idea of talking about Viktor Sams. Now Leila, Teddy, and Rufus join the investigation about this Viktor Sams. On the other hand, Imogene and Sunil safely leave the family to the man whom Jules assigned to take them.

Sunil helps Imogene with a laundry paper with the only evidence of her murder’s murder. They spend a lovely evening in some place in Italy and are even followed by someone but nearly escape. As they are about to reach back, Sunil and Imogene have an intimate kiss, sharing a moment of love.

Anna and Leila argue and Leila despises her saying that she is a gullible person and acts like she knows everything but is a fool. The Colliers also leave a 51% share with The Chuns and close the deal.

Leila finds a camera in her room carefully hidden. Who has been spying on people on Varuna? Is someone other than the guests present on the ship?

Death and Other Details
PIC credits: Hulu, Death and Other Details

Overall the series, Death and Other Details, is slowly closing to its end. Now the murder is solved, the mystery of Viktor Sams is also about to be unveiled. As Winnie and Leila accompany Rufus to a section of the ship, they find a hidden room behind a wooden wall; equipped with gadgets and surveillance cameras. Is Viktor Sams among the guests?

Stay tuned to know more.

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