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Dekoboko Majo no Oyako Jijō: Release Date, Plot And More

Are you looking for some magical experience? But do you also want anime that will make you laugh? Then get ready for Dekoboko Majo no Oyako Jijō family circumstances of the imbalance witch! Yes, the announcement for the Anime adaptation has been confirmed, and we have compiled all the sources and these articles so that you can have Exclusive information about the upcoming magical anime series.

Dekoboko Majo no Oyako Jijō
Credit: CrunchyRoll

Dekoboko Majo no Oyako Jijō Release Date

Dekoboko Majo no Oyako Jijō is a Japanese Manga series written by Pyroya which was originally published in July and realized in the comic meteor website Aldo Day exact date for the series adaptation has not been revealed yet but it has been said that it will premier in the 4th quarter of 2023 looking at all the current ongoing series and release dates we can predict that it will be released by November.

Dekoboko Majo no Oyako Jijō Plot & Expectations

The story of Dekoboko Majo no Oyako Jijō follows a which named Alyssa who lives alone in a forest find she finds a human baby despite a lot of confusion and conflicts she decides to raise the human baby 16 years later Viola has grown into a woman of exceptional proportions.

People perceive her to be the mother of Alyssa, the anime of Mother and daughter is full of gags and comedy and you will be rolling on the floor with laughter, and we have a lot of expectations from this and we may as it provides a unique story.

Dekoboko Majo no Oyako Jijō Cast Comments

Alyssa’s role – Aoi Koga

“I love how Alyssa is always kind and treats everyone with love, and how she shows her “strength as a mother” at random moments. While enjoying the slapstick daily life of unique characters, it is a work that warms your heart with the parent-child relationship between Alyssa and Viola. I will also face the work with a lot of love! thank you!”

Dekoboko Majo no Oyako Jijō Cast Comments

Viola role – Mizuki Nana

“You might think she’s a sexy older sister type witch with a nice body, but she’s an elementary school boy! And super mama’s!! (Laughs) While enjoying that gap, and being stimulated by various senses every week by the characters who have shaken off, I can stretch out and act. We hope you will enjoy the heartfelt slapstick drama unique to Alyssa!”

Is there any trailer for Dekoboko Majo no Oyako Jijō released yet?

No trailer has not been released for Dekoboko Majo no Oyako Jijō yet, but; we are expecting the anime to release the trailer by July 2023.

Where to Watch Dekoboko Majo no Oyako Jijō?

You will be able to watch Dekoboko Majo no Oyako Jijō on Crunchyroll but the information is not confirmed, once it gets confirmed we will surely update it here.

Dekoboko Majo no Oyako Jijō – Short Manga Review

The Dekoboko Majo no Oyako Jijō Manga is enjoyable and if you are someone looking for a refreshing and light read then this Manga has those elements from comedy to jokes that will hit the mark. Yes, these characters and art are pretty decent which works in the favor of making the jokes more powerful.

The art may not look amazing but it is not bad there are times when you will see that the artwork has been reduced for the joke to get the spotlight it has been done well and the enhancement in such moments is the best part of the Manga.

Dekoboko Majo no Oyako Jijō - Short Manga Review

The jokes have been placed carefully and keeping in mind that it lands great upon the readers though it may not present anything out of the ordinary it does make an amazing job of presenting genuinely funny moments which is worth reading if you are looking for light-hearted comedy and yes you will fall in love with the Phoenix character for sure.


We are excited to watch another comical anime that will make us laugh as there are very rare anime that is actually able to pull through the jokes and scripts.

Nadia Zabin
Nadia Zabin

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