Derry Girls Season 3 Release Date

Derry Girls Season 3 Release, Cast, Plot And More

The final season of Derry Girls is finally released on Netflix for the entire world to see. When It was first released, people weren’t too sure about its success. However, the show took off like none other. Even though Derry Girls is focused on the troubles in Northern Ireland and the British-Irish conflict, the humor resonated with fans all over the world. 

This comedy series is drawing to an end with its final series, much to everyone’s dismay. Derry Girls follows a group of Irish girls and one British boy as they navigate their way through school, families and the state of their nation. Here’s everything you need to know about Derry Girls Season 3 before its release worldwide:

Derry Girls Season 3

Plot of Derry Girls Season 3

Derry Girls is the ideal coming-of-age story and continues to follow that premise into season 3 as well. This season is set in 1996 and the girls, along with James face new hurdles in their lives. These range from their GSCE results to being accepted for who they are. The final season of Derry Girls also focuses on sexuality as one of the characters comes into her own about who she is, don’t worry, we won’t spoil it for you! There is no doubt that the friendships will be explored with more with a dash of trouble sprinkled all over them. We can’t wait to see what the new season has in store for its fans.

Plot of Derry Girls Season 3

Derry Girls Season 3 Trailer

You can watch the official channel 4 trailer here. This trailer is merely a glimpse into how crazy Derry Girls Season 3 will be. You can see some of your favorite characters reprise their roles for the new season. The trailer is pure chaos with some shocking new elements which will be interesting as we see them unfold in the episodes. Keep an eye out for some unhinged comedy!

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Derry Girls Season 3: Cast

Derry Girls Season 3 Cast

The cast of Derry Girls is one of the reasons the show got so popular in a short period of time. Our favourites will be returning for Derry Girls Season 3 and here’s the official list: 

  • Nicola Coughlan as Clare Devlin 
  • Saoirse-Monica Jackson as  Erin Quinn.
  • Louisa Harland as Orla McCool.
  • Jamie-Lee O’Donnell as Michelle Mallon.
  • Dylan Llewellyn as James Maguire.

Of course, these are the main five characters. Beyond them, a whole range of cast will be returning for the final season. Fan favourite Siobhan McSweeney will be returning as Sister Michael, along with Ian McElhinney as Grandad Joe.

Derry Girls Season 6 Release Date and Where you can Watch it?

Derry Girls Season 3 released on Channel 4 earlier this year in April. However, Channel 4 is only accessible to people in the UK. This led to fans all over the world feeling left out and incredibly impatient. Which is why fans were extremely thrilled when Netflix announced the release of Derry Girls Season 3 on its platform. The final season of Derry Girls will be releasing on Netflix on the 7th of October. However, if you’re in the UK and haven’t watched it already, you can stream Derry Girls Season 3 on Channel 4. 

Will This be the Final Season?

Sadly, yes. Derry Girls will not be returning for season 4, even though fans have been incredibly saddened by this news. Lisa McGee, the creator of Derry Girls confirmed that this will be the final season of Derry Girls. Although this tweet by McGee suggests that there could be a new show coming eventually, and who knows, you might just get to see some of your favorites again. Nonetheless, the fans hope that the final season ties any possible loose ends and gives them the perfect goodbye.


Undoubtedly, Derry Girls stole hearts across the globe. Each and every character had a brilliant personality and an even better storyline. We couldn’t help but fall in love with all of them as each season was released. Although it is hard to say goodbye to this show, we must part with it to make way for bigger and better things. Until then, do binge Derry Girls when it releases on Netflix and live vicariously through the lives of them of the craziest teenagers.

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