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Diablo Cody, Writer of 'Jennifer's Body,' Expresses Desire for Sequel

Diablo Cody, Writer of ‘Jennifer’s Body,’ Expresses Desire for Sequel

The 2009 horror comedy ‘Jennifer’s Body’ became a hugely popular movie starring Amanda Seyfried and Megan Fox. The movie is based on two high school students who are opposite of each other. One day things turn wrong when the hot and popular friend becomes evil.

The writer of the horror-comedy Diablo Cody recently expressed that she wants to make a sequel to the movie.

Jennifer's Body
PIC credits: Jennifer’s Body 20th Century Fox

Is Jennifer’s Body sequel in talks?

Fans quite liked the Karyn Kusama-directed prequel ‘Jennifer’s Body’. The movie critically couldn’t do good in both ways (commercial and box office). The writer Cody recently told in podcasting show, Bloody Disgusting’s Boo Crew Podcast, where she talked about her intention to make a sequel. She said-

“YES! I wanna do a sequel…I am not done with Jennifer’s Body. I need to partner with people who believe in me as much as I do and that hasn’t happened yet. I need someone to believe in it who has a billion dollars.

Is Jennifer's Body sequel in talks?
PIC credits: 20th Century Fox

Nothing about the movie or script Cody revealed. Though she is working on a scary script chances are that this could be the movie’s script.

Jennifer’s Body Plot

Talking about ‘Jennifer’s Body’, Anita(Mean Girls fame Amanda Seyfried) and Jennifer(Megan) are best friends. Anita is a nerd and coy when it comes to boys and Jennifer is the popular diva of the high school. Jennifer and Anita go to visit a band in a local bar, where Jennifer takes things too far with the band.

Jennifer's Body Plot
PIC credits: 20th Century Fox

Even after persuading Jennifer, she leaves Anita and goes with the band. The next day Anita finds Jennifer drenched in blood. She attacks Anita but later runs away. The next day Anita addresses her animal behaviour, to which Jennifer dismisses her.

She confesses to Anita that she was submitted to the devil by the band (Satan) as a virgin sacrifice. Since she is not a virgin, she is possessed by a demonic spirit. She eats boys who wish to have a nightstand with her.

PIC credits: 20th Century Fox

Anita kills Jennifer releasing her from the demonic possession. Later she is taken to a mental hospital after she is found covered in her friend’s blood.

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