Did Warrior Nun Season 3 Get Cancelled and Why

Did Warrior Nun Season 3 Get Cancelled and Why?

Warrior Nun Season 2 released in November 2022, and fans have been thrilled about it. The first season of Warrior Nun fared well and garnered enough attention for it to be renewed for another season. Warrior Nun Season 3 was a success and everyone was happy to see Alba Baptista back on their screens, looking better than ever. We were all convinced that Warrior Nun Season 3 was probably on its way in 2023-2024, and there were sources that had confirmed it, but is it true? You’ll have to keep reading to find out! 

Netflix has a history of not getting along with its viewers because of having canceled some of their favorite shows or renewed the ones that barely had any fan following. While a huge part of renewal lies in rating and viewership, along with the critic’s response, sometimes, even the most popular and viewed shows don’t get renewed. For example, most recently, Fate: The Winx Saga was canceled and fans have been furious since. Now, we look at Warrior Nun Season 3 and how its fate rests in the hands of Netflix and what lies ahead. Here’s everything you need to know about Warrior Nun Season 3:

Has Warrior Nun Season 3 Been Cancelled? 

We have some bad news for the Warrior Nun fans. Netflix has officially canceled the show, and it will not be returning for Warrior Nun Season 3 like everyone had expected it to. The creator of Warrior Nun, aka Simon Barry took to Twitter and made this unfortunate announcement only a few days ago as soon as he found out about the news himself. To some, this came as a shock, while others saw this news coming from miles away, and we’ll discuss that a little more. The cast and crew have all been disheartened by this news, but no one is sad as the fans, who worked very hard to spread the word about this show and get more people to watch it.

As always, the fans have taken to Twitter and #SaveWarriorNun has been trending, however, we don’t believe that Netflix will budge regarding this decision, much to everyone’s dismay. Warrior Nun was a fantasy drama with a unique concept in a mainstream genre. It revolved around Ava Silva, a teen orphan who dies, only to wake up in a morgue and realize that she now has superpowers and must join a group of demon-hunting nuns. The series was based on a comic book character and was originally meant to be a feature movie until Netflix decided to adapt it into a series. Maybe they should have stuck to a movie because the fans would have gotten some closure at least. 

However, the fans have begun petitions to try and save the show, and this time, they even had some celebrity support which is huge. Lesley-Ann Brandt tweeted indirectly in regards to Warrior Nun by comparing it to Lucifer, which managed to get itself saved from cancelation several times. So, maybe there is some hope for Warrior Nun Season 3 after all? We won’t know unless Netflix or the creators make any updates, but we will keep you updated nevertheless!

Why Was Warrior Nun Season 3 Cancelled?

Now, there are two theories as two why Warrior Nun Season 3 was canceled, and none of the reasons seem fair enough to the fans. According to most sources, this decision to cancel Warrior Nun Season 3 stems from its viewership. While Season 1 of Warrior Nun did well, as we mentioned before, Warrior Nun Season 2 didn’t stay afloat for too long. Warrior Nun Season 2 spent only three weeks on the top ten list of Netflix, and while that might be enough for some shows to survive, it simply wasn’t enough for Warrior Nun. The comparatively low viewership combined with Warrior Nun not being critically as acclaimed as it should have been, led to the cancellation of this show and why Warrior Nun Season 3 won’t be happening.

However, fans have another theory and while it might have played some part in the cancellation of Warrior Nun Season 3, we don’t believe it is entirely the reason for Netflix to have taken this decision, however, the timing of it all seems unfortunate. Recently, Alba Baptista was in the news and trending for something rather scandalous, which led her to delete her Instagram altogether. Seemingly, and as per sources, the 25-year-old Portuguese actress was attempting to send her boyfriend, Chris Evans, an intimate video of her. However, she accidentally posted it to her Instagram. It was taken down in less than a minute, however, people were quick to save and spread it. From there, media sources and active social media members began their theories. Some said she wanted to get attention and get trending to increase the popularity of Warrior Nun Season 2. However, we believe it was an honest mistake. Alba’s fans have blamed Chris for this, whereas Chris’s fans have blamed Alba. It has been messy and unfortunate, and only a few days after this incident, Netflix decided to cancel Warrior Nun Season 3. Alba and Chris’s relationship has been under a lot of scrutiny because of the age-gap, and this only put them further under the microscope.

Why Was Warrior Nun Season 3 Cancelled?

We genuinely believe that this was an unfortunate accident and people should let Alba be, especially because when Chris Evans accidentally posted a nude on Instagram in 2020. The picture broke the internet and fans rushed to his support, and he wasn’t shamed for it. So, why the double standards for a woman? We really do Netflix made the decision to cancel Warrior Nun Season 3 based on viewership and not on Alba’s mishap. We’re hoping it’s the viewership because if they had an issue with Alba, they would have simply recast. Nevertheless, the fans haven’t stopped discussing this, and now it’s all up to Netflix to make the decision, albeit things are not looking too good for Warrior Nun Season 3.


Celebrity scandals come and go, and apparently, so do Netflix’s shows. Streaming services go through a lot of deliberation before canceling a show, however, sometimes they also realize that they made an error and renew it. Could the same happen with Warrior Nun Season 3? Let us know in the comments what you think about it!

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