Die Hart Season 2: Release Date, Expected Plot, Trailer, Cast And More

An American actor and comedian by the name of Kevin Darnell Hart. He began his career as a stand-up comedian but has since appeared in Hollywood movies and television. Additionally, he has put out several well-liked comedy records. A comedy giant is giving away a movie as part of a Hollywood first. We are indeed discussing Kevin Hart’s Die Hart season 2.

The new batch of episodes, marketed as the second season of the Emmy-nominated Die Hart series, continues to track a fictionalized version of Hart. It happens as he moves above and beyond to establish himself as more than just a comedian. The character aspires to be among the best action stars ever to grace the planet.

Die Hart Season 2

The Cast Of Die Hart Season 2

Kevin Hart, a comedian, is prominent in the show and an executive producer. Over the years, the Emmy-nominated stand-up comedian has developed quite a notoriety for appearing in several successful comedy blockbusters.

Think Like a Man, Ride Along, Central Intelligence, and the Jumanji films are among them. His most recent appearances were in the Netflix films Me Time and The Man from Toronto.

The Cast Of Die Hart Season 2

Wrestler-turned-actor will be working with Hart this season. Cena has been on a roll since his first foray outside the WWE world. Actress Nathalie Emmanuel also appears in it. She is best known for performing in the Fast & Furious movie series and Game of Thrones. Andre, Hart’s assistant, will be portrayed by Schwartz, and Cynthia, Andre’s mother, by Pell.

John Travolta, Milana Vayntrub, and Jason Jones will all be featured as the characters of Ron Wilcox, Leah, and Mikey, respectively. The forthcoming season will also feature Josh Hartnett as Josh Hartnett, Jean Reno as Claude Van De Velde, and Brandon Quinn as Danny Morrison.

When Is Die Hart Season 2 Releasing?

The Roku Channel will premiere Die Hart season 2 on Friday, March 31. In US Roku devices, the Roku Channel is a built-in function. It implies that those who hold such gadgets can begin watching the series as it premieres. If you download The Roku Channel app, you can view episodes even if you don’t own a Roku device.

The good news is that it is an ad-supported, cost-free service. Likewise, Sky Q, Amazon Fire TV, or NOW TV subscribers in the UK should be able to access The Roku Channel to watch Die Hart season 2.

What Will Be The Plot Of Die Hart Season 2?

During season 1, Hart played a fictional character of himself. He wants to be an action hero, not a comedic sidekick. Cena will portray Mr. 206, a renowned stuntman. Fans will see Hart pursuing his goal of becoming the greatest action hero of all time in the upcoming season.

As a result, he creates the idea for a ground-breaking film in which every event is so surprising and unplanned that Hart won’t be able to predict what will happen next. However, when Hart learns he is a victim of an evil revenge plan, things start to spiral out of control. Additionally, it was created by someone from his background. Hart requires the assistance of his favorite co-star Jordan, his assistant Andre, and Andre’s mother, Cynthia, to survive.

What Will Be The Plot Of Die Hart Season 2?

Additionally, he also requires the help of legendary Hollywood stuntman Mr. 206. Unfortunately, he encounters opposition when Hollywood execs question his capacity to become just that. In addition, former enemies of Hart’s appears to prevent his impending triumph. In other words, the focus of the series is Kevin Hart, who plays a troubled version of himself and three clever friends.

Is There A Trailer For Die Hart Season 2?

The official Die Hart season 2 trailer has been released on the Roku Channel. The second season of Kevin Hart’s meta-action comedy will soon air. Additionally, the series is slated to make its return on March 31.

Hart’s aspirations to become the greatest action hero of all time are hinted at in the video as he unexpectedly finds himself in a hazardous situation.

It happens when someone from his past seeks revenge on him. Check out the show’s brand-new trailer. With his long blonde hair, John Cena certainly has an intriguing appearance.


Fans of the show took to Season 1 right away. Roku was then inspired to approve a new season as a result. The streamer’s first original series to receive a spinoff is Die Hart, a result. This show has many fans and was very popular during its first season.

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